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Fugitive Colors (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unbreakables (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Woman on Fire (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Goddess of Warsaw (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Moms Don't Have Time To(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Lisa Barr

American writer Lisa Barr has fast become well known for her engaging and thrilling historical fiction and suspense novels. Coming far in a relatively short amount of time, she’s a gifted author with a lot to offer, keeping countless readers on the edges of their seats. Knowing the genre well at this point, she has a unique perspective to offer, very much making it her own in the process. Her distinctive style has resonated with readers worldwide, speaking to them directly and to the point.

Becoming a New York Times bestselling novelist, she’s a hugely successful writer, with readers from all over enjoying her work. Paying close attention to detail when looking to portray a period authentically, her books are well researched, bringing each era to life. Relating to her readers, regardless of where they come from or their background, her work is universal in its appeal and nature. Setting herself apart from other novelists within her genre, she has established herself as a household name for many and a brand of her own.

Character creation is also an area in which Barr excels, too, creating protagonists that also feel wholly real and genuine. This accessibility immediately speaks to readers in a manner quite unlike anything else that’s currently out there on the literary scene. Hugely entertaining, her books a massively compelling with a lot to offer both fans of the genre and of her as an author alike. With lots more to follow still, she isn’t stopping any time soon either, as there are plenty more scheduled for release in the future.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Chicago on the 29th of August, Lisa Barr would grow up with a strong passion for the written word. Immersing herself in all things literature, she would begin to develop her own voice, refining and harnessing her skills as a writer. Drawing from the world around her, she would put much of her inspiration back into her writing, creating a style that was very much hers.

Over the years, she would write for a number of different prestigious publications, from the Chicago-Sun Times to Moment Magazine. Working as an editor and reporter, she would gain a high level of insight into writing for a large audience of readers from all over. Currently living in Chicago, she continues to write and work to this very day, with lots more set upon the horizon.

Writing Career

Prior to writing full-time for herself, Lisa Barr would work as both an editor and reporter, covering famous leaders and events. Her first full novel was written back in 2012, and it was a historical novel titled ‘Fugitive Colors,’ with it not being a part of any series as such. She would later go on to write ‘The Unbreakables’ in 2019, which was a more contemporary novel, and then another historical novel titled ‘Woman on Fire’ in 2022.

Continuing to work as an editor and reporter during this time, too, she’d carry on making a name for herself, expanding her brand and profile. Winning awards for her work, she’d receive an IPPY Award for her debut, as well as becoming a New York Times bestselling novelist. Continuing to maintain a presence both offline as well as on, she will carry on writing for many years to come yet.

Fugitive Colors

Originally released through the ‘Arcade’ publishing imprint, this would first come out back in 2012 on the 29th of March. A stand-alone historical novel, the book would mark the literary debut of Lisa Barr with her very first full fictional novel. Filled with intrigue and suspense, it’s set during the Nazi rise to power, with the action beginning during the 1930s in Paris.

Leaving behind his American religious upbringing for the artistic freedoms to be found in 1930s Paris, Julian Klein is an artist turned accidental spy. Meeting two other gifted artists, Felix von Bredow and Rene Levi, the three of them form a bond until the model and muse Charlotte gets between them. Returning to Berlin, Felix is consumed with jealousy, so, at the bequest of his Nazi father, he seeks to lure his once artist friends into Germany and into a trap, as the Nazi rise to power seeks to destroy the artist community. Is it too late for Julian and Rene, can they overcome together, and what will become of them all as they find themselves flying their fugitive colors?

Using real events as the basis of its story, including the Nazi theft of art during their rise to power, it’s a highly intriguing first novel. There’s a lot to engage the reader, from the informative time period and setting, to the characters themselves and their plight. The story travels along at an entertaining pace, really capturing the reader’s attention right from the very beginning.

Woman on Fire

First coming out in 2022 on the 1st of March, this would be the third full book that Lisa Barr would go on to publish. Another stand-alone title it’s an action-adventure thriller with historical undertones with an entirely self-contained narrative. Coming out through the ‘Harper Paperbacks’ publishing label, it would become hugely successful with it set to be adapted by Hollywood.

Given the task of locating a painting stolen by the Nazis seventy-five years prior, the new upcoming journalist Jules Roth must find Ernst Engel’s early expressionist piece the ‘Woman on Fire.’ Enlisting the help of Jules’ employer Dan Mansfield, the famous shoe-designer Ellis Baum wants the painting for personal reasons. Then there’s Margaux de Laurent, a powerful individual in Europe who also wants to find the painting, and she will stop at nothing to get it in her gallery. Will she succeed in getting what she wants, can Ellis’s grandson Adam Baum help Jules, and what really became of the ‘Woman on Fire?’

With Sharon Stone all set to produce the big-screen adaptation of this novel, it’s definitely one that grabs the reader from the outset. It’s no wonder that so many are singing its praises, with its engaging and action-packed suspense fuelled narrative. There’s a lot to enjoy here, from its compelling characters and easy-to-follow narrative, making it essential for both fans of the author and of the genre as a whole.

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