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Linda Ladd is one of the amusing authors who keeps her readers always anticipating for her next book since she is renowned for creating suspense in her series. In her books, she tackles detective mystery and develops detective Claire Morgan as the main character. The series filled with a turn of events is set at Lake of the Ozarks where this lady detective faces several serial killings in which she is expected to halt them. Her urge to write on such crime series seemed imparted in her since she was a great fan of crime shows featuring real life law enforcement officers. Her books filled with much creativity may have been attributed to by her love to watch many movies and embrace the skills of other writers by reading widely different books. In fact, she confessed that she was a fan of Lee Child and read all his books. Among the several movies that she watched and admired were; Lord of the rings and Star war movies. Her cherishing for movies whose creativity she really adores turned absurd when she said that she would beg producer Eric Kripke to be among the writers of Supernatural movie. Linda Ladd was a teacher and mother two and was married to a teacher and carpenter. Not only her love for her grandsons expressed her passion for her kids but also being an administer diagnostic developmental tests to preschoolers made her not only social but also outgoing. She is lover of games and enjoys playing tennis and sitting on a swing enjoying the nature. This author famous in writing romance, thrillers and mystery books was born in United states. Coming up with this unique character that features her most loved detective series was driven by her preference to come up with a strong intuitive female lead. She gave Claire who is an homicide detective a tragic past that was to shape her emotion as a woman in the series from her interview. In writing her books, she tries hard to come up with realistic life situations and tries to make characters seem real. This is expressed vividly in her books as Claire Morgan is an American woman who loves eating at McDonalds and in her quest to tackle the brutal serial killings, she at times gets injured and hurt just like normal cops.

With her ever complicated plots, Linda started using an outline in her writing process when she opted to change from writing historical romances and adopt suspense thrillers genres. This author knows how to create much suspense and even cause readers wish to participate in the book as a stir from the readers rise wishing Nicholas Black and Claire to marry each other. In book two, Joe McKay meets Claire and this creates a wave of fear that the two would fall for each other which never happens. The readers are always excited with the turn of events and wish to follow to the last event of the character’s participation. Ladd’s interest in writing about serial killings was driven by a motive of enlightening the society why serial killings really occur. She later achieved this choice by researching on psychopaths and came up with vivid described incidences of terrible crimes and unremorseful persons lurking in her environs setting who were responsible for the murders. Living with her husband and two children in Missouri, she probably became existing in most readers’ authors list in 2006 with her expression in trying something new where she came up with the series. Although none of her books have been made into a complete movie, there are possibilities of a new movie coming up soon.

This was the first book marking Linda Ladds transit from romance writing into thriller writing. This book entitled Head to Head was describing Claire Morgan quest to solve a mysterious killing. She was a homicide detective from Los Angeles but moved to the lake of Ozarks. She faces a killing in a resort owned by Doctor Nicholas Black where one of his customers is found dead taped to a chair submerged in the lake. Claire finds herself quite drawn to this doctor and most of the time she gives him a company and thinks he can help her solve the mystery. She has to read humans minds as she goes through the investigation but she is not yet sure if this charismatic doctor is helping her through solving the incidence. The book expresses that ladies can as well be tough as men and overcome tough situations they encounter. Claire’s previous encounters in Los Angeles don’t lower her esteem but make her clever strong detective. As the reader goes through the book, extra fun comes with the surprises that one encounters and and the splendid suspense strategically located in this book. Most readers agree that this book is quite compelling that one has to stop all other activities and even postpone sleep as the suspense is quite well thought of. All in all, Ladd comes up as a clever and edgy thriller author in this book.

This book progresses in expressing Claire as at tough lady cop. Dark Places is an exciting book where Claire is from her last mission but her injuries are atleast ailed. In this book she faces a more serious killing which becomes quite difficult to solve from the harsh conditions of where the occurrence of the death takes place. In this book, Linda creates much suspense from not only the description of the cruel killing but also from the risky encounters she faces as she nears the truth. Professor Simon Classon is found bleeding from the head and suspended on a tree facing his campus below. He was poisoned thus he was facing a slow death thus someone was after giving him such a painful death. Claire sets on investigating this murder although it tends to become far much difficult compared to the previous investigation. Being a winter, snow covers most of the places and the low temperatures make the investigation seem impossible. As she nearly unleashes the truth, she faces threats and has to come out quite tough from this investigation.

Linda Ladd comes out as a unique female thriller author with her unending surprises and exciting well described encounters in her series. With these traits, she has won many readers and she is an author to watch since she will never quit her creative writing.

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