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Publication Order of Blood Like Magic Books

Blood Like Magic (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Like Fate (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Delicious Monsters (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tender Beasts (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Tales of Eternia Books

The Hunt for Moss Man (By: Gregory Mone) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
I, Skeletor (By: Gregory Mone) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost in the Void (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Today I Am: 10 Stories of Belonging(2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
All These Sunken Souls(2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Liselle Sambury is a Canadian-Trinidadian author from Ontario who likes to refer to her work as fantasy situations with messy black girls. The author was brought up in Toronto which is the setting for “Blood Like Magic” her debut novel.
She was the only child in a very large household full of grandparents and cousins that altogether comprised nine people. She found a lot of comfort growing up in the blended family even though there were also moments of high drama. There were regular arguments and clashes with family members and things could sometimes get out of hand.
It was while growing up that she came to acknowledge that there is no perfect family and that many have skeletons in the closet that the adults often try to hide from the children. There will be personalities that could never get along and sometimes a family has to deal with tragic things.
In writing her debut novel, she wanted to express the complex nature of these relationships and show that not everything is black and white. “Blood Like Magic,” her bestselling debut novel, was published in 2021.

Even though Liselle Sambury published Blood Like Magic in 2021, she had tried her hand at writing earlier. She started penning her first manuscript after reading Twilight. She was in the generation in which the series came out and Young adult fiction was just beginning to bloom.
She drew a lot of inspiration from the description of werewolves and loved the idea of a gigantic wolf. As a teenager, she was obsessed with the Twilight series and wanted more of the wolves even though she did not care much for the vampires. Sambury basically stole this idea when she wrote a manuscript about some girl who meets a werewolf prince that tells her that he is hiding.
It was not the best story but it was good practice in writing and finishing a manuscript. She called her story “The Pack” given how similar it was to the Twilight werewolves. This work was definitely different from her debut “Blood Like Magic” since it was all about love triangles and romantic rivals. She also included the themes of family drama and had a Canadian setting.

Liselle Sambury has definitely grown a lot since then and now comes up with many unique ideas of her own. She believes that when she was younger and learning about storytelling imitation was the best way to find her footing. She did a ton of fanfiction during this time and was active as a writer and reader on the biggest forums.
Sambury believes that it was the fanfiction communities that helped her figure out her style, which she would later employ when doing original pieces. She now knows how to find inspiration from a work while putting her very own and unique spin to it.
Sambury was inspired to pen Blood Like Magic while she was living far away from her home town of Toronto which she desperately missed. She knew that she needed to write a story in that setting and a family of Black witches seemed like a perfect one.
She has said that she has no idea why she set it in the future but even though it was random she thought it a good fit. She loved that the future twist differentiated it from other paranormal fiction works.

“Blood Like Magic” by Liselle Sambury is the story of Voya Thomas, a witch in waiting. She had spent years waiting for her trial which every witch needs to pass before they can access their powers.
When one of her ancestors allows her a second stab at completing her Calling she cannot believe her luck as this has never been done before. But what she is called upon to do is murder her first live and if she cannot do it, every Thomas witch stands to lose their magic.
Voya will do anything to preserve her family’s magical powers. But she has never been in love and so she needs to find someone perfect she can fall in love with as soon as possible.
Luckily there is a new genetic matchmaking program that has just been introduced. She intends to join the program and find someone so that she can find someone to kill before it is too late. But what she never thought is that she would be paired with Luc, an infuriating man who wants nothing to do with her. Falling in love with the man is going to be tough.
She is getting a lot of pressure from her family and she is now caught between duty to her bloodline and her morality. If she is to save her family’s marriage and Luc, she may have to find what it is her ancestor values more than the death of the one she loves. But blood is everything in witchcraft has to do with blood.

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