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Liz Bradford is a mystery author who didn’t know that she could become a writer one day, but later, ideas found a way to her. She began writing after taking the idea seriously and hasn’t stopped since then. Bradford is a member of the ACFW-Louisville Chapter.

Into The Flames

Into the Flames is the debut in the Knoxville FBI series. Jacq Sheppard never thought of working on a case involving missing persons on her first day at the Knoxville FBI. She wouldn’t have picked being a single mother either.

Jacq came to start over her life with her daughter in a new town. She also had no idea that she would end up meeting someone from her past there. After a twelve-year-old is kidnapped from a local mall, the FBI is determined to do everything in its power to save her.

Throughout the years, Dylan Harris has been a dedicated FBI agent rescuing a lot of women and girls from the teeth of human trafficking. However, when a teenage girl is snatched from the mall, he is certain that something is going on.

Contradicting evidence makes him disagree with the rest of his team, especially the newest member, his brother’s ex-lover, Jacq Sheppard. Dylan’s and Jacq’s first meeting was good, but everything changed after breaking up with his brother. Dylan’s family, except for his sister Scarlet saw him as not good enough.

However, Jacq saw him for who he was and constantly praised him while encouraging him. As the case builds up, so does Dylan’s attraction to Jacq. She has all the qualities he wishes for, independent and adventurous, but the problem is his mother, who opposes such qualities. However, sometimes one doesn’t get what they want and has no choice but to accept what is right in front of them.

Trying to live up to Jacq’s standards is hard enough for Dylan, especially under his brother’s back but linking his life to Jacq means living as a disappointment to his mom.

In the course of the story, sparks fly, and Tragic decisions are made as Jacq and Dylan work towards saving the girl from human trafficking. As the situation worsens, Dylan will have to beat out his fears and go into the flames.

Liz ensures she uses twists and turns to increase the suspense to keep the reader on their toes. As Dylan and Jacq are trying to save the young girl’s life, someone is trying to kill either of them. The author appears to have done enough research concerning the FBI teams and how they operate.

Into the Flames is a heart-wrenching novel that will immediately grab the reader’s attention. Even though human trafficking and other topics discussed in the book are heavy to read about, Liz Bradford handles them with a lot of care.

She picks a realistic topic as human trafficking is everywhere, and anyone can be affected by it. The author tells how essential faith is in human life while explaining how rampant trafficking is in society.
As Bradford tackles the complex topics, she develops excellent chemistry between the hero and heroine. Into the Flames is an inspirational and amazing story of finding courage and facing a fresh start for a woman rescuing a child.

The cast of characters is interesting and intriguing, adding flesh to the story. It’s an influential story about believers and nonbelievers and the adverse effects of fear. Into the Flames is a fast-paced story sucking the reader in while shedding the truth on human trafficking.

Not Alone
Not Alone is the debut in the Detectives Hazel Hill series. When several bodies of single mothers are found dead, Police detective Rebecca Palmer is prepared to bring the Killer to justice at all costs.
Rebecca is tracking down a serial killer bent on imposing a twisted sense of biblical judgment. However, with less leads, she is struggling in her mission. The Killer’s habit of killing single mothers touched Rebecca’s heart with a lot of pain since she is also one of them.

Can detective Rebecca catch the Killer before another child is left motherless? Jared Johnson was a detective in Chicago who fought crime back in the days but now has decided to move from the center city and start a life in the south. His brother believes that Hazel Hill in North Carolina is a fantastic place to stay, and Jared is ready to test his claims.

But isn’t the decision another way for Jared to try to escape his past, or will Hazel Hill be the ideal place where he can finally settle down?

According to the findings, a killer is on the loose in Hazel Hill, leaving behind a message on his victims ‘I have paid for my sins. Even though single mothers appear to be his target, the clinical treatment of each body gives the law enforcement little or even no clue of who he is.

Detective Rebecca is the lead on the case, and to her surprise, she is partnered with a new detective who is none other than her ex-boyfriend and the father of her daughter, Johnson. She feels a lot is on her plate, especially when the case starts taking an unexpected turn.

Sparks are flying between Rebecca and Her ex-boyfriend Johnson after they get together after 6 years. They became a thing while they were newbies police officers but got separated by an odd circumstance. They never had no idea where the other was for over five years, and now they’ve met again. They also work hard against the clock to hunt down a killer before the danger gets closer.
Jared and Rebecca work together to catch the monster before Rebecca becomes the next victim.

Not Alone is a thrilling blend of happily ever after and a completely deranged serial killer. There is also a great blend of romantic elements with heart-racing suspense. The storyline, characters, and settings are all likable.

The twists and turns add suspense to the story, keeping the readers guessing. It’s a story about lost love, learning to love Christ, and depending on him at all times.

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