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Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Yankee Doodle Dixie (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Southern as a Second Language (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

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A Thousand Doors(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The American author Lisa Patton is well known for her unique brand of romance, infused with her own charm and idiosyncratic sense of style. As a keen mother with a fondness for animals, she works full-time as an author, creating stories that many have come to appreciate worldwide. With more and more discovering her work everyday, this is something that’s not going to be stopping anytime soon either, as her career continues to grow.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States of America, she was born and raised there, all whilst harboring a strong passion for the written word. This was something that she’d harness over time, building upon her love of both reading and writing, all the while establishing her voice as well. Taking in inspiration from her surrounding environment as well, she would work at using her experience as material for her books.

Attending a preparatory school that was all girls, she studied at The Hutchinson School all the way from kindergarten right through until she was in the twelfth grade. She later went on to graduate from the University of Alabama in 1980, where she gained a Bachelor of Arts degree based in Communication. This enabled her to give her material the foundation it required, as well as allowing her to develop her writing skills.

She was also a member of the Kappa Delta sonority whilst she was there as well, another experience she would use later. Working in a number of different positions besides being a full-time writer, she has kept herself busy throughout the years, bringing a whole range of different experiences. From working as a tour guide to speaking at a number of events, she’s a very active and vocal member of her community.

Still writing to this very day, she has a lot more to come as she writes full-time from her home, whilst looking after her family too. With a whole variety of different influences as an author, she has become an extremely versatile novelist too. There’s plenty more titles set to be released on the horizon, as her writing career goes from strength-to-strength into the foreseeable future.

Writing Career

Bringing out her first book, ‘Whilstlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter’, in 2009, Lisa Patton made her debut onto the literary scene. Set within the romance genre, this made for an impressive introduction to a talented new author, something which gained her a number of new fans very quickly. Establishing many of her themes and ideas too, it also worked at building her profile as an exciting new talent to watch.

With her main and only series being that of her ongoing ‘Dixie’ franchise, she was able to set herself apart with a highly stylized and innovative take on the romance genre. Totaling over three books so far, she has built herself a fairly sizable following with these novels that continues to grow day-by-day. Whilst it may be her only series so far with no other books outside of it this is expected to change as time goes on.

Receiving critical acclaim for her work over the years, she has gained a number of high quality reviews regarding her books. With both the critics and the general public alike lauding praise on her novels, she’s already become a household name for many. Gaining success, she has managed to garner recognition from both her peers and contemporaries, leading to her becoming a much sought after writer in the industry.

Citing a number of different inspirations for her career as a writer, she has joined them making her won name as a fully fledged novelist. Reaching a worldwide audience, she has gained an international level as well as a national level of readership. With fans coming from far and wide, she has managed to garner attention from a variety of different places, building a highly diverse collection of readers.

Living with her family, it was her two sons that drove her to write initially, as it was her intention to show them the persistence of hard work. This ambition made her push herself and eventually it paid off after she found herself working as a successful writer full-time. This is something that’s set to continue for many years to come, as she doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon with plenty more follow.

Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter

Originally brought out through the Thomas Dunne Books publishing label, this was first released in 2009 on the 29th of September. It was also the debut novel from Lisa Patton as an author and the very first title in the ongoing ‘Dixie’ series, setting it up overall. With a clear idea of what it was that she wanted to achieve here, Patton manages to really utilize the romance genre formula, along with its sense of location, in order to fully make an impact.

Living the seemingly ideal life with her and her family in the city of Memphis in Tennessee, Leelee Satterfield promptly moves to Vermont after her husband purchases an inn there. Despite her initial reluctance, she doesn’t want to say no to her husband’s dream, even if it means transforming everything. With the weather being completely different and much colder, along with there being a whole multitude of issues with the inn itself, it seems that they’re going to be in for a rough ride. Will Leelee be able to make the most of it? How will her family cope with the changes? What will happen to this whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter?

Yankee Doodle Dixie

First released in 2011 on the 16th of September, this was set to be the second in the ongoing series of ‘Dixie’ books. Brought out through the Thomas Dunne Books publishing house once again, it manages to pick up directly from where the last left off. Giving the fans more of what they want, it works at building upon the initial premise, along with the narratives, as well as developing the characters themselves.

Now living the single life back down south, Leelee still harbors feelings for the man she left behind back in Vermont. Looking to pick up her life from where she left off, her three best friends attempt to help her make a fresh start once again. That’s when she decides to purchase herself a restaurant and make it on her own, all whilst proving herself to the world with her familiar warmth and wit. Will she find happiness? Can she make a success of her new restaurant? What will become of yankee doodle Dixie?

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