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Lisa Taddeo is a celebrated author who went from being a relatively unknown journalist to one of the biggest authors in the past few years.

Much of her acclaim was due to the success of “Three Women,” the work that provided extraordinary insights into the desires and appetites of women and how men warp and frustrate them.

The work has since become a bestselling title in the United Kingdom and the United States. It has also become an international cultural sensation for its sensitive and provocative retelling of the stories and experiences of the three women she interviewed.
Taddeo is also the author of “Animal” her debut fiction novel that she has asserted is the spiritual follow-up to “Three Women.” He is also the author of “Ghost Lover,” a short story collection that just like her previous works provides discussions and insights into taboo topics and explores what makes women tick.

Given the popularity of “Three Women,” it has recently been optioned to be made into a television series. Lisa currently makes her home in New England where she lives with her husband.

As for how she got into writing, Lisa Taddeo has said that she always loved reading as a kid. As such, it was not surprising that she would get her creative writing Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Boston University as a Saul Bellow Fellow.
Her first ever major published story was an Esquire-published short story about the latter days of Heath Ledger. Before that, she had been submitting all manner of short stories to literary magazines with no luck.

She credits her father with encouraging her as she used to drive her to the post office to mail her many short stories and manuscripts. As a storyteller, she is also quite the reader and prefers to read the likes of Elena Ferrante, Lucia Berlin, William Trevor, and Tessa Hadley.

As an author, she prefers to jump back and forth between the genres as she hugs the line between reportage and fiction. While waiting to hear back from magazines, she would get busy knocking out an article or a novel. For her work, she has been published in Esquire, Playboy, Sewanee Review, McSweeney’s, and Granta.

Her short fiction works have been recipients of two Pushcart Prizes. Lisa Taddeo’s nonfiction works have been included in Best American Political Writing and Best American Sports Writing.

An interesting thing about Lisa Taddeo is that despite making her writing debut writing short fiction, her very first published work was not in that format.

Nonetheless, she has said that she has been writing short stories ever since she was eight and they happen to be her favorite format. In fact, reading short stories and collections happens to be among some of her favorite things to do.
Once she had gained much notoriety for her article in Esquire, the nonfiction work “Three Women” and the novel “Animal,” she pivoted and published “Ghost Lover,” a collection of short stories.
She penned most of the stories while she was studying for her master’s degree at Boston University and a few after graduation.

“Animal” is the debut fiction novel by Lisa Taddeo which introduces Joan. She is an unmarried thirty-six-year-old woman who flees New York for Los Angeles following a violent death.

Initially, it is not clear why she is heading for Los Angeles but it is clear that she has had a disturbed life and this latest happening is the final affront.

As a ten-year-old, she had lost her parents and was then brought up by her aunt. But this had some sort of silver lining as she had more freedom than she had ever imagined.

Her aunt is very generous even though she had a huge inheritance that she fritters away. However, it is clear that she has a mission, even though it is not easy to decipher what it is.

In California, she leases a house owned by Leonard in the Santa Monica Mountains. Soon enough, she is getting very friendly with an attractive man that lives close to her new house. She also gets a job at a nearby cafe serving trendy health food and making coffee.
While there aren’t that many characters, we learn a great deal about two men and the relationship she had with them in New York City.

With writing that mesmerizes and scorches, Taddeo illustrates one women’s brilliant transformation from prey to predator.

Lisa Taddeo’s blockbuster work Three Women is set in suburban Indiana where we meet mother and homemaker Lina. Following a decade of marriage and two kids, her relationship seems to have lost its passion.

Starved for affection, Lina has been dealing with panic attacks but things soon turn around when she reconnects with an old flame and embarks on an all-consuming affair.

In North Dakota, seventeen-year-old Maggie is a student in high school who has been having a clandestine relationship with her teacher. This will end in a criminal trial that will upset the entire community that is outraged by the affair.
Lastly, is Sloane who is a successful and gorgeous restaurant owner that makes her home in an exclusive suburb in the Northeast. He is married to a man that has a bizarre high of getting tuned on seeing her have sex with other women and men.
Told with astonishing immediacy and frankness, Taddeo makes use of immersive reporting to tell a story brimming with empathy and nuance. “Three Women” introduces three very unique women with unique stories whose experiences showcase the reality of women and their desires.

“Ghost Lover” by Lisa Taddeo is a departure from the usual work we have come to expect from this author. In the first story, an army of beautiful and cool girls are managing “Ghost Lover” a dating service.

Behind anonymous screens, the girls have been charged with ensuring the company’s forwarding system spares users the anguish of trying to maintain composure while talking to their crushes.

In Los Angeles, three women have been competing to win the affection of a handsome and very slick guest of honor. The event is a fundraiser that is being held in a beautiful mansion in one of the most exclusive suburbs in the city.
Meanwhile, several friends who have been partying together for years are forced to face the responsibility of life following a crash. However, they happily relive their glory days following some unexpected happening.

Taddeo pens nine riveting stories two of which won the Pushcart Prize while one was a finalist for the National Magazine award. Lisa brings to life the mania of grief, the blindness of love, and the fever of obsession in arresting prose that will thrill her legions of fans.

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