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Publication Order of The Penhallow Dynasty Books

You May Kiss the Bride (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Laird Takes a Bride (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bride Takes a Groom (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Engaged to the Earl (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Worst Duke in the World (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Redemption of Philip Thane (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas All Around (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lisa Berne is an American author that writes historical romance novels. The author is best known for ‘You May Kiss the Bride’, a book that follows the exploits of a man whose resolve to marry out of duty is tested when he meets the love of his life.


Lisa Berne would like to think she was born to write. She might have started the journey a little later than most, but the desire has been in her heart for a long time. Lisa’s love for romance began when she was fourteen.

Even before that, the author had a feeling that she liked romance. However, it wasn’t until she was fourteen that the author came across ‘Lady of Quality’ by Georgette Heyer. The book belonged to her mom. She had picked it up from her book club and she had no idea how impactful it would be to her daughter.

The author was immediately enamored by the historical aspects of the book. She also felt drawn to the culture and the English, and it wasn’t long before her obsession with everything British began to grow.

Lisa Berne hadn’t been anywhere near England at the time and a lot of the terminology used in the book completely went over her head. But she was still captivated. Lisa’s inspiration here drove her to pursue an English Major.

Life took Lisa into the education system. She taught for a while before becoming a grant writer and eventually breaking into the historical romance genre as a fiction author. The author is primarily defined by her obsession with historical romance which is difficult to ignore because so many of her books take place in the Regency era.

And it wasn’t just Georgette Heyer that got the fire for that time period burning in the author. Lisa Berne is also an avid reader of Jane Austen. Both writers appeal to Lisa because they write such strong and independent heroines. Lisa was always drawn to the fact that the women in Austen and Heyer’s books had the choice to live pragmatic lives that saw them give into the restrictions placed on their lives as women for the sake of their families. Instead, they chose to fight for their independence and personal happiness.

Lisa Berne has made it her goal to replicate the quality of her writing heroes. The author’s books are filled with strong female characters; most of them are realistically bound by the culture and traditions of the Regency period.

Yet that doesn’t stop them from pushing the boundaries and making their voices heard.

Lisa is very careful to keep her characters within the realistic confines of the eras in which they were born. She doesn’t give them the leeway to act uncharacteristically or to achieve the sorts of feats that wouldn’t have been permitted in the Regency period. But that doesn’t make her female characters any weaker.

Lisa’s strength is in the conversations she produces. Even as a child, Lisa Berne was drawn to the conversations in the Austen and Heyer books. She was astounded by just how romantic the conversations between the characters could get.

Lisa endeavors to give her readers this same experience. In fact, Lisa’s favorite scenes to write are those involving couples participating in conversations laden with hidden meanings and messages.

The author has admitted that she has a tendency to use the people she knows and sees as an inspiration for the characters in her books. Though, sometimes Lisa’s research helps her fill in a few gaps.

Unlike many of her peers, Lisa Berne actually likes doing research. She loves digging into the Regency era and learning about the food, the fashion, the medicine, the mannerisms and every other aspect that made the Regency era what it was.

When Lisa isn’t writing, she’s visiting museums or baking or hanging out with her family.

+You May Kiss the Bride

Gabriel Penhallow was always arrogant and wealthy. However, none of those attributes offer much salvation when he is called upon to do his dynastic duty. Fortunately for all, Gabriel is actually willing to play ball.

And he understands what is expected of him. He only needs to find a bride and produce an heir, possibly even a spare, and then he can move on with his life, oblivious to the existence of his wife.

That is how things have been done for generations, and Gabriel did not think he would become the first to break with tradition. But then he kissed Livia Stuart and found that things were not so simple, not even in light of society’s expectations and family duty.

Gabriel has known many women. Most of them throw themselves at him. Livia is the first one he ever truly wanted and it looks like all she wants to do is flee from him.

This is the first book in the Penhallow Dynasty series. The book has been described as a slow burn. It takes the hero and heroine ages to get together. Before that, they must undergo numerous trials that force them to examine their hearts and what they want in life.

Gabriel and Livia are written to be the most stubborn of individuals living in the Regency era. They can never get on the same page. And even when it becomes clear that they desire one another, it takes them several more pages for the pair to come to terms with the development.

Some readers have complained that the book took too long to find its stride.

+The Laird Takes a Bride

Alasdair Penhallow was happy with his bachelorhood. But then an ancient decree was enforced, driving him to end his carefree existence by marrying.

Alasdair expected the search for a biddable wife to be a dreary one. But then he came across Fiona Douglass, a prickly woman that made it her business to challenge him at every turn. Alasdair quickly finds that he is drawn to Fiona and he would like nothing better than to have her.

But Alasdair isn’t in a position to accept Fiona’s love, not with the high wall separating them.

The second book in the Penhallow Dynasty series turns the spotlight on Alasdair Penhallow, a character that was introduced in the first book in the series. Alasdair tries to make things work with a woman whose heart was betrayed once and, as such, she’s a little hesitant to trust anyone else with her love.

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