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Project A.I.D.E.N. (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lindsey Frydman is a Young Adult and New Adult fiction author who made her name with her debut novel “The Heartbeat Hypothesis.” Most of her novels include some romance and in some instances a little of magical realism and sci-fi. She has a BFA in Graphic Design and Photography, which she says is not the source of her inspiration but rather something that has expanded her horizons and made her more creative. She was a “Pitch Wars Mentee” in 2016 and asserts that it was one of the best things that happened to her, which set her on the path to becoming a published author.

When she was nine years old, she discovered the novel “Harriet the Spy” and knew that all she wanted to do was write. Since that time she would jot down random thoughts and paragraphs that she had. These were not stories but rather the ramblings of a teen girl that made her younger sister tattle when she got hold of the journal. Aged about 12, she started making characters in her head that she would see walking down the streets and having conversations with her. She would then graduate to fan fiction, most of which were about the boy bands that she loved. Apart from the fan fiction, she wrote her first real story about fallen angels. It was full of errors right from the first chapter such as the character waking up looking at herself in the mirror and not having any dialogue. It was bad, though she loved that at least she had written something. However, Frydman would stop writing the novel since it was new adult fiction, a genre that was not very popular at the time. Nonetheless, it was a great learning experience as her debut has been called a un-put-downable and dazzling tapestry of the human condition. When she is not writing her young adult and new adult fiction, she loves performing in burlesque shows, trawling Pinterest, singing show tunes, and playing video games.

Lindsey Frydman writes amazing authentic stories based on the sacrifices that most of us have to go through in the process of trying to find love. She tells stories of the losses that we have to ensure in the search for finding our true selves. She asserts that what matters the most in this life is allowing ourselves to feel things such as friendship, passion, forgiveness, love, and pain. It is these things that make each of us different and life worth living. Frydman’s debut novel “The Heartbeat Hypothesis” is the story of Audra Madison, a woman that decided to the done it list of the person that donated her heart to her. She is making a photographic journal of what she did prior to her death. She has to convince the brother of her donor to help in the endeavor. It is going to be difficult since Jake does not want anything that would reopen the wounds of his sister’s death. Lyndsey Frydman was inspired to write the story when she read a news article on her favorite social media site Pinterest. The story was about a girl that died in a car wreck, whose heart was then donated to a woman in her mid-fifties. The woman had decided to complete a bucket list that the girl had made while she was alive so that she could do it posthumously through her heart. Lyndsey’s second novel “To Whatever End” is the story of Quinn, a woman that with one touch can predict the end of any romantic encounters she would ever have. It is a curse that makes her stay away from all romantic relationships knowing how much pain they may cause to her.

“The Heartbeat Hypothesis” is a heartfelt and beautiful story of love, grief, healing, friendship and moving on after experiencing loss. The lead is Audra, a young woman that is the lucky recipient of a heart that gives her hope of living a new life. Grateful for her new heart, she wants to honor the donor but to do so she needs to work with her brother Jake. Jake had loved his sister Emily and was devastated when she died and hence it is understandable that he would be reticent about helping Audra. She finally manages to convince the gorgeous photographer to help her honor Emily by chronicling her bucket list through photography. But as they embark on their quest, their feelings evolve as emotions turn to friendship and then to love. Secrets come to light and hearts are broken as Jake is still dealing with the loss of his sister and having Audra remind him of his sister every day is not something he wants. Audra is a compassionate, kind, sweet and lovable young lady though she can be guarded at times. Jake alternates between hot and cold as he turns up very loving one time and indifferent and angry the next. But he has a beautiful heart even if he has to go on an emotional and angsty journey of love. It is a journey that will allow him to accept the fact that the heart of his sister now beats in the chest of the woman he has grown to love. It is a story that deals with abuse, loss, depression, and tragedy as two people struggle to deal with their different circumstances. The characters learn to navigate the turmoil and complications as they are put through the wringer, which takes a toll on their relationship and their personal lives.

“To Whatever End,” which was released in 2019 is Lindsey Frydman’s sophomore novel about a woman named Quinn Easterly. She has a curse in that with a touch she can see what will happen in the life of a person right up to their death. She is haunted by deaths in her daydreams and try as she might she cannot prevent them from happening. She finally learns to live with the curse and is going about life when fate brings to her a man named Griffin. Once she touches him, she sees a death she is unable to disregard. She sees Griffin dying in her arms whispering words that change everything. She cannot change the future but she is willing to try even if it means taking his place in front of a bullet.

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