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Liora Blake is American bestseller of Contemporary and Romance novels. She is a resident of Colorado, and when not writing, you will find her probably baking cookies or creating excuses to avoid going for a run. True North True North is the debut novel in True Series from American bestseller Liora Blake. The story introduces the readers to Kate Mosely, a small town Montana writer.

While many novelists would consider jetting off immediately to Hollywood for a television interview, Kate finds this idea all a bit tiring. Kate lost her beloved husband in a fatal car accident where she was behind the wheel, and now she feels guilty for the death of her husband. She is finally found a bearing in her life and trying to rebuild an honest and stable life far away from public exposure.

She lives a lonely life watching old films at night and writing obituaries for local newspapers, and she’s not sure whether she is ready for a change until she shares the stage with a rock star Trevor Jenkins also known as Trax. As the two, Trevor and Kate explore their deep heated chemistry, the scarred part of Kate Mosely heart starts to heal making more room for love so intense such that it makes her want long forgotten equal parts joyful, naughty and heart swelling. However when a blistering expose in a gossip magazine sends Kate in motion, will it threaten their chances of spending the rest of their lives together? Readers who fancy rock star romances will find True North a brilliant read especially because the main character is a widow who has become a top seller author and the alpha male is a rock star Trax. Kate lives in a small town, think of farm land with cows on the road miles away from the city. She is a widow, and she is trying to move on after having lost her husband in a car accident.

She works at a local paper and finds this job boring, and even though one of her novel that she published became a bestseller, it has not transformed her life that much. But things are going pretty good for her as the agent has arranged talk show on the West Coast. During her first talk she meets Trevor, but at first, she is not impressed with him because of his public character. He is quite different from the normal but the day Trax requests her for a date, she is surprised and at first, thinks that it’s some joke. But what Kate does not know is that this man is quite different from the inside, he is sweet, polite, and quite endearing and furthermore he will not give up until the beautiful Kate gives him a chance.

Kate later discovers that she was wrong about Trevor; he is a good man, and even though he had a poor background he is very dedicated to his sister, mother, and niece. Kate has lots of fun with Trevor even though she knows that they will go separate ways because Trevor is West Coast type of guy who likes touring while she is just a girl from a small town in midwest. However, Trevor does not want to give up their relationship, and he is even willing to try long distance relationship. Kate gives the long distance relationship a try, and this leads to lots of surprises for Kate which also involves falling in love with another man. True North is a brilliant romance story with lots of drama and tensions in almost each thread.

The two characters- Trevor and Kate are trying to make their relationship work. For Kate, she is an attractive and a great heroine. She is headstrong, independent, and quite mature. She has undergone lots of trouble in her life, mainly with the death of her husband but despite this, she moves on. On the other hand, Trevor is a great influence to Kate even though at first he appears a difficult character to connect with. Trevor relationship with Kate is an amazing one, and the author has created love scenes filled with emotions.

The dialogue the author adds in this story is quite intriguing. The dialogue part gives the readers a glimpse into the inner thoughts, feelings of the characters. The romance part is genuine and heartwarming as both characters are likable right from the start. True Devotion True Devotion is a strong sequel to True North and the second novel in True series. The book follows the story of Simon, a guitar player for Trax and that of Devon, Trevor’s sister. We get to learn that Devon grew up in Cleveland and later relocated to Los Angeles to be close to her celebrity brother and her family after terminating a three-year-old relationship with a dysfunctional and abusive boyfriend. The story kicks off with Trevor and Kate’s wedding.

For Devon being 28 and single was quite frustrating for her, and another frustrating part of her life is Simon. He is handsome to the point that she finally succumbs to his flirty behavior and tries to get him to bed. However Simon knowing that Devon is drunk does not accept to involve himself in sexual activities, but this only begins Devon’s journey to get over her short lived passion with Simon or try something with the charming young man. As more is revealed about Simon, it becomes apparent that there is much more to him than meets the eye. Devon discovers this the moment she tries to get Simon to bed after he saves her from the hospital post car accident. Simon turns her down claiming that she is physically hurt from the car crash, but when he finally agrees to start something with her, this time it has to be real. The second series installment is a story of Devon’s journey to self-acceptance.

Despite how hard she tries to escape from Cleveland and the person she was there, it is impossible for her to evade the thoughts about herself and her self-worth as well. Finding out that Simon is not the man she that was but instead a caring, intelligent, thoughtful and rich man has Devon running scared. She starts feeling that she is not good for him and that her personality would most likely end any relationship that sparks between them. True Devotion is an excellent tale of overcoming realizing self-worth and also overcoming self-doubt that limits a person’s ability to achieve their best in life.

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