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Not A Sparrow Falls (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
If I Gained the World (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
At the Scent of Water (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Search of Eden (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Linda Nichols is an American author that writes contemporary romance novels. Linda is a religious woman whose beliefs have been known to manifest in her works.


Linda Nichols is a native of Georgia. That is where she was born. Though, she moved a lot as a child and remembers living in places like Oklahoma and Virginia. The author’s father worked for the federal government and it was because of his work that they kept moving.

Despite their frequent migrations, Linda was very close to her extended family. She was always going back to Georgia to visit her father’s family. The reunions were typically exciting events that brought the family to a table where they could hear her father and uncles tell stories.

Linda also got to see her mother’s family in Virginia. She loved the fact that her relatives in Martinsville were stuck in the past and lived such simple lives. When she wasn’t watching her aunts churn butter, Linda Nichols was following her uncles around as they taught her all they knew about the plant and animal life in the area.

The author’s Christian beliefs were cemented during those years. The family reunions were definitely a high point of Linda’s life and they shaped her future. But her childhood wasn’t all roses.

When she was in high school, the family moved to Seattle, Washington because of her father’s job. No one was happy about the move. And if leaving all her friends behind wasn’t bad enough, her parent’s marriage began to crumble.

Linda eventually left for Seattle Pacific University by which time divorce had struck her home. Linda tried to focus on her studies. She made an effort to remain in constant communication with both her parents.

But she also prioritized her studies. She switched back and forth between nursing and writing on a number of occasions before finally getting her degree in communication. By that time, Linda had transferred to the University of Washington.

The author got by for a while doing clerical jobs. She couldn’t find any viable writing jobs at the time. It was during those years that she met Ken, her husband. Linda had been an avid reader as a child and the idea of succeeding as an author had occurred to her on a number of occasions.

However, she was forced to put those dreams on hold when she met and married Ken. Not only did the legal field consume most of her husband’s time but Linda Nichols’ decision to stay home and raise their three sons did not leave her that much time to indulge in her passions.

So she put her career and any writing goals on hold. Though, she never gave up on her dreams and went so far as to join a writer’s workshop at a local community college. As her sons began to grow, Linda found the time to do some freelance work for the magazines in her area.

She used the writing assignments that came her way to refine her craft. The author has spoken of the many novels she wrote as practice during those years that never panned out.

For all the enthusiasm with which she started them, she could never finish them. Back then, Linda had her sights set on producing a serious novel. It took her much longer than she would have liked to stumble upon a fluffier idea, a lighthearted romantic comedy that captivated her to such an extent that once she started writing it, she did not stop until she had finally finished.

In contrast to her earlier attempts, the author found that writing that new idea came easily to her. More importantly, the process was fun and exciting. Within six months, Linda Nichols had a complete manuscript on her hands.

She sent it out to several agents. And in less than a week, she got a response from an agent who managed to sell her book to a publisher shortly after.

The author’s life changed overnight. Suddenly, she had more money than she knew what to do with and a life that revolved around hours spent at her desk from where she wrote and days wasted in meetings with lawyers and agents.

Linda Nichols has admitted on numerous occasions that it took her a while to come to terms with her success. But eventually, she was able to find a balance that saw her do what she has always loved without being consumed by the demands of publishing.

Linda imputes her success to her perseverance. The author spent seven years honing her abilities. While her first book elicited success seemingly overnight, that first manuscript was the result of years spent attending workshops and producing horrible practice novels until Linda found her voice and gained a handle on the writing process.


Maggie Ivey is 26-years old and her life isn’t exactly going according to plan. She is a single mother. Her job doesn’t bring her any satisfaction and her boss can barely keep his hands to himself.

Maggie’s mother thinks it might be time for her to come home. But she isn’t ready to go back to Georgia just yet. When she decides to try her hand at Doctor Jason Golding’s 21-Day Overhaul, it is with the intention of completely transforming her life.

She does not expect to meet Jake Cooper in her very first session. Jake Cooper is a handyman. He was contracted to remodel Doctor Golding’s office. But Maggie doesn’t know that.

Maggie thinks Jake is Golding. She also thinks he is a handsome, warm, sensitive listener; exactly what she has been looking for all her life. Talking to Doctor Golding seems to make Maggie feel better about her life.

Jake has no idea how to go about telling her who he is. He isn’t willing to lose her trust but he cannot lie to her forever.

+Not a Sparrow Falls

Mary Bridget Washburn had a Godly upbringing. But certain men tempted her away from her faith. Mary is now fleeing from these same men. She finds her way into the city of Alexandria, takes on a new identity and tries to disappear in the hustle and bustle of the community.

When Mary meets a widowed pastor and his three children, she is drawn into a tale of love and redemption.

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