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Lindsay J. Pryor is popular British author that writes the Blackthorn books, a series of dark, gritty and gothic vampire stories that have seen Lindsay consistently dominate the gothic romance charts on Amazon.


Lindsay J. Pryor was born in Wales. It is also where she grew up. Lindsay was nine years old when she started telling stories. Fantasy always appealed to her. And after a while, she decided that escaping into a fantasy world was far better than dealing with reality.

So Lindsay began laying out the bare bones of what would become the Blackthorn series. Though, success was not immediately forthcoming. Rather, the author went ahead and studied Psychology and communication, getting an Honors Degree before moving on to acquire additional qualifications.

Before becoming a full-time writer, Lindsay taught special needs children. She spent nearly two decades in the field. During that time, the author tried to balance her day job with her writing.

She had a passion for helping special needs children augment their literary skills. Once publishing success came her way, though, she decided to write full-time.

The author’s vampire novels were a pretty big hit when they first hit the shelves, eliciting interest in several countries and catapulting Lindsay to the top of many UK PNR bestseller lists.

Lindsay J. Pryor’s friends have been known to express surprise over the dark nature of her books. For a former special needs children’s teacher and a former Sunday school tutor, Lindsay admits that she has a dark side like most people and it often manifests in her literary efforts.

+Literary career

Lindsay J. Pryor spent many years crafting the Blackthorn series but she never actually took the time to put a story on paper. The author was content to simply jot ideas down and to imagine how she would go about publishing her stories.

It wasn’t until her father died from cancer in 2007 that Lindsay was pushed to finally get some writing done. And it was all because he encouraged her to make the most of life by figuring out what she wanted to do and pursuing it with fervor. It was one of the last profound things he said to her and the message stuck.

Lindsay thinks that her desire to finally write her books was driven by a desperate need to find new ways to channel her grief. Either way, Lindsay found that she suddenly had the drive to sit down and write.

While the writing process came together nicely, finding publishers was a far more complicated task. Lindsay J. Pryor’s timing was all wrong. She had her first novel ready for publication at a time when PNRs were saturating the market.

And it wasn’t just the numbers that were a problem. There were many an established name in the arena already and Lindsay wasn’t sure she had the skill to drag PNR audiences away from established authors.

As such, Lindsay wasn’t even that surprised that every potential publisher she looked at was ready to reject her from the beginning. After some thought, Lindsay decided that hunting for publishers wasn’t worth the effort. She decided to focus on perfecting her craft all the while hoping that an opportunity would manifest down the line.

That opportunity came in 2010. Lindsay entered a Mills and Boons competition aimed at new writers. Lindsay didn’t really care about winning. She just wanted the opportunity to have her story evaluated by a professional. So she made a last minute submission.

The author expected negativity. She was shocked by the deluge of positive comments that came her way. Readers and editors alike loved her story. Even better, Lindsay J. Pryor’s PNR was the only one that garnered attention in the contest, this telling the author that there was a place for her stories on the market.

With her confidence boosted, Lindsay started making more submissions to contests. The author’s big break came when a literary figure by the names of Oliver Rhodes created a publishing firm called Bookouture, reached out to Lindsay and asked to read her first Blackthorn manuscript.

Having been responsible for the first contest that gave Lindsay her big break, he knew who she was and he was curious about her work. Not long after, Lindsay J. Pryor became Bookouture’s launch author.

Lindsay has released several more books in the Blackthorn series since. She has seen her success skyrocket even in US markets were PNRs are chocking bookstores.

Lindsay believes she struggled at the start of her publishing career because she kept trying to write what she thought other people wanted to read. Over time, the author was encouraged to write for herself. Only by writing a story she was most likely to read could Lindsay find her distinct voice.

Lindsay followed that advice and she has seen it pay off. The author is grateful to her mother and her husband each of whom played a role in pushing her across the finish line.

+Blood Shadows

Caitlin Parish is a determined woman. Nothing will stop her from finding the illusive Kane Malloy, a master vampire whose reputation precedes him. And as the Vampire Control Unit’s top operative, Caitlin has a good reason to be confident.

Her ability to read third species shadows gives her an advantage. And with Kane being her last hope of surviving the fate that befell her parents years ago, she’s ready to chase him to the ends of the earth.

If Caitlin cannot make a deal with the sinister creature, all will be lost.

This is the first book in the Blackthorn series. The book follows the exploits of Caitlin, a girl can essentially glean a vampire’s deepest and darkest desires by reading their shadows.

Seven years ago, Caitlin’s parents were killed by a sinister creature. That same creature has its sights set on Caitlin and she believes that only Kane Mallory, a master vampire, can help her kill it.

+Blood Roses

Leila is a powerful witch whose blood kills vampires. But she wants nothing to do with that part of her life, not after what she saw her mother do.

Caleb Dehain kills things like Leila and he’s pretty good at it. But when Caleb seeks out Leila, it is with the intention of asking her for help in saving someone close to him.

With her sister in his clutches, Leila has no choice but to help Caleb as the two walk a dangerous tightrope of cooperation. Leila and Caleb hate each other. But they cannot ignore the spark of attraction starting to brew between them.

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