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Little Beach Street Bakery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Little Beach Street Bakery Books

Little Beach Street Bakery (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sunrise by the Sea (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The name ‘Little Beach Street Bakery’ refers to a series of novels written by Jenny Colgan. The books tell the heartwarming story of a woman who moves to a new town to get away from her troubles.

While there, she is surprised to find that her life can still thrive even in the midst of heartbreak and perceived failure.

+The Story

The Little Beach Street Bakery series is what some people might refer to as Chick lit. That classification tends to arise because Jenny Colgan generally writes Chick Lit. The author’s novels explore the lives of women who are struggling personally and professionally but who eventually find joy in their lives.

The Little Beach Street Bakery series more or less follows that pattern, though Jenny Colgan does such an impressive job of building her characters, exploring their struggles and adding humor that the Little Beach Street Bakery series tends to appeal to even those audiences that typically avoid Chick lit.

Polly Waterford is the protagonist of these books. Her life begins when she moves into a dilapidated flat situated over a former bakery. Or rather, this is where her life seemingly ends. Polly once had everything, this including a notable business and a great boyfriend.

But then she lost the boyfriend and the business eventually went bankrupt. Polly was forced to leave the life she thought she loved so much in favor of a Cornish tidal town called Polbearne. Polly’s move was necessitated by the fact that the town was the only place she could afford to live.

With her world finally coming down to a barely livable flat in a town she couldn’t have cared less about, Polly was certain that her life had all but ended. There was nothing else to strive for, no hope for the future.

But then Polly begins to bake, starting out slowly, experimenting with a few new recipes and producing all manner of goodies. In the kneading of floor and making of bread, Polly begins to find meaning.

More importantly, her treats begin to draw the attention of the locals. It isn’t long before Polly realizes that the work of her hands is actually a boon to her community, the sort of boon the locals have been looking for to add a spark to their lives.

And if the adoration and curiosity of the locals weren’t enough, Polly begins to create new bonds, forming relationships with people that add more meaning to her life than she could have possibly imagined.

Polly Waterford learns that Polbearne isn’t just another Cornish town. It is the sort of place to which women with emotional baggage run in order to escape their burdens. Polly finds that her heartache is hardly the worst that has been suffered in the little town.

Throughout the run of the Little Beach Street Bakery series, Polly meets people that are hurting. She finds that her bread has the power to add warmth and life to some of these bruised hearts. She also learns over time that the best way to overcome her own hurt is to commiserate with the hurting members of her community.

The Little Beach Street Bakery books mostly focus on Polly’s life. They initially explore the manner in which Polly finds new meaning in her life and learns to adapt to the opportunities she discovers in Polbearne. After a while, the novels change direction and explore the impact Polly is having on her new community and the struggles she keeps facing in her efforts to maintain a hold of everything she has gained since coming to Polbearne.

And there is many a challenge for Polly to face, this including the demons of her past that she worked so hard to escape and the manner in which her relationship with her gorgeous boyfriend keeps evolving.

One of the strongest aspects of these books is the manner in which Jenny Colgan brings the town of Polbearne to life with its cobbled streets and fishing fleet. It is the sort of destination anyone would yearn to visit for their vacation.

These books essentially follow a collection of characters as they live their lives. There is little in the way of epic plot points or arcs.

+The Author

Jenny Colgan is a Scottish author who has lived all over Europe and the United States. A wife to her husband and a mother to three children, Jenny Colgan writes science fiction and romantic comedies.

A student of Edinburgh University, the author began her working career as a member of the health service. She also spent some time pursuing her passion for comics and cartoons before finally settling on her writing.

Not many people know that Jenny Colgan has written a Doctor Who novel.

+Little Beach Street Bakery

Polly Waterford runs a bakery. It might be the best job in the world. Once upon a time, Jenny’s life was in shambles. She lost her business and her boyfriend, and at that point in time, Jenny thought her life was over.

Everything she had revered was gone and, to survive the bankruptcy of her business, Jenny moved to a small Cornish town. The dilapidated apartment she was living in hardly made things better. In order to escape the spiral of negative thoughts, Polly threw herself into her favorite hobby.

She began making bread. What should have been a momentary diversion quickly exploded into a passion that began to infect the community. And as Polly worked her magic in the kitchen, her life began to change. She met new people, found a handsome beekeeper to keep her company and soon saw life take on a whole new flavor.

The first book in the Little Beach Street Bakery series tells how Polly lost everything she cared about in life and then received something even more precious.

+Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery

Polly Waterford is the happiest she has ever been, and it isn’t just because summer has come to Mount Polbearne. Polly is infatuated by the seaside town. The only thing she loves more than Polbearne is her boyfriend.

However, this happiness isn’t meant to last. As the weather takes an unexpected turn, Polly struggles to contend with a secret that could upend everything her friend Selina has worked to achieve since she was widowed.

If that wasn’t enough, her boyfriend has slowly but steadily grown more absent as a result of a returning set of responsibilities he thought he had left behind.

Polly doesn’t know if she has what it takes to maintain the peace of her home. But she is determined to keep making bread.

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