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Lindy West

Lindy West is an American biography, memoir, and nonfiction author. She is a contributor to This American Life, a columnist at The Guardian, and a freelance writer focusing on social justice, feminism, humor, and body image. Her work has been featured in The Stranger, The New York Times, Jezebel, GQ, Vulture, and others. Lindy is originally from Seattle. She is the daughter of Ingrid and Paul West, nurse and musician respectively. She graduated from Occidental College in L.A, California. In 2016, Lindy West won the Genius Awards in Literature for her book Shrill. She has co-founded Shout Your Abortion, an internet campaign where people are free to share their abortion experiences online without stigmatization.

Her novel Shrill was adapted into a television series which premiered on Hulu on March 15, 2019. She is the writer and the executive producer for the television show. Lindy is married to a fellow writer & musician, Ahamefule J. Oluo,

The Witches are Coming

The Witches are Coming has been named as one of Esquire’s most anticipated books of 2019. Lindy West provides us with a brilliant and detailed look at how misogyny, patriarchy, and intolerance have conquered not only politics but also the American culture itself.

What do Donald Trump, Adam Sandler, and South Park share in common? Why are the popular myths like political correctness and reverse sexism so seductive? And why do movie classics such as Revenge of the Nerds and Sixteen Candles make rape look so enjoyable?

Lindy West’s novel The Witches are Coming explains the grand theory of America that describes why Trump’s election was in different ways a bygone conclusion. As the author reveals through intriguing journeys across the land of pop culture, the lies that catalyzed the resentment born out of the 2016 presidential race did not emerge from a vacuum. They have been integrated into America’s DNA, and cultivated through generations by mediocre white men and fed to the masses such that people are unable to recognize them as lies.

Whether be it the notion coined since the early days of the #MeToo movement that feminism has become too much or the demand that holding a person accountable for his action is equivalent to a witch hunt, The Witches are Coming brutally exposes the lies that many American has willingly chosen to believe and the unexpected figures who have promoted them. Along the way, the story uncovers the strong link between politics and culture, identifying in the music, meme, and movies we’ve always loved as the seeds of dark enlightenment movement now taking over through the nation.

The Witches are Coming is a fantastic read, qualifying as one of the best feminist literary giants like Good and Mad or Feminasty. Lindy West covers a lot in her book, a lot that rational women in the 21st century should be wary about, concerned with, or else fighting for actively. She gives a brutal explication of #MeToo, abortions and how they are not such a big deal as everyone else tends to think they are. Lindy is always there with unbiased take on most things that have come up in every reader’s life. She further states that Trump is more than spiteful rhetoric; he is the symptom of gross behavior and hate that has grown like tumor under America’s skin for many years.

Lindy West Further discusses how America is extremely allergic to acknowledging when things go wrong through the story of Grumpy Cat’s real name. She also discusses the jocoseness of the famous phrase witch hunt and shames identity politics by talking about a Facebook group that her husband. The author also discusses portrayal of abortion and women in media, online harassment, the privileges of wellness culture and so much more. When you are about to get disillusioned with American society, Lindy reminds you that the world is such a beautiful place that’s worth saving, that this world is ours and that anyone trying to shake, they should never be allowed to shake our beliefs. You should hold on tight to your activism and give a big grin to anyone who laughs at you as unproductive/angry, harasses you, or tries to shut you off standing up for what’s right.


In the 21st century, society still expects women to shut up and move aside for men and adhere to the set rules. Lindy West’s valiant and entertaining memoir, Shrill is a detailed account of her journey into gaining freedom from these expectations as a prosperous stand-up coming, famous internet writer, and a plump woman. She blends the personal life and the political sides, starting from how her love for comedy sparked to how she fiercely confronted internet trolls and sexist bosses.

Lindy addresses different unpleasant subjects, including rape culture, fatphobia, misogyny, and more with an envious self-awareness and crucial thesis: we must stop men from harassing women and subsequently empower women to speak up against these mistreatments. The jokes that she adds into different sections of this memoir speak to the authority and precision of her voice.

In early 2015, Lindy confronted one dreadful internet troll. But long before the confrontation, Lindy had already written her way into the public eye by taking on fat-shaming and rape jokes.

Shrill is an accurate depiction that Lindy West is a real crusader. She spent most of her professional life attempting to make male comedians understand why rape jokes aren’t funny and taking on fatphobia jokes. This memoir could as well be the shrill word that most people often use in efforts to silence the females who stand up for themselves. The author finds the absurd and the humorous in every subject or situation even the most serious and use that humor to make critically analyzed and insightful points. One of the elements in this book is optimism. It teaches the reader to be optimistic even though change doesn’t come overnight or is barely visible. The author’s progress spans 15 years in her fat acceptance movement and her standup comedy.

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