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Little Dolphin Books In Order

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Publication Order of Little Dolphin Books

Hattie's New House (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Milo's Big Mistake (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Party Time, Poppy! (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Oscar's Best Friends (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sammy's Secret (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fergal's Flippers (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lucy Daniels is the pen name of Ben M Baglio, who was born and brought up in Yorkshire, a region that he still resides up to date. Ever since he was young, Baglio has always been in love with animals. Ben M Baglio is a full-time author, who got his writing experience while working for the Mystery Club, Little Sister, and Sweet Valley High. The Little Diaries is one of the best performing book series that were penned down under the guidance of Ben M Baglio. Just like all the previous series by Ben M Baglio, Little is a set of books that were written by different author’s using the pen name of Lucy Daniels. In the Dolphin Diaries book series, the protagonist is one Jody McGrath. Jody McGrath stumbles upon a Bottlenose Dolphin, whom she not only befriends but also names Apollo. Apollo is a lone dolphin and Jody McGrath the protagonist manages to unite Apollo with a new pod.

Throughout the series, Dolphin Diaries, Jody McGrath follows Apollo and even takes care of him as well. As the story progresses, Apollo manages to meet with other dolphins and people as well, with whom she becomes friends with. Apart from Jody McGrath, the protagonist, some of the other noticeable characters in the Dolphin Diaries book series include Captain Pierce, Maddie the tutor, Brittany Pierce, the Italian mother Gina, Sean and Jimmy the twin brothers and many others.

Little Dolphin Book Series

Hattie’s New House is the first book in the Little Dolphin book series. Little Dolphin and his group of friends reside in the Urchin Bay. Their life has always been full of adventures and fun together in the underwater world that they have been living in. Milo and little Dolphin are still young, thus are still learning how to jump properly. Milo manages to jump, but Little Dolphin is not able to jump. However, it does not take long before Little Dolphin and Milo have a much bigger problem in their hands. Vinnie the Shark has managed to persuade Hattie to exchange her old shell for a new shell, which is exceedingly small. Milo and Little Dolphin come splashing to the rescue. With that said, Hattie’s New House is full of vivid descriptions and lively characters, which made this, book quite an entertaining read. The themes of friendship and responsibility, in turn, gave this book much depth.

Party Time Poppy is the second book in the Little Dolphin book series. As the second book in the Little Dolphin book series, we meet once again with Little Dolphin and his friends who live in Urchin Bay. In this book, we meet with Poppy, the spinner dolphin. It is a few days to Poppy the Spinner’s birthday, and from the look of things, no one appears to remember that it is her birthday. However, Little Dolphin and Milo all have a secret. These two characters are planning a surprise birthday for Poppy the Dolphin. However, on the day of the birthday, Poppy the Dolphin becomes sad that no one remembered her birthday and thus she goes into hiding. Will anyone be able to find her before her birthday party is ruined? Milo’s Big Mistake is another exciting read in the Little Dolphin book series. In this book, we meet once again with Milo and his gang of friends.

As expected Little Dolphin and his friends are always out having, fun and seeking out adventures as well. However, one day as the group was having fun; Milo managed to get stuck in an old shipwreck while they were playing hide and seek. Little Dolphin decides to help and rushes to find Cornelius, the exceedingly grumpy eel, who happens to be his only hope. With that said, just like the other books in the Little Dolphin book series, Milo’s Biggest Mistake is targeted to readers between the ages of 6 and 8. Oscar’s Best Friend is another great book in this exceedingly new and appealing series from a team of author’s under the pen name of Lucy Daniels with illustrations from the rising star and illustrator, David Melling. Little Dolphin has always loved to play with Oscar the Octopus, his friend. Due to his nature, Oscar the Octopus can do more than eight yo-yos at once.

However, one day as they were playing around, Oscar’s hands gets in a twist. Furthermore, Oscar has new friends from the nearby bay, Smudge, and Bot. From the look of things, the friends from the nearby bay do not want to play with Little Dolphin. Sammy’s Secret is the third book in the Little Dolphin book series. This is a new and exceedingly appealing junior dolphin instalment from the best-selling author Lucy Daniels. In this book, Milo’s mom has recently lost a pearl necklace, which makes her exceedingly upset. Little Dolphin and his gang of friends have always been having fun in the Urchin Bay. Seeing Milo’s mother upset makes Little Dolphin and his gang of friends sad. Thus, Milo and his friends promise Milo’s mother that they are going to find the necklace for her. Soon they begin looking for Sammy, the exceedingly naughty sea-horse, whom they believe may have all the answers. Fergal’s Flippers is another entertaining entry in the Little Dolphin book series.

In this instalment, Little Dolphin and his team of friends are competitors in the Great Underwater Race. However, once the events begin, the group of friends discovers that not everyone has been playing fair in the race. Poppy, Milo, and Little Dolphin have formed their team and are taking part in the competition together. The group of friends is exceedingly busy practicing their relay changeovers, a few meters from the caves. However, as the team was practicing, they accidentally overhear Vinnie the Shark, making plans on how to cheat in the competition. As the group of friends plans on how to take care of the shark, Fergal the Sea Turtle informs them that he has an idea on how he is going to stop Vinnie. Fergal, the Sea Turtle, is exceedingly shy and the team hopes that he is finally going to overcome his shyness so that he can execute his plan effectively.

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