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Publication Order of Alice Worth Books

Heart of Malice (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of Fire (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of Ice (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of Stone (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of Shadows (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of Vengeance (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of Lies (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of the Pack (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Alice Worth World Books

Publication Order of The Alice Worth Novellas Books

Just For One Night (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Money (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Perfectly Magical (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghosting 101 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Alice Worth and the Elite Death Machine (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Lisa Edmonds is a renowned American writer of paranormal, urban fantasy, and mystery novels. She is particularly famous for writing the bestselling Alice Worth book series. Her books have achieved great successes in many parts of the world and are read by her fans with great enthusiasm. They have also been listed on the bestseller list of multiple publications. Author Edmonds was born and brought up in Kansas. She completed her schooling from the Buhler High School and obtained a degree in forensic criminology and English from the Wichita State University. Following her graduation, thought of making a career in the department of law enforcement. She even worked in the position of a behavioral analyst for some time before moving on to earn her Master’s degree from Wichita State University and then a Ph.D. in English from the University of Texas A&M.

Currently, Edmonds is teaching English as an associate professor at a Texas-based college. She also teaches various other courses in literature and writing. When Edmonds is not busy with her writing assignments or her teaching commitments, she can be found enjoying the comfort of her home with her loving husband named Bill D’Amico. She also likes to indulge herself in the activities of reading, singing karaoke, traveling, writing, and playing with her nephew. Edmonds loves pet animals and has several cats at her with that also help her to have a good time with them.

The Alice Worth series written by author Lisa Edmonds is comprised of a total of 4 novels and 2 novellas, released between 2017 and 2019. It features the primary characters in the roles of Alice Worth, Charles Vaughan, Mark Dunlap, Jack Justice, Moses Murphy, Malcolm, Sean Maclin, Darius Bell, and several others. Alice Worth is depicted as a private investigator living in Vampire Court. She possesses magical powers and uses them to solve magical mysteries in and around the city. Mark Dunlap is also depicted in the role of a private investigator. He teams up with Alice Worth on many occasions to carry out the investigations and solve the mysterious cases. Mark is a veteran in this profession and Alice joins his department as a new recruit. Alice Worth is assisted in her investigations by a ghost named Malcolm. He poses as her sidekick in each of the investigations Alice takes up.

Malcolm appears to be running from his nightmarish past. Moses Murphy is seen as the boss of an organized crime syndicate and the grandfather of Alice Worth. From her childhood, Alice was trained by Moses to join his criminal world. He even made her kill someone at the age of six. But, Alice knew in her heart that she was not meant to be a part of the criminal world of her grandfather and ran away when she was in her twenties.

The debut book of this urban fantasy series is entitled ‘Heart of Malice’. It was released by the City Owl Press in 2017. Initially, it is mentioned that Alice Worth was forcefully made to be a part of the crime syndicate of her grandfather Moses Murphy for the first twenty years of her life. Moses Murphy used the magic abilities of Alice Worth to become the most feared and powerful man on the entire East Coast. In order to free herself from his cruelty, Alice faked her death and took up a new identity as Alice Worth. With the hope of giving a new beginning to her life, she became a private investigator that specializes in cases involving supernatural beings. In her attempt to atone the sins of her criminal grandfather and keeping her real identity hidden, Alice Worth feels like walking on the edge of a sharp blade. Later, she gets hired to investigate a mysterious object’s disappearance. This object is believed to have powerful properties and is its owner fears about it going into the wrong hands.

For investigating the disappearance of the mysterious object, Alice Worth enlists the help of her ghost sidekick named Malcolm, who is also trying to get over his past. After investigating for several days, Alice learns that the mysterious object has landed in the hands of a dangerous man having an unknown agenda and a deadly secret. Shortly after, her client gets kidnapped and lands Alice in a very difficult situation. Now, she has to not only rescue her client, but also prevent a vengeful killer from using the powerful object to destroy the entire city and slaughter thousands of its innocent residents. While doing so, Alice nees\ds to be careful about not losing her own life in the process as the killer has set her as his prime target. This book was loved by the fans of paranormal romance. Alice Worth has been appreciated in her cool character. The readers liked the mysterious plot of the novel and also enjoyed the overall story described by author Edmonds.

Another exciting novel of this series is known as ‘Heart of Ice’. It was published in 2018 by the City Owl Press. The primary characters mentioned in this book include Sean Maclin, Malcolm, Alice Worth, Mark Dunlap, Moses Murphy, etc. The book opens by showing that Alice Worth likes to be back in her usual business of solving magical mysteries after assisting in closing an important case in Vampire Court’s jurisdiction. She looks forward to solving more cases along with Malcolm and enjoying some quality time with her handsome partner Sean Maclin. Sean is depicted as the owner of a private security firm and a sexy alpha werewolf. Alice gets her latest case in which she is asked to track down the robbers of some magical objects from the houses of wealthy collectors.

On the other hand, Alice’s grandfather indulges in a fight against a local crime boss for taking the city under his control. Due to this interest of Moses Murphy, a new danger arises when his new lieutenant turns out to be someone whom Alice knows very well. And when Alice realizes this, she tries to avoid seeing her grandfather again at all costs. When her investigation results in serious injuries to Sean Maclin, his pack comes after her. Consequently, she finds herself stuck in a well-planned trap. In a final attempt to save the city from her grandfather and his dangerous lieutenant, Alice takes the risk of getting captured and facing torture by her merciless grandfather. She vows to not let any harm come to Sean because of her rivalry with her grandfather and fights hard to save him.

