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The Berserker's Horse / The Horse in the Mirror (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Horse Who Walked Through Time (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Last Magician (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil's Thief (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Serpent's Curse (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shattered City (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Lisa Maxwell is a young adult fantasy author from Washington DC. Lisa is the author of seven series in the “Sweet Unrest” and “Last Magician” among several single standing titles. She grew up in Akron Ohio, has an English doctorate and has held a range of jobs including editor, scholar, teacher, and bookseller. She got started in writing in 2010 when she moved to a new state and a new town and had to look after two children. She began writing the manuscript for her debut novel “Sweet Unrest” to keep her sanity since she had nothing to do. The novel was first published in 2014 and gave her the confidence to write all the others that would follow. Maxwell is known for writing magical fantasy and young adult novels with an element of romance. Her inspiration comes from the novels she reads though she does not stick to any one genre when it comes to reading. Her bookshelves are full of everything from Harry Potter to Toni Morrison, Hemingway, and Nora Roberts. Nonetheless, she loves to read anything that has some romance in it. When she was younger, she spent much of her time reading gorgeous and wonderfully written literature with depressing endings. As an adult, she has gravitated towards stories with happily ever after endings. When she is not writing her novels, she may be found teaching at a local college near Washington DC where she makes her home.

While she was an English major, she had never been of those people that were interested in a career as an author. It was not until she was thirty that she started writing and discovered how much she loved it. It was the reading of young adult and romance literature that did it for her. Unlike many authors, Lisa Maxwell has never taken a creative writing class though he spent nearly a decade reading for her doctorate. She asserts that studying for her doctorate played a huge role in preparing and training her for a future career as a storyteller. In that way, her teaching has come in handy as a training manual on how to write the long-form novel. She also loves that she gets to teach young people and hence attains an understanding of how they think, which makes it possible to write her novels. On the other hand, her writing has been helpful in her job as a professor as she can show her students how to get through challenges by showcasing her struggles in something akin to empathetical teaching. Since she was never taught story form and plot in graduate school, understanding how to do this has given her new perspectives on how to deal with issues of interpretation when teaching her students.

“The Last Magician” by Lisa Maxwell is a novel set in contemporary New York where magic has all but been eliminated. The Mageus who are the only remaining beings who still love magic have been banished to the shadows where they hide their identities. Any Mageus who ventures out into the city above will be trapped by a dark energy barrier known as the Brink, which confines them to Manhattan. As such, crossing into the city often means that they will pay with their lives or at best lose all their power. Esta has been trained in the art of stealing magical artifacts and is one of the most talented thieves in the city. She has been charged with getting the artifacts held by the creators of the Brink who are a sinister Order that has yet to be infiltrated. But she can manipulate time, which means she can go back in time and swipe the artifacts before her enemies notice her presence. She has been trained for one job – to go back in time to 1902 and grab an ancient work that is full of the secrets of the Brink and the Order. She has to get there before some magician dooms the Mageus to a future without hope by destroying it. But it is a city full of secret societies and ruthless gangs, an Old New York where magic crackles in the air and nothing including the magician is what he seems to be. The only way for Esta to complete her mission may involve betraying everyone she had dealt with in her former life.

“The Devil’s Thief” by Lisa Maxwell is the spellbinding sequel to “The Last Magician” the debut novel of “The Last Magician” series. Harte and Esta embark on a cross country chase that goes back in time as they seek the stones that will be critical in saving the future of magic. Her parents had been murdered in cold blood when she was a child and the event had left her scarred for life. She then discovers that almost everything she had been told concerning magic was a bunch of untruths. She had once upon a time believed that the key to freeing the Mageus from their enslavement by the Order was the “Book of Mysteries.” But now she knows that the content contained in the pages of the book poses an even greater danger. Once they found the book, it had invaded Harte and now lives inside of him. If he will be unable to harness it, it will go out and destroy the world in the quest for revenge. To control the power, Harte and Esta need to track down elemental stones strewn across the region. But the world they have to scour is a very dangerous place and nothing like they had expected. Some Mageus who live outside of the borders of the Brink are unwilling to continue making a living in the shadows and the Order is determined to ensure they do not invade their domain. In St Louis, the first stone is hidden by the World Fair though a new enemy is emerging even as the old is out for revenge. Back in New York, Jianyu and Viola need to vanquish a traitor in a city that is about to explode into chaos. As the future and past collide, even a time-traveling thief finds out that they need a lot of time to rewrite history.

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