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Lissette Decos is a Cuban American author and executive television producer with over a decade of experience in reality TV formats of the love-wedding-relationship-disaster variety. Drawing from a rich background in reality TV and pop culture, Lissette has fine-tuned her storytelling prowess, particularly in crafting compelling narratives of love that often break away from the conventional. Her experience working with TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” and “90 Day Fiancé,” along with Bravo’s “Summer House,” has equipped her with a keen eye for the nuances of romance, enabling her to weave tales that captivate and resonate with a broad audience. These shows, known for exploring relationships from unique and diverse perspectives, have provided Lissette with a canvas to understand and portray love in its many forms, often veering into the unconventional.

Her decade-long tenure as a staff producer for MTV in New York City further enriched her expertise, immersing her in the vibrancy of pop culture and the relentless quest for love amidst the hustle of the big city. This experience has not only broadened her understanding of youth culture and trends but also sharpened her narrative skills, allowing her to create timely and timeless stories. Lissette’s journey through both music television and reality TV worlds has bestowed upon her a unique blend of skills.

With a narrative style that seamlessly blends reality TV drama with pop culture’s pulse, Lissette offers stories that are as engaging as they are relatable. Her ability to encapsulate the essence of romantic struggle and a soundtrack that mirrors the highs and lows of love positions her as a storyteller with a deep understanding of the human heart. Her work reflects a profound grasp of the story and the soundtrack of romantic angst, making her tales a resonant experience for anyone navigating the complexities of love in today’s world.
Published in 2023, Ana Takes Manhattan is Lissette Deco’s debut novel. The readers are introduced to Ana Karina, a New York City powerhouse behind the scenes of some of the most swoon-worthy reality TV proposals, yet whose personal life is anything but orderly.

Ana Karina excels as a reality TV producer, where she masterfully crafts perfect moments of romance and surprise for others, adeptly navigating any mishaps to maintain the illusion of seamless perfection. Unfortunately, the control and finesse she wields in her professional domain elude her regarding her life’s direction. While her peers climb the career ladder and her closest companions find love and marital bliss, Ana seems in a constant state of stagnation, watching life pass her by.

Determined to break free from the rut she finds herself in, Ana adopts a new philosophy of living life without regrets. She embarks on a mission to bring all her creative ideas to the table, regardless of their feasibility, and to open her heart to romantic possibilities, even if the candidates fall short of her ideal partner criteria. Her resolve leads her on an array of extraordinary adventures. From laughing through a comedy show and dressing up for a Jane Austen reenactment to dancing at a rave pool party and jet-setting to Vienna. Each experience promises a step toward the much-coveted happily-ever-after Ana dreams of.

However, as Ana plunges deeper into this whirlwind of daring exploits and romantic endeavors, her life becomes increasingly complicated. The promise of a straightforward path to personal joy and professional success quickly unravels, leaving Ana to navigate the complexities of a life that refuses to conform to the neatly scripted narratives she’s so accustomed to producing.

Beyond its romantic and comedic elements, the book offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of reality TV production, highlighting the meticulous effort required to craft the seamless spectacles audiences adore. With her intelligence, wit, and unwavering dedication, Ana emerges as a relatable protagonist. Her trials and triumphs resonate deeply, particularly with anyone who appreciates the art of meticulous planning and the beauty of life’s unexpected turns.

Ana Takes Manhattan is a delightful exploration of self-discovery and embracing one’s worth, punctuated by moments of humor and warmth. It is a testament to the power of stepping outside one’s comfort zone and the unexpected joys resulting from embracing life’s uncertainties. Recommended for those searching for a story that marries the thrill of reality TV with the journey of finding oneself, this book is a light-hearted yet insightful read that promises laughter, reflection, and perhaps a bit of inspiration to follow one’s heart.

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