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Lisa Jensen is a renowned United States’ novelist, who is popular for writing historical fiction, fantasy, adventure, romance, adult, fiction, and fairy tale novels. She has remained active in the writing field for more than two decades, but she has published only three standalone novels so far. However, all three of her novels have gained enough success overall to help her get noticed and receive appreciations for her works. Author Jensen was born and brought up in San Diego, California, United States. She says that she has always enjoyed living close to the ocean and feeling the cool breeze every evening. Prior to the start of her writing career, author Jensen was mainly involved in writing film reviews. In relation to this work, she was employed at a weekly newspaper based in Santa Cruz for around 25 years of her life. Along with this job, author Jensen was also involved in giving reviews for novels of other authors. San Francisco Chronicle had hired her for giving book reviews for over 15 years. Jensen used to review mainly the works of women’s fiction and historical fiction, and had become a specialist at type of work. Between her time as a reviewer of books and movies, author Jensen spent some time working as a television hostess, a dollmaker, and a professional cartoonist. While juggling between all these professions, Jensen managed to take out some time for writing her own books. She considers herself lucky and blessed to have successfully carried the variety of jobs and wishes to continue doing so for many more years to come.

Author Jensen is happily married and currently resides in Santa Cruz along with her beloved husband named James Carl Aschbacher. He is an artist himself and comes to the aid of author Jensen whenever she needs some in any of her various works. Author Jensen fondness for pet animals enabled her to keep a couple of cats at her home. She looks after them with great love and care, and likes to spend time in their company during the spare times. Jensen’s first novel was published in 2001 under the name, The Witch from Sea. It was initially published in the version of the German language in 1998 with the title Die Heimliche Piratin, which translates to The Secret Pirate. Her second book was released around 12 years later in 2013, then the third one was published recently in 2018. Jensen likes to mention that she had great fun in writing all the 3 novels. Jensen’s writing is influenced by the famous works of some of the prominent authors like Diana Gabaldon, Charles Dickens, Patrick O’Brian, William Makepeace Thackeray, Alexandre Dumas, etc. The interest of author Jensen in artistic things made her try her hand at different things, including pottery painting, drawing cartoons, handcrafting fabric dolls, etc. Her other activities include selling books and movie tickets. Now, she has settled down to write as a full time writer. She finds it good enough for her as she can choose her hours of work flexibly and does not have to follow a dress code. The movie reviews given by Jensen have appeared on Rotten Tomatoes. Jensen likes the support of her fans very much. She believes they have always motivated her to come up with interesting stories. Jensen hopes to write and publish many more exciting books in the next few years and help herself increase her fan base with a large number of fans. Overall, she is quite satisfied with the way her career shaped up so far.

The debut book written by author Lisa Jensen is entitled ‘Witch from the Sea’. This book was released by the Beagle Bay publishers in the year 2001. Author Jensen has mentioned the central character in this book in the form of Tory Lightfoot. The story takes place in the Cuban coasts during the time of the year 1823. It describes a love story and an adventurous journey of a young woman. With eccentric sequences of comedy, the woman is seen running away with pirate in order to get freedom from the orthodox rules of race, class, and gender. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Tory Lightfoot is an orphan, having the mixed Mohawk and White blood. She flees from Boston’s stifling gentility in 1823 and enters the open sea’s freedom. Unfortunately for her, the merchant ship that Tory boards as a stowaway gets captured by pirates along the Cuban coasts. Now, the pirates give her the chance of saving her life by joining as their crew. As Tory Lightfoot does not see any other option, she agrees. She is given the job of being a spy and log keeper. After some time, Tory becomes a master at her work and begins enjoying the life as a pirate. She seems to enjoy the independence and the freedom that she has been craving for so long. Tory Lightfoot even gets involved in a romantic relationship with a fellow pirate. Her freedom turns out to be very short lived as the US Navy attacks her pirate ship. With the fear of losing her lover forever, she risks her own life to save him. Tory also faces a hard time because of high fever. She gives up her hard earned freedom for the one man she loved more than anything in the entire world.

The next book author Jensen’s career is called ‘Alias Hook’. It was published in 2013 by the Thomas Dunne publishers. Jensen has given the description of the main characters of this novel’s plot as James Benjamin Hook and Stella Parish. At the beginning of the story of the book, James B. Hook is introduced as a well educated and witty privateer of the Restoration era. He is cursed to be the villain against a small pack of young malicious boys. Hook is forced to indulge in the pointless war against the boys that never seems to end. After a while, things begin to change with the arrival of Stella Parish in Neverland, who opposes the rule of Pan. Some magical forces from Neverland start opening up for Parish from different mysterious places. Such forces of magic had never opened up for James Hook in the past. When Stella Parish meets James Hook, she sees in him a more complex character than just a villain. As Stella Parish possesses good knowledge of fairy tales and folk, Hook thinks that she might very well be his last chance at seeking redemption. He starts hoping for a release by breaking the curse with Stella’s help. Hook knows he has to convince Stella and carry out the required things as soon as possible or else the warrior boys of Pan will hunt down Stella and drag him back into the never-ending game. The book appears to be a romantically and beautifully written fairy tale for adults. Readers from across the globe liked it and praised the settings as well as the interesting characters.

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  1. Chris Dunker: 4 months ago

    I just finished your book “Beast: A Tale Of Love And Revenge” and I found it to be an interesting revision and expansion of the original tale.

    I do have a problem though and that is with the reveal that Beast is Jean Loup’s true form and all the witch did was bring out his true self.

    This doesn’t make sense since she says to him, “You want to live like a beast, and so you shall.” and “You will know what it is to be wretched and alone.” further “Find a maid of good virtue to marry you as you are now, and you shall be restored.”

    All of these statements smack of negativity and allude in no way to the idea that Beast is true self. The only lines that do are “This is the truth of who you are inside.” and “That power lies with you not me.”

    I understand that you wanted to build up the mystery for the big reveal, but it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, whereas a proper mystery leaves it fingerprints on the story so when you look back you gain a better understanding of what the author intends.

    Now, I’m not saying it’s a bad book, I quite enjoyed reading it and the flaws are minor. A word changed here or there is all it would take.

    All the same, I want to thank you for your contribution to the great sea of literature and I would not pass up another book you have written. Thank you.


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