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Liv Zander is a fantasy and romance fiction that has asserted that she has an unhealthy love for sexy villains. To rectify this defect, she has recently been attending therapy but only when she has extra money lying around.

To fund her therapy, she has been furiously writing what have been described as dark fantasy romance novels featuring men ready to burn down the world for their women. While it does seem counterproductive, Liv has said that it is a lot of fun.

When she is not messing around she loves to

procrastinate around the office with either a glass of wine or a mug of coffee depending on how bored she is.

She published “King of Flesh and Bone,” her debut novel in 2022 and has since made this into a series.

Zander has said that there is just one novel that sparked her love for dark and dystopian fantasy worlds. She was at that time in elementary school when she read the tale of some children that grew up at a time of famine.

The details of the settings are still hazy given that it was so long ago. For Liv, it could have been set in Ireland or even better an alien world, given that it did not have any adults.

As an eight-year-old kid, she was both terrified and fascinated by the idea of having to fend for herself and her group. While she loved dystopian fiction and fantasy when she was young, she has never had a favorite genre since then.

She now reads all manner of books in different genres. One night she might be found reading fiction biographies and the next a romance work.

On another night she might be reading a recipe book on the different ways to make pancakes and then on to a horror story.

Liv Zander’s favorite way to relax is to find a place where she can be in complete silence.

However, she has also asserted that she finds nothing more refreshing than driving in the car. This is an activity that usually takes her far away from home and the many noises in her usual home environment.
When she gets some free time which is not that often given that she is homeschooling two young boys and is a full-time author, she loves to daydream in her home office, try out new recipes, and head to the museum.

Liv Zander’s novel “King of Flesh and Bone” introduces Ada who got the short end of the stick with a life partner and the fact that she could never get a child.

She has been married to a horrible man that was mentally and physically abusive. Believing herself less of a woman because she cannot have a child she takes up midwifery to ease her pain.

Everything goes haywire one night while she is midwifing as she finds herself in the presence of the King of Flesh and Bone. She knows the man and his reputation for refusing to let the dead go including her former hubby.

But it turns out that he is highly attracted to her and her life could end up being tightly woven into his. Enosh has her tied to him and he intends to never let her go. He comes with a chip on the shoulder and has a strong dislike for mortals.

However, Ada is unlike any other mortals and he desperately years for her warmth despite her being extremely reluctant to adapt to her new situation. However the more time they spend together, the more their relationship evolves.

But just as it looks like things could not be better some saboteur comes to destroy everything.

Liv Zander’s novel “Queen of Rot and Pain” is a thrilling end of Ada’s story that is also filled with emotional turmoil. Following a shocking finale of the second novel, Ada and Enosh could not be any further apart.

Ada’s tentative stirrings were at a threat of getting crushed under the apathy and sense of betrayal from Enosh.

His prior baggage has him convinced that his wife is being disloyal and he wants to punish her even though his whole being wants nothing to do with it.

All Ada is interested in is convincing Enosh that she is innocent but her efforts only succeed in pushing him further away and making him hate her more.

He has been taking refuge behind callous and cold indifference and she can no longer recognize the man. Things come to a head when he goes too far only to realize he has been too harsh and Ada has been innocent all along.

He now faces recriminations and deep guilt and hopes she can forgive him given that he may just have obliterated any chance of a future together.

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