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A British author, the novelist Liz Mistry is a world renowned author of crime fiction, as she writes from a distinctly northern perspective, having grown up in Scotland, something which can clearly be seen reflected within her writing, as she writes about subjects that are close to home, making her stories and characters personal to her and her outlook on life, which is also something that her readers have come to appreciate in her as an author. With readers from all across the globe, she creates characters and situations that speak on a universal level, giving them a voice that is unencumbered by cultural restrictions, as her stories appeal to everyone wherever they are and regardless of who they are. Allowing her prose to flow along naturally, she is not an author who typically resorts to gimmickry, as it comes across as realistic speaking to the reader in a straightforward and direct style. This gives her work a sense of immediacy that makes it come across as a lot more urgent, drawing the reader in, giving the action more of an impact in the process. Covering a whole range of subject matter, she primarily focuses upon the crime genre, tending to take a look at the more gritty aspects of life, as she submerges herself in the criminal underworld. Using her characters as a conduit into this, the reader is eased into the narrative, allowing them to get involved at their own pace, whilst not shying away from some of the more difficult aspect of the topic. This sense of realism is also backed up by her extensive research that she conducts prior to embarking on writing any books or long-running series, as it feels all very contemporary and grounded in the real world. Writing a series she is largely known for her ‘DI Gus McGuire’ series, which focuses on the eponymous detective inspector of the title as they find themselves on the British streets of Bradford investigating the on-goings there.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in Scotland, Liz Mistry grew up in West Calder, where she grew up with a clear love of the English language, as it shaped her outlook on the world. Involving herself in literature, she would continually come back to her and her writing, finding and discovering what it was that she really wanted to say as an author. This would be taken on into university as she attended the University of Stirling, where she would study English and History as her subjects, a learning which would give her the experience necessary to continue in her career as a writer.

Moving to Bradford with her husband Nilesh, she would go on to become a teacher to inner city children, providing them with learning, as well as gaining some insight herself. Later she would go on to get herself an MA in creative writing from Leeds Trinity University, followed by book deals with Bloodhound books, thus allowing her to become a full-time writer just as she’d always dreamed of. Still writing, she continues to put out work at a regular pace from her home in Bradford, as she works at building her profile as an author of quality crime fiction.

Writing Career

Bringing out her first book in 2016 she made her debut onto the literary scene with the novel ‘Unquiet Souls’, which was to be the first in her series of ‘DI Gus McGuire’ novels. Over time she would bring out two subsequent novels as well, ‘Uncoiled Lies’ and ‘Untainted Blood’, both of which would also gain her a huge amount of exposure. Quickly becoming a master of her craft, she would find her voice and establish who she was as a writer, as readers worldwide warmed to this as well.

Enjoying all that Bradford has to offer as a creative hot-spot of the north of the UK, she continues to put out her novels regularly and consistently. Overcoming a series of obstacles, such as ill health and depression, she has overcome a lot as an author in order to finally be doing what she loves. This will continue for some time to come, as her novels are appreciated globally, with her tense use of suspense expertly juxtaposed with her in-depth characters, showing a clear writing talent who will be publishing for years to come.

Uncoiled Lies

Marking the second book in the ongoing ‘DI Gus McGuire’ series of novels, it provides another case for the ever intrepid detective inspector. Having already introduced in the first novel, it works at developing both him and his backstory, along with that of the city he inhabits, with it being brought out through the ‘Bloodhound Books’ label once more. Released in 2017, this was first published on the 26th of January, as an already eager audience took to it straight away, giving her a successful second entry into her writing career.

There’s a turf war going on among the gangsters of Bradford, as it takes place in the already vulnerable immigrant communities of the city. It is also here that tensions are running extremely high, as McGuire steps onto the scene whilst attempting to remain as diplomatic as possible, all whilst having a relationship with his boss’s daughter. Then there’s the link between the three dead prostitutes, as they are connected to a murder that was thought to be long forgotten by everyone. Will they find the killer? Who is the mysterious old man amidst all this? What are the uncoiled lies?

Untainted Blood

Released not long after the first in the same year, this was initially published on the 29th of August in 2017. Setting up the third title in the ongoing ‘DI Gus McGuire’ it carries on directly from the last with another case file for the detective. Published through ‘Bloodhound Books’ again, it shows a now far more confident and clear writer, with her career fully underway.

An extreme right-wing candidate has risen up in Bradford who goes by the name of Graeme Weston, as tensions are rising in the city again. Amidst all this a serial-killer is on the loose and they’re targeting Asian men who lead alternative lifestyles. It then transpires that these killings could possibly be connected to the political scandals that are simultaneously taking place. Will McGurie be able to solve the case before it’s too late? Can he find the killer? What is behind the untainted blood?

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