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Lisa Timoney
Lisa Timoney is from Yorkshire originally. She began her career teaching Drama and English. Now she writes novels about family drama.

She didn’t begin writing earlier in life because she simply did not know that it was an option for her. Her parents’ aspiration was for her to become a teacher, and then when she left university during a recession, that is what she did. Then her life took over. She worked hard, had her kids and it was just when she felt that she had lost herself along the way, she asked what it was that she really, truly wanted to do with her life.

“Her Mother’s Lies” was inspired from a conversation Lisa had with her friend Jane. She had been keeping her deceased dad’s possessions in a storage facility and was attempting to face up to letting them go. Lisa and Jane talked about why people keep things and started imagining scenarios where people kept lock-ups for all sorts of fascinating and sometimes devastating reasons.

Who would have thought that storage facilities were these places of great emotional significance? You will never look at a BIG Yellow Storage sign the same way again, would you?

There is also a much more personal aspect to the novel, and for those that have read to the acknowledgments, it’s clear.

Lisa is a huge fan of the Save the Cat! Writes a Novel way of structuring a story. We’ve been telling stories a certain way since time began, and Lisa knows that she works her best when she has an outline of what is coming next and where it is all leading to. Despite some of her best intentions, characters sometimes wriggle out of her control and do what ever the heck they like.

When she is not busy writing, she finds drawing to be quite relaxing. The scenes set in the life-drawing classes in “Her Mother’s Lies” are taken right from her own experiences. There is nothing more mindful than to lose yourself in shade, colors, and shape. She made up the part about the tutor’s head colliding with the male model’s undercarriage, however.

She loves reading too. And photography, theater, and walking with her friends, particularly when it ends with a crisp glass of wine.

“Her Daughter’s Secret” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2022. Is her daughter’s secret going to tear her family apart?

Once Immy, a troubled teen, vanishes, she leaves her widowed mom Bea totally devastated. Bea pours her love into Phoebe (her six year old niece), even taking Phoebe with her when her single dad Ewan gets a job abroad.

But then Immy returns, in desperate need of her mom’s love and help. However Ewan is clear: he’ll never let Bea see Phoebe again if she welcomes her daughter back.

While Bea grapples with this impossible decision between two girls that need her badly, a long buried secret comes out which changes everything, and Bea has to fight even harder for her family than she ever believed she could.

A heart wrenching and gripping novel about the price of love and family secrets.

This is a life affirming and heartbreaking read, it is fast paced and page turning about a family that is shattered by this disastrous past event. Lisa delivers an emotive read filled with lies, secrets, and family drama. It’s a novel of intrigue and mystery that is written by quite the talented author.

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