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About Liz Bowery

A gifted author with a lot to say, Liz Bowery is a writer who has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Writing about real people in realistic situations, she is a hugely entertaining novelist, publishing work that has a great deal of insight and wit to it. Taking the format in new and interesting directions, she evolves the form, really making it her own in the writing process. Keeping readers invested throughout, she holds their attention there, ensuring that they keep on turning the page.

Primarily writing love stories, Liz Bowery has a keen insight into what drives people as well, giving her stories a grounded sensibility. Letting her characters speak for themselves, she really brings them to life on the page, speaking directly to the reader in a sense. This approach has proven to be hugely successful for her, as she’s reached a worldwide audience becoming a household name for many. Her stories are contemporary too, as she writes for a modern contemporary audience, speaking to real-world issues and ideas.

Truly adept at writing romance, she has made the genre very much her own in recent years, speaking to an ever increasing audience. Knowing her readers well, she manages to say what she wants to say, while simultaneously ensuring her work remains fully entertaining. Her writing flows along almost effortlessly it seems, as her stories grab the audience immediately from the outset. Getting to the heart of what she wants to say straight away too, she doesn’t waste any time with her writing either.

Creating stories about all sorts of people both good and bad, she doesn’t shy away from writing protagonists less than perfect. This perspective has ensured her work is unique and all the more human, with realistic characters populating her stories. With so much more to follow yet, she isn’t a writer finishing any time in the near future, as she will carry on releasing books for some time to come.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a keen fascination for the written word, Liz Bowery would focus on writing from a very early age. This passion of hers would continues to develop over time, allowing her to sharpen and hone her skills as a writer with something to say. Interested in politics as well, she would nurture her interests over time, creating the idiosyncratic style she’s now known for today. Taking inspiration from the world around her, she would put much of it back into her work, as she would come to write her first romance novel.

Also working as an attorney during the daytime, she would continue to work on her writing at night, as she would write her first novel. Looking after her young son as well, she would take the time to care for him, before going on to write her novel later at night. Watching television and playing games with her friends too, she has a number of interests, all of which also help to inspire her. Currently still working to this very day, she has lots more planned for publication on the horizon, as she’s definitely a writer to watch.

Writing Career

It was always the case that Liz Bowery wanted to write romance, so it came as no surprise when she finally did get a novel published. Focusing on her debut for some time, she would eventually see it published in the year of 2022 to widespread acclaim worldwide. Reaching a wide audience with her first novel, it would not be a part of any overall series as such, marking her as a writer with something to offer. Titled ‘Love, Hate & Clickbait’ it was a stand-alone romance novel set in a contemporary setting, with it being funny and entertaining.

Appreciated by both critics and the general public alike, it would prove to be hugely popular with widespread appeal. Using politics to underpin it, it would also satirize numerous real-world issues many are currently facing today. Speaking at various different events too, Bowery is a highly vocal spokesperson for her and her craft, regularly making an appearance at a variety of venues. Maintaining a strong presence both offline and on, she continues to put out work on a regular and ever consistent basis.

Love, Hate & Clickbait

Initially released in 2022 on the 26th of April, this would be the debut literary romance novel from Liz Bowery. Coming out through the MIRA imprint, it would set the tone of who she was as an author and what it was she had to offer. Published through the Kindle publishing platform too, it would be a stand-alone title, not being a part of any overall series as such.

On the trail of California’s presidential campaign, Thom Morgan is a cutthroat political consultant who always gets the job done. Dealing with the ever smug data analyst Clay Parker, they both get into yet another heated public argument, leading to a journalist taking their photo making it look like they’re kissing. With the picture going viral, they asked to lean into it to help secure the liberal vote, but soon their feelings for one another become real. Can they stop themselves from falling head over heels, will they manage to complete the job in hand, and what will become of them as they face all the love, hate & clickbait?

It’s a fun and engaging first novel from Liz Bowery, and is perfect for anyone looking for a light and casual read. On top of that, it also has something to say, satirizing contemporary life and politics, all while having its heart in the right place. The romance itself is enjoyable, with two compelling protagonists leading the way, keeping the audience constantly invested.

With a well-written story and intelligently paced narrative, it expertly captures the ideal tone that a novel such as this requires. Moving along at an easy to follow pace, the story never leaves the reader behind at any point, while also not being overly simplistic. The characters all remain with the audience long after they’ve put the book down too, as it definitely leaves a long-lasting impression.

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