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The Discovery Center (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Center's End (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Third Storm (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Final Storm (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
After the Storms (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Liz Hambelton
Liz Hambelton writes imperfectly beautiful romances. Her heroines are always strong willed, while her heroes are always resilient. Her characters live in futuristic times and alternate worlds, and putting yourself into their stories allows you to escape from reality as you still feel the power of true love.

If she is not reading, then she is writing, and her deep adoration for the written word shines through in everything that she creates.

“The Third Storm” is the first novel in the “Storm” series and was released in 2022. When you do not know who you can trust, you cannot outrun your past or the storms.

Rowan is her nephews’ one hope of surviving the harrowing storms that threaten to destroy the earth. She’d do anything she could to protect them, which includes seeking refuge on a military vessel under an assumed identity. While on their journey to safety, she and her boys stumble across this unconscious stranger.

Sam wakes up in Rowan’s care, he is given the chance for a fresh start. A man that is haunted by mistakes that he made during the storms, he is seeking redemption. He assumes the role of husband and dad, hiding with them on the ship, hoping that his old life never resurfaces.

They each have their secrets: dark and deep things that could hurt their newfound family. Their floating refuge quickly turns dangerous once the desire for more power turns the people that they depended on against each of them.

Neither one of them can outrun their pasts. Now they find themselves being trapped out at sea, not trusting anybody but one another.

“The Discovery Center” is the first novel in the “Center” duet and was released in 2022. She is getting followed by some man from her past, and this time around he is not leaving without her.

In the City, relationships observe this unique set of rules. All of its citizens are bound by their contracts to marry just for a decade at a time. Alaina, after ten years with her husband, is surprised when he does not decide to renew their contract, and she is thrust into the single life at The Discovery Center all of a sudden. The Center is filled with excitement, however there’s something sinister that looms right outside the borders of civilization.

She is instantly drawn to this handsome new stranger that feels familiar, in an odd way. However Killian’s mysterious appearance is not by chance. He has been waiting and watching for the perfect moment to rekindle a decade old romance, and this time around, he will make it last forever.

Alaina is faced with the choice between the comfort of what she’s always known or the risk of losing everything to escape and find true love for more than only ten years. Under the watchful eyes of the City, and those that believe in its cause, are they going to find their way to freedom?

“The Center’s End” is the second novel in the “Center” duet and was released in 2022. Revenge, for all time. Outside of the City’s confines, life exists in such a way that the citizens cannot even begin to comprehend. They are locked inside of the City’s prison, totally oblivious to real and true freedom. After Julie gets a taste of it for herself, she realizes that she must go back. However this time around, she will go with a mission; dismantle the place which almost destroyed her.

She is being joined by a man that she does not totally trust, even if she desperately wants to just give in to her desire for him. Their journey together is going to expose so much more than just the evils of powerful men. Secrets which they both wish they could keep buried deep inside is going to be revealed in the most painful of ways.

Liam is willing to do anything to prove his loyalty to Julie. She might need his help, however he only wants her. However no one is going to be safe unless the two of them are able to figure out a way to end the controlling reign of the City. While Julie fights her feelings for Liam, she realizes that is the least of the dangers that she will encounter. She has burned with hatred for so very long at this point, and he has held onto pain that he never believed that he could ever relinquish. What does all of this mean for Liam and Julie should they succeed? Can they give the citizens the gift of freedom? Or are their pasts going to be too much to overcome?

“Twisted Fate” is the first novel in the “Fate and Flame” series and was released in 2023. When you touch, the bond awakens, but it’s just for a chosen few.

In this world, you are either a searcher or a settler. Searchers spend their lives seeking for the person that’s made for them, while settlers pick a partner of their own choosing. Most will die without ever finding the one for them.

Emry Crowe is a settler, and is happy in her life with Sebastian. When this one chance encounter causes Theo’s hand to graze her skin, destiny has got other plans. Theo is neither a settler or a seeker, knowing that his journey is going to be shorter than most. The bond brings him to Emry, he gets a second chance at life.

Emry’s devotion to her husband never sways, however the pull between her and Theo might be too much. The three of them battle against the laws of nature, wanting a happy ending that is on their own terms. This challenges arises which threaten everybody’s future, both of the men decide that their love for Emry may just change the rules entirely.

Emry is such a strong female character, despite her past, and readers are glad she is not just some timid and meek character. She creates these worlds again and again that are so unique from anything you’ve ever read. You don’t just try to rush through but savor all of the details.

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