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Liz Lawson is a published author.

She has been writing for a long time, most of the time that she has lived in one form or another. Liz attended Villanova University, where she graduated with her Masters degree in the field of communications, focusing on a concentration in rhetoric. She also wrote a SAT II essay in high school that was about the topic of gopher throwing that earned her a perfect score and was on the newspaper’s editorial board in college.

Lawson has composed for many different publications and her works have been featured in places such as Paste Magazine. When she is not busy writing, she has found time to work at her full time job, being a music supervisor for various television shows and films.

In addition to being a music supervisor and writer, she also wears many other hats. She is married and has become a mother. She also is the proud owner of two cats that she describes as being ‘very bratty’. She has lived in many different places, including six states as well as Washington D.C.

Lawson’s debut fictional novel is titled The Lucky Ones. It was published in 2020 by Delacorte Press and Random House. The book is a great option if you’re a fan of projects like All the Bright Places, This Is How It Ends, and Thirteen Reasons Why. The book tells the tale of two people named Zach and May and is partly inspired by real life events of children that have been through school shootings. This is the story of their attempt to heal after tragedy occurs.

The Lucky Ones is the first novel to come out from author Liz Lawson. Author Karen M. McManus praises this book as an emotional and hopeful story regarding survivor’s guilt, loss, and learning how to trust again. Author Kathleen Glasgow calls the story ‘harrowing’ and ‘beautifully told’.

When you have gone through something so profoundly traumatizing, how do you manage to find the strength to come back from it?

Main character May may be characterized as a survivor, but she sure doesn’t identify as that. In fact, she doesn’t feel like someone who has made it through something at all. Instead she’s feeling strong emotions. She feels lost, alone, and angry. There’s a good reason for all of this.

She had a twin brother, and the school went through a shooting. It’s been eleven months since that happened, and May was the only person that day that had the chance to make it out of their band room. It wouldn’t be too far a stretch to say that she has survivor’s guilt.

Worse than feeling alone is the fact that if people weren’t a part of that day, they have no idea what May went through and what she continues to go through. They wouldn’t get what it’s like to be her if they hadn’t been there to go through it.

Then there’s Zach. He has lost just about everything that defined his old life. This is all thanks to his mother making the choice to defend the school shooter. As a result, his girlfriend broke up with him, and all of his friends became scarce except for his best friend.

Now Zach just spends time with his younger sister and his best friend that didn’t go anywhere. However, that friend is also pretty needy and known to be demanding, and he refuses to let Zach retreat inward.

That leads to Zach being at a band practice on the very night that May goes out with her friend to try and audition for a band. That’s how the two of them meet, and it’s an instant connection. Can they discover how to survive together? Read this unique novel from Lawson to find out!

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