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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Guilty One (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Redemption Road / Everything She Forgot (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Little Liar (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Once Upon A Lie (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Good Bad Love (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Innocent One (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lisa Ballantyne is a published author.

Lisa was born in Armdale, West Lothian, in Scotland. For higher education she attended the University of St. Andrews, where she studied English literature. She also resided in China for several years, where she worked too. It was while there that she first began to write seriously. Now she resides in Glasgow.

She is the author behind The Guilty One, her first novel. The novel came out in 2012 and was Edgar-Award nominated. It also did so well that it was translated into close to thirty languages. It received much commercial and critical acclaim. It was also a best seller with the Richard and Judy Book Club.

Lisa is also the pen behind her novel Redemption Road, also going under the title Everything She Forgot, and Little Liar, as well as Once Upon a Lie and The Innocent One. Redemption Road hit the best-seller lists of USA Today.

The Guilty One is the first fictional novel to be published by author Lisa Ballantyne. If you have been looking for a new suspense novel to read, give this one a try!

A children’s playground is the site of a brutal crime when an eight year old child is discovered dead there. In a surprise update to the events, it appears that his neighbor has been accused of carrying a killing out. The surprising part of this? The neighbor is just eleven years old themselves.

Called into the defense is Daniel Hunter, a solicitor in London that is known for championing lost causes. He spent years of his career defending these so-called lost causes, and that extends to his new client. His life is about to change upon being introduced to eleven year old Sebastian, who is being looked at for murdering what by all accounts was an innocent young child.

Sebatian comes from a troubled home and is clearly slightly damaged from these events. As Daniel goes headfirst into the details of his troubled home life, it brings back memories of his own time as a child when growing up in foster care and those turbulent times. It also forces him to recall Minnie, the loving woman who was able to save him through her affection. But then she committed a betrayal that hurt so badly that their bond was broken and he cut her from his life completely.

With his past bleeding through to the present, the solicitor is left with some interesting questions. He wonders whether his innate empathy and sympathy for his young client combined with his own memories will keep him from seeing the truth clearly. He’s also wondering what really happened in that park. If Sebastian is not to blame for the death of that little boy, then who is?

Daniel starts to think about everything that he has ever believed in and give it a re-examination. He knows what it is to be wrong, and he’s starting to understand what it is to be guilty. What did Minnie do to him that made Daniel cut her out for over a decade? Will his identification with Sebastian lead to him questioning everything? Read this book to find out!

Everything She Forgot is the second fictional novel to come out from Lisa Ballantyne. It also has gone by the title Redemption Road. This thriller will have you turning the pages to find out what happens next!

When cars pile up, it can be deadly. Margaret Holloway is about to be in one of the worst pile-ups to happen in the history of London. While going home in her car, Margaret’s mind is on a number of things. Ranging from her daughter’s acting class to a student that appears trouble to the meeting she is going to have the next day, she’s distracted internally.

The last thing that she sees coming is getting rear-ended by another vehicle and subsequently becoming trapped in the wreckage. Shock sets in and she starts panicking. But as that’s happening, a stranger who appears disfigured ends up leaping in to save the day, pulling her from the car. It can’t come a moment too soon because the car soon becomes taken over by the flames. But rather than stick around for thanks, he just disappears.

Margaret gets out with not too many injuries, but she can’t help noticing that something’s off and feeling like something is wrong. She is having difficulty concentrating, and she’s experiencing tons of emotions. On top of all that, flashbacks to the accident are bringing up memories from her childhood. These are parts of events that were gone from her memory.

Margaret knows that she didn’t just forget these things. She chose to forget them. But what does this have to do with the man that saved her? Margaret suspects that there might be a connection. As she gets to the bottom of a mystery that might have chilling consequences from her family and even how she perceives herself, the question remains: how far would you be willing to go to bury the truth from yourself?

Get a copy of Everything She Forgot to experience this suspenseful story for yourself!

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