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About Lindsay Ellis

As an American writer of science-fiction, Lindsay Ellis has rapidly emerged as a bestselling author worldwide, fast becoming a household name for many. Initially known for her in-depth video-essays on YouTube, and many cultural critiques of films and pop-culture, she comes to the genre with a wealth of knowledge. Knowing the form inside out, she’s quickly established her own style, while playing the conventions, understanding what works and what doesn’t.
From her debut novel, it was clearly evident that she’s going to be a strong presence within the industry for some time to come. With her engaging and accessible style, she definitely knows how to craft a compelling and entertaining story. Her first book being part of a series as well, it appears that there’s a lot more planned for the future, which is good news for her ever growing fan-base.

Early and Personal Life:

Born in 1984 on the 24th of November, Lindsay Ellis was raised in Johnson City, Tennessee, as she’d soon become keenly interested in pop-culture. Growing up in a small-town, her main access to this was largely through the internet, whereby she would share her passions with others online. This would develop over time, allowing her to find herself, which would soon turn to the pop-cultural critiques with which she’d make her name.

Attending New York University, she would graduate in 2007 after receiving a BA in Film Studies, before going on to graduate from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in 2011 with an MFA. All the while she would be working on content as ‘The Nostalgia Chick’, whereby she’d create over a hundred videos online. This would be a spin-off for the Nostalgia Critic channel on YouTube, and she’d finish there in 2014, giving her the freedom to go on and establish her own channel and brand.

Working as a content creator on YouTube, Ellis would soon become an integral part of the community, and a key figure online. Gaining millions of views for her channel, with four million for her Transformers video-essay alone, she’s also one of the most prominent film critics online as well. This has led to her working on the ‘It’s Lit!’ literary web channel for PBS Digital Studios, hosting alongside fellow YouTuber and critic Princess Weekes. Currently living in Los Angeles with her husband, she continues to work online, as well as writing on a regular basis.

Writing Career:

It was in 2020 that Lindsay Ellis would make her first foray into the world of writing fiction for the first time. Releasing the novel ‘Axiom’s End’, she’d bring out an exciting science-fiction story based upon the idea of first contact with an alien species. This would impress both her already established audience online, along with avid followers of the genre, finding her plenty of new fans. The release of the audiobook of her first novel has been voiced by fellow YouTuber and cultural commentator Oliver Thorn, along with narrator Stephanie Willis.

Winning various awards for her work, she was a finalist for a Hugo in 2019 for her three-part video-essay series titled ‘The Hobbit Duology’ released the previous year. Her channel, which goes under the user-name ‘chezapoctube’, also has over 7000 patrons through Patreon, through which she releases content early. Previously giving talks as well, she’s a highly vocal figure throughout the industry, speaking extensively about film and literature. Now a bestselling author too, she has more set in the pipeline both online and off, with a series planned to continue on from her first novel.

Axiom’s End

First released in 2020 on the 21st of July, this would be the book that debuted Lindsay Ellis’s literary career. It was also set to be the beginning of the Noumena series, with further books in the collection planned for future publication. As its own story though, it’s a self-contained narrative that can easily be picked up, with its straightforward openly accessible style.

Set during the mid noughties, this has the feel of eighties and nineties science-fiction, but not in an overly self-aware manner. Eschewing winking referential humor for something that’s deeper and more grounded, this remembers that it was plausible characters that drove the plot when it came to classic sci-fi. That being said it doesn’t forget to have fun along the way, but it clearly has a passion for the genre as the basis for telling a story with substance.

Taking place in 2007, this provides an alternative view of the decade, as Cora Sabino finds herself in over her head. Wanting to do nothing more than lay low, she hopes to avoid the rising controversy surrounding her government whistle-blower father Nils Ortega. After he disappeared years ago leaving Cora behind, he’s now in hiding, and it seems he’s blown the lid off something big deep within the heart of the American government. Try as she might to keep out the way of trouble, now trouble has found her, as it seems an alien presence has made first contact, with her becoming its translator. Now it seems she may be the one providing communication between the entity and humanity for the first time, all whilst attempting to expose the government cover-up in the name of transparency.

Video Essays

As mentioned earlier, prior to writing her first novel, Lindsay Ellis would create a series of YouTube video-essays critiquing film and pop-culture. Subjects would range from the Transformer’s film franchise to Disney, looking at what they are and mean from a textual stand-point. Using major franchises, she would then place them into context, seeking to understand what they mean within contemporary society for a modern audience.

Not only would this enable Ellis to gain a wider audience and build upon her profile, it also gave her the fundamentals needed for creating a science-fiction story of her own. Whether she was criticizing various films from a negative or positive angle, seeing what works and what doesn’t allowed her to use a lot of the analysis to put it into her own writing. It clearly shows too, as, along with her YouTube channel under her own name, she’s definitely a writer to watch in the years to come.

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