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Liz Parker
When author Liz Parker is not busy writing novels, she heads up the publishing department at Verve Talent & Literary in Los Angeles.

She represents literary and upmarket fiction, select suspense, thrillers, and young adult, as well as sociopolitical, memoir, platform-driven and narrative nonfiction. Liz has an innate sense for spotting some compelling narratives, having brokered deals for Suzanne Rindell, Mikki Daughtry, and Susan Fowler, just to name a few.

Liz is an avid reader of the beach novel, of novels which make her think, and of any unheard voices that demand to be heard. She is equally split between nonfiction and fiction, and is totally committed to stories.

Liz has always been interested in women’s commercial fiction, spanning from chick lit all the way on to cozy tales, with a penchant for aspirational fiction. When it comes to nonfiction, she wants it to make her think and she wants to learn something. She will read anything that is related to medicine and psychiatry and is always willing to make some time for narrative history, addiction, science, and recover, drug reform, memoir, and biography.

Liz started her career in editorial, serving as an editorial assistant at Viking/Penguin, and ultimately was the publishing director at Counterpoint and Soft Skull Press. She was also a scout with Maria B. Campbell Associates, and was with InkWell Management for three years before she joined Verve Talent & Literary in April of 2018.

Her largest strengths when working with another author are editorial experience and her fantastic communication skills, so her approach consequently revolves around these two elements. She is very hands on when it comes to the editing process and work extensively with the authors before beginning a submission. And, in an industry where passes are much more commonplace than offers, the only thing she is able to control is when and how she communicates whatever she has to an author.

She has also written for the New York Times’ Modern Love column.

The story of “All Are Welcome” began when two elements collided with one another. The opening line of the novel “Tiny was actually tiny, and Liz’s own wedding. She comes from a long line of WASPs, and even though her family is nothing like the McAllisters, there’s some inevitable humor in challenging the status quo. Liz was looking to write a novel that featured gay characters that were not coming out, it was all the characters surrounding them that still struggled.

However there is still a spectrum of growth and acceptance which comes with a family’s first gay kid, and Liz wanted to shine a light on this process, which is one that’s challenging, sometimes frustrating, and often times is very funny.

Her wife (named Sarah) and she moved to Los Angeles from New York in the year 2018, and even though they are certainly East Coasters in their hearts, they love living right under the Hollywood Sign with Beep and Tiny, their two dogs.

Liz’s favorite bookstore is Books, Inc. in San Francisco. She thinks she attended about one reading a week for a solid two years there and the shelves there began feeling like her living room. Now that she lives in New York, there is also Housing Works Bookstore that she likes.

Liz’s debut novel, called “All Are Welcome”, was released in the year 2021 and is from the genre of romantic comedy published by Lake Union Publishing.

“All Are Welcome” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2021. A darkly humorous novel from a fresh new voice in fiction that is about family, brides, friends, and lovers, with all of the secrets that come with them.

Tiny McAllister never once believed she would get married. It wasn’t a matter of not wanting to, but because she did not think girls from Connecticut married other girls. But her she is with the love of her life, named Caroline, at their destination wedding out on the Bermuda coast. In attendance, a few select friends and both of their families. Tiny, who is conflict-phobic, hopes to have a beautiful weekend with her wife-to-be. However while this weekend unfolds, it begins feeling like there is a skeleton in each and every single closet of this resort.

From the members of Tiny’s own family (who find the world is changing at an uncomfortable speed), to Caroline’s parents (who packed secrets of their own), but no one seems too forthcoming. Not to mention the conspicuous no-show and one tempting visit from the past. What this celebration truly needs now is a monsoon to help stir all the long held secrets, hidden agendas, and simmering discontent up.

All that Tiny wanted was to get married, however if she can just make it through this squall of a wedding, she may just leave with a lot more than a wife.

This is a darkly funny and dramatic dose of WASP culture, and Liz takes on destination weddings, dysfunctional families, and the fact that sometimes the most difficult person to accept is yourself. The novel vividly describes a young couple on the brink of their future that has to also confront their past when their destination beach wedding goes a bit awry. Over the course of one rum-punch-fueled, tumultuous weekend, secrets get revealed and love gets tested.

Once the clouds from the monsoon have parted, Parker’s illustrated with blistering wisdom just how, for many of us, finding happiness (alone or with somebody) starts with first seeing who we have been in, and to, our families, then figuring out who we will be.

Liz’s keen eye for details and sense of humor had some readers both laughing and tearing up, and you’re left guessing by her sharp plot twists until the very last page. With equal parts drama, emotion, heart, and comedy, this is a classic destination wedding tale turned on its head for a discernible modern reader.

Liz writes with biting and breezy wit, perfectly skewering a demographic which keeps up appearances no matter what the costs. Fans of Amanda Eyre Ward’s “The Jetsetters” are sure to enjoy this darkly observed family comedy.

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