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Liza James is a published author of fictional novels She specializes in writing contemporary and new adult romance novels.

She loves to read. When she isn’t busy doing that or writing, she can be found taking photos, making some coffee, or hanging out with her family.

Liza recalls writing her very first book when she was just a child. It was a brief children’s story that her mother enjoyed so much that she enlisted the help of a friend to go on all of the pages and illustrate them. She decided all the way back then that she was going to be an author. Things changed slightly as she grew older and started to figure out what she wanted to do in life.

When Liza was 18 years old, she