Lisa Edmonds is a popular American novelist of urban fantasy, mystery, and paranormal stories. She is particularly well known for writing and publishing her successful book series called Alice Worth. Lisa’s novels have received enormous amounts of successes all across the globe. Her fans read her stories with enthusiasm. A number of her books have made it to the bestseller lists of many literary publications. Lisa was born in Kansas and her parents raised her in her hometown. She attended the Buhler School and graduated from Wichita State University with a degree in English & forensic criminology.

After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, Lisa decided to make a career in the field of law enforcement. Subsequently, she worked in the department of behavioral analysis before joining Wichita State forever a Master’s degree and then moved on to earn a PhD in English from A&M University in Texas. As of today, Lisa works as an associate professor at a college in Texas, where she teaches English. She even takes up several other courses of literature & writing to teach. When she gets some spare time from her busy schedule, Lisa likes to spend some quality time with her beloved husband at her home. She also loves to take up other interesting activities such as traveling, reading, and singing.

The Alice Worth book series penned by novelist Lisa Edmonds consists of four novels and two novellas in total, published between 2017 and 2019. This series contains the lead characters in the form of Charles Vaughan, Alice Worth, Jack Justice, Malcolm, Darius Bell, Mark Dunlap, Sean Maclin, and Moses Murphy. Lisa has shown Alice Worth in the role of a private investigator, who lives in Vampire Court. She has magical powers that come useful to her while solving magical mysteries. Lisa has also depicted Mark Dunlap as a private investigator, who joins hands with Alice to investigate the mysterious cases and solve them.

Mark has years of experience in investigating mysterious cases and Alice Worth joins the department as a fresh recruit. Malcolm is a ghost, who assists Alice in all her investigations. Alice considers him her sidekick in every investigation that she is involved in. Lisa has described Malcolm as trying to be as far away from the nightmare of his past life as possible. Alice Worth’s grandfather is Moses Murphy, who runs a crime syndicate. He is the most feared man in the entire city and does not let anyone come in his way of doing illegal activities in the city. Alice used to work under the guidance of Moses Murphy when she was young. He had the intention of making him a crime boss like himself and even forced to commit a murder at the age of 6. However, Alice did not want to become what her grandfather was and ran away to undergo training as a PI during her mid-twenties.

A successful book written in the series by Lisa is entitled ‘Blood Money’. It was self-published by the author in 2018. The central characters depicted in this book include Charles Vaughan, Mark Dunlap, Jack Justice, Alice Worth, etc. Initially, it is shown that Charles Vaughan has always shown interest in women. His latest interest is the newest investigator of Vampire Court, Alice Worth. When the city faces a series of attacks by new vampires, the authorities force the Vampire Court and Charles Vaughan to make the vampires stop terrorizing the city and find out the one responsible for the deadly attacks. To complicate the matters, an infamous bounty hunter named Jack Justice is hired by a local businessman to track down and execute the culprits following an attack on his sister. The acts of Jack Justice and his team of bounty hunters turn the whole city into a circus of vamp-hunter groupies, self-appointed deputy vamp hunters, and media attention.

When a captured rogue vampire is discovered with a mage symbology on its body, Charles Vaughan asks Mark Dunlap to find out what role mages had in the terrorizing attacks. Mark orders Alice Worth, his newly-hired under training private investigator, to assist him in unraveling the mystery. When Charles Vaughan sees Alice for the first time, he feels that he has not seen anyone like her in 200 years. But, just after a few minutes of her meeting with Charles, Alice threatens to burn the entire headquarters of Vampire Court. Alice’s warning makes Charles Vaughan realize two things, one is that Alice Worth is not what she appears to be, and second, he will succeed in making her sleep with him someday. But, he prays that she doesn’t get killed herself before that because of her acts.

Another interesting book penned by Lisa in this series is known as ‘Heart of Stone’. The City Owl Press published it in 2018. This novel opens by showing that Alice escaped from the crime world of Moses Murphy 5 years ago. The war of her grandfather with a local crime boss named Darius Bell has now forced her to come out of her hiding. She has landed herself in the crosshairs of two deadly crime lords. As Alice decides to intervene in the war between Darius Bell and Moses Murphy, the lives of all the people she cares for fall in danger. This decision also threatens to bring about the destruction of the life she has built for herself. Even her relationship with Sean Maclin comes on the verge breakup. In the meantime, Alice gets a new case that seems to be the most dangerous one she has ever come across. She is hired to look for a missing kid tat possesses a rare ability of magical powers. When the ruthless kidnappers of the child come to know that Alice and Malcolm are trying to find the boy, they set the two of them as targets.

Alice is determined to free herself from the worlds of Moses and Bell and stay alive to rescue the boy from the kidnappers. For this purpose, she takes the help of the Vampire Court and Sean Maclin’s werewolf pack. But, the members of Sean’s pack enter into a conflict with Alice Worth that turns ugly. Also, Alice faces betrayal by the Court. These recent events make Alice realize that if she wants to free the kidnapped child and find her true place in Sean’s pack, then she will have to put her safety, her secrets, and her life on the line.

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