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Publication Order of Cold Case Investigation Books

A Cold Day in Hell (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Murder Book (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Means to an End (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Full Cold Moon (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Parting Glass (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Catch Your Death (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Secrets They Left Behind (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Buffalo Noir(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Frozen Fairy Tales(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Down & Out: The Magazine Volume 1 Issue 2(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Lissa Marie Redmond
The American author Lissa Marie Redmond is well known for her interesting and innovative take on the crime and mystery thriller genre. Knowing how to craft a compelling mystery filled with both suspense and intrigue, she really has a handle on the form itself. Understanding the genre inside out, she definitely gets to the heart of it, providing her readers with something that is quite different. This has seen her profile grow steadily over the years, both nationally and internationally, with her brand becoming a household name for many.

Previously working as a detective herself, she specialized in cold case homicides, which is a career she’s now retired from. Taking her knowledge from the job, she’s one of the most successful crime writers out there today, producing work that feels completely authentic and genuine. Writing with a grounded and realistic approach, she’s clearly a gifted novelist, continually saying something deeper through her stories. The settings she uses are also extremely well realized too, allowing her readers to really invest themselves within her writing.

Many of the cases she previously dealt with were also very high profile, allowing her to establish a strong brand for herself through the media. Working with television shows such as Dateline, and Murder By Numbers to name just a few, she became an extremely prolific personality. Feeding her experience back into her stories, she’s now become the well known author that she currently is today. With a lot more to come too, she doesn’t appear to be stopping writing any time soon either, as her writing career continues to grow.

Early and Personal Life:
Born and raised in Western New York, Lissa Marie Redmond would grow up with a strong interest in both reading and writing. Developing her style over the years, she would later go on to become a detective, working as a high-profile television personality. This would also see her develop her many ideas as a writer, as she’d come to infuse her own experiences in her stories.

Working in the Special Victims Unit, as well as the Cold Case Homicide Squad, she would later retire, following which she would turn to writing. Largely focusing on fiction, she would bring her expertise to her thrillers, making them extremely authentic in the process. Living with her husband and their kids, she continues to write from her home in Buffalo, New York, with a lot more to follow.

Writing Career:
It was in 2018 that Lissa Marie Redmond would release her first novel, which was titled ‘A Cold Day in Hell’. This would also be the first in her ‘Cold Case Investigation’ mystery series of novels, as they’d focus on the Cold Case Homicide Detective Lauren Riley. Drawing heavily from her own time working as a detective, Redmond would create a realistic and engaging collection of mystery titles.

Later in 2020 she’d also go on to write the stand-alone mystery thriller novel ‘The Secrets They Left Behind’, which would follow along similar lines. She’s also written short fiction in the past two, with her writing appearing in a number of different anthologies, including ‘Down and Out: The Magazine and Mystery Tribune’. She’s definitely a writer to watch in the years to come, as plenty more titles are planned for release on the horizon.

A Means to An End
Originally coming out through the ‘Midnight Ink’ publishing label in 2019 on the 8th of September, this would be the third title in the ongoing ‘Cold Case Investigation’ series. Following the homicide detective Lauren Riley, it sees her investigating a new cold case with each successive novel in the franchise. Working as a self-contained mystery, it brings over arcs from the previous two books, whilst paving the way for the next entries.

Filled with groundbreaking revelations and plenty of twists and turns, this really managed to sustain its momentum throughout. With a gripping story coupled with engaging characters that resonated, the book definitely works as a prime example of its genre. Dark and brooding, it’s evenly paced, building itself expertly towards its final climatic conclusion that is completely thrilling.

Just recently Lauren Riley was stabbed by a fellow police officer, and now she must return to work, with the case of a murdered woman in the woods of a previous case. It was in this past case that one of the most terrifying murders she’d investigated took place, and now she must return to it once again. Confronting David Spencer, the man that she could never quite prove did it before, she must now contend with a deadly game, as she pursues the killer once again. Will she be able to catch them this time round though? Can she prevent any further murders from taking place? Where does the truth lie when finding a means to an end?

The Secrets They Left Behind
Released by ‘Crooked Lane Books’ in 2020 on the 7th of April, this would be a stand-alone mystery novel from Redmond. Using her background in detective work once again, Redmond gives her readers another authentic portrayal of the world of homicide investigation. Not only that, but it’s a perfect example of the mystery novel in action, delivering a story that both entertaining and engaging in equal measure.
As a classic mystery novel, this really works on its own terms, keeping the reader constantly hooked for the duration. The premise itself works too, providing an intriguing angle to the action, as the lead character fully immerses themselves in the world along with the reader. With a strong protagonist too, it definitely makes the most of its subject matter, really coming alive, with the location itself essentially becoming a character too.
During the course of one Christmas break, three college freshman go missing in Kelly’s Falls, leading Shea O’Connor to take up the case. Going undercover as a college freshman herself, she must now infiltrate the local town and find out what happened to the missing girls. As a twenty-three year old police detective, Shea also has scars of her own from previous cases, as she attempts to put the past behind her. Will she learn the truth? Can she solve the case and find the missing girls? What became of the secrets they left behind?

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3 Responses to “Lissa Marie Redmond”

  1. Edward (Butch) Sikorski: 10 months ago

    Ms. Redmond,
    Having a reputation as a prolific ‘reader’, I’m looking forward to dipping into your thoughts/ideas. My wife brought you into our lives and I hope it turns out to be fruitful. “Best of luck” to both of us !!


    PS,,,my late sister was an employee of the B.P.D.

  2. Terry Sylvester: 12 months ago

    I discovered your books by searching narrator Emily Sutton Smith whom I listen to the most & believe to be the best! I got hooked on the Cold Case Series, reading books 1-4 & loved them! Just finished The Secrets They Left Behind. I liked the character Shea O’Conner & would love to see a new book series with that character. Any chance?

  3. Helen White: 3 years ago

    Lissa, I just finished The Parting Glass. I loved it! I read it in one day, my first day of “stay-cation”. Can’t really go anywhere still, because the number of cases are still high! I have enjoyed all of your books very much! Keep them coming. See you at the next release!


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