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Linni Ingemundsen is an author of fiction that hails from Norway. She has not always been a full-time writer and has changed up where she lives and where she works and what she does multiple times to the point of losing count of where she has been before.

Linni worked in Australia washing dishes as well as going to Tanzania to be a volunteer journalist. She says that she has nearly died nearly two and a half times in her life, but thankfully that is all behind her now and she is fine with that.

She grew up in a small village located in Norway on the southwestern coast. Her childhood and growing up in this area has helped to inspire her writing. She enjoys many things in life, but some of them include her special yellow typewriter as well as chocolate and having access to a free online WiFi connection.

She first became a published author with the release of her debut novel. It was titled The Unpredictability of Being Human and it was released in 2017.

The Unpredictability of Being Human features the main character of Malin, a young girl of just fifteen years of age. She is pretty young, but she still manages to see the world in a different way than most people. She is just an average girl and knows that even if she had the same power that God did she would not be able to change her life the way that she wants to.

Her home life is not that great. Her father yells all the time and frequently loses his temper. He loses it even more since Malin remains friends with Hanna. Hanna is a girl that she met while shoplifting and her father thinks that she is a bad influence on her.

As for her mother, she is constantly lifting a glass of wine. You could say that she is on the six ounces of free weights diet. She says that having a glass of wine is good for the heart, and who can argue with her? It seems that she needs it as her brother seems to be getting into one problematic situation after the other. Sigve can’t seem to stay out of trouble, so her mother has one more glass of wine.

Malin doesn’t get into trouble as much as her brother, but she has to be her own person. She wouldn’t imitate him even if she had the choice because she likes being herself and besides, she can’t really change up who she is at the snap of her fingers anyway.

This coming of age tale touches upon humor as well as darkness and other emotions at time as the book does focus around a teenager. Malin is the narrator here and her voice is the one that shines through as she tells people about her struggles with her family and her home life as well as the ones that every teenager has to struggle with.

Malin just wants to fit in and have some friends and live a normal life. She is seen as a little weird and does not always have the best of luck when trying to make friends. She still tries to relate to other teenagers and find common ground, but it’s just not always that easy.

But there are some secrets that are always going to come to light or cannot be forgotten, and her family is no different. As her family members struggle with the secrets that are kept to themselves and the painful mistakes of the past that continue to haunt them to this day, it’s unclear whether their family unit will be able to survive this period of time or whether they will crumble under the pressure.

Malin thinks that if she could switch places with God, she would make sure that everyone gets a second chance. She thinks that everyone deserves another shot and that we all mess up sometimes. It would sure be nice for her brother to get a few second chances, as he’s always getting into trouble. Everyone messes up in one way or another, and her family could certainly attest to the truth of that.

This dark and compassionate story is an interesting and profound look at what it means to be a teenager growing up in a very specific culture and family unit as well as the effects that this may have on our psyche. This offbeat tale allows readers to take a closer look at the experience of being alive and being human as we know it, or indeed, as Malin and her family have come to know it.

Filled with instances both beautiful and bizarre, Malin’s story is one that you definitely will not want to miss. This story is written for the young adult genre, but can be read by anyone of really any age range, although perhaps elementary school is a bit too young. If you enjoyed other popular young adult novels such as The Fault in Our Stars by talented young adult author John Green or The Perks of Being a Wallflower and more, you are sure to like this dynamic novel by talented Norwegian author Linni Ingemundsen.

Once you pick up this book, you can see how it was influenced by the places that Linni grew up in. Just as she grew up in a small part of Norway, Malin is growing up there too. She is experiencing the pangs of growing from a girl into a young woman. Even though it’s tough, she has the confidence and the self-identity to make it through this time– at least she thinks so.

Check out this interesting fictional work by going to a local library or bookstore near you. The Unpredictability of Being Human lives up to the title and keenly examines just what it means to be human and to be alive– to suffer and to experience all the joys of all that can be. Check out this exciting first novel from this author and find out all that Linni Ingemundsen has to offer!

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