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Publication Order of The First Sister Trilogy Books

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About Linden A. Lewis

Linden A. Lewis is a well-known author in the science-fiction world. They boast a unique talent for creating vivid characters and captivating narrative journeys, making them a standout in their genre. The protagonists in their stories are notably well-crafted, contributing significantly to their entertaining qualities. Lewis’s clear proficiency in character development and storytelling has distinguished them among their peers.

Lewis’s works are gripping because of their knack for constructing attention-grabbing narratives. The dynamism and complexity of these tales showcase Lewis’s gift for building intricate and compelling storylines. The exciting pace and layers of plot elements leave readers eager for more, further testament to their strengths as a writer. This engaging narrative style enhances the overall reading experience, ensuring readers are consistently hooked from start to finish.

The entertainment value of Lewis’s work lies not only in their strength in creating diverse characters and thrilling narratives but also their ability to weave them seamlessly together. This fusion is part of what makes Lewis’s work so distinct within the crowded realm of science-fiction. The way they manage to maintain reader interest while moving the story along is a testament to their talents.

Indeed, Lewis’s skillful storytelling offers a beautifully balanced blend of enjoyable and stimulating reading.

Early and Personal Life

Linden A. Lewis, well-known as a science-fiction novelist, has led a remarkable life. They took formative strides during their early years, where a keen fascination for reading and writing first developed. This would later shape them, paving a path towards the world of science-fiction writing, introducing to audiences their unique voice in storytelling.

Lewis found their inspiration and honed their skills from their personal experiences, stamping their mark with a distinctive style that many readers have come to admire. They have currently settled in Madrid, coming along with the company of their two American cats.

The fact that Linden A. Lewis self-identifies as queer and as a world wanderer adds a depth to their persona and the diversity of their literary work. Standing out unapologetically and confidently, they leave a unique impression with their words and work.

Writing Career

Linden A. Lewis has experienced considerable growth in their career as a science-fiction writer. They attended the Odyssey Writing Workshop in 2016 which marked a significant step in their journey as a writer. Their short fiction has found its place in publications such as Beneath Ceaseless Skies, demonstrating their versatility in writing.

Lewis published their first novel, ‘The First Sister,’ in August 2020, which was followed by two more releases in a trilogy titled ‘First Sister Trilogy.’ These include ‘The Second Rebel’ (2021), and ‘The Last Hero’ (2022). With this feat, they have shown a promising trajectory, and it’s clear that their writing journey is far from over as they continue to build their career.

The First Sister

‘The First Sister,’ an intriguing work of science-fiction fantasy by author Linden A. Lewis, marked its debut on August 4, 2020. The book was published by Skybound Books, indicating the start of the acclaimed series titled ‘The First Sister Trilogy.’ This initial release laid the groundwork for the following books in the franchise.

‘First Sister,’ an unnamed and voiceless priestess, navigates life aboard a starship, belonging to the soldiers of Earth and Mars who control her. Her chances of freedom diminish when her former captain abandons her, leaving her with no friends, no power, and a new captain—Saito Ren—whom she is ordered to spy on.

Meanwhile Lito val Lucius, an elite Venus soldier defeated by Ren, is on a mission to redeem himself by killing his supposed traitorous partner, Hiro. However, recordings made by Hiro make Lito question his loyalties, forcing a difficult choice between duty and conscience.

‘The First Sister’ by Linden A. Lewis is a captivating start to the ‘First Sister Trilogy.’ Perfect for sci-fi fantasy lovers, this novel navigates complex characters, loyalty, and power with precision. With an air of suspense and a tense storyline, it’s bound to keep readers eagerly turning the pages.

The Second Rebel

Linden A. Lewis further expanded their science-fiction realm with ‘The Second Rebel.’ Published by Skybound Books on August 24, 2021, this dynamic sequel continues the acclaimed series known as ‘The First Sister Trilogy.’ It’s a pivotal addition that propels the gripping narrative of the franchise forward.

Astrid seeks to dismantle the Sisterhood from within, but navigating the perilous world of politics proves more lethal than anticipated. Elsewhere in space, Hiro val Akira is on a mission to bring a potentially powerful ally into their rebellion, drawing them into an intriguing quest for a digital entity.

Meanwhile, Lito sol Lucious, a revolutionary, faces numerous challenges while attempting a high-stakes rescue operation. Back on Venus, Lucinia, Lito’s sister, finds herself embroiled in complexities after her brother’s disappearance, before eventually being approached with a chance to join the rebellion.

Linden A. Lewis delivers a riveting expansion of the science-fiction realm with ‘The Second Rebel.’ Readers are drawn deeper into the ‘First Sister Trilogy,’ with political intrigue and daring rescue attempts filling each page. Each character’s journey weaves a compelling tapestry of rebellion and resilience.

The Last Hero

‘The Last Hero,’ penned by Linden A. Lewis, was unveiled on August 1, 2023, by Skybound Books. This climactic third installment concludes the much-praised series, ‘The First Sister Trilogy.’ This final entry showcases the comprehensive conclusion to the riveting science-fiction fantasy franchise.

Astrid, now free and known as the Unchained Heretic, uses her knowledge of the Sisterhood to aid moonborn in raids while uncovering her own hidden past. Meanwhile, the Sisterhood rebuilds under Mother Lilian I’s rule, escalating high-stakes political tensions.

In stark contrast, Hiro val Akira, driven by grief and vengeance, operates in secrecy while seeking retribution. Concurrently, Luce, affected by the Genekey virus, attempts to unify two seemingly antagonistic worlds and grieves her fallen brother, Lito sol Lucius. Amid all, Souji val Akira strategizes the future of humanity, racing against impending war and facing the enigma of the Synthetics.

‘The Last Hero’ by Linden A. Lewis offers a satisfying finish to the acclaimed ‘First Sister Trilogy.’ A roller coaster of intrigue, action, and emotion, the narrative takes readers on unforgettable journeys with each character. Delivering sharp twists that keep you gripped until the last page, it’s a must-read for any science-fiction enthusiast.

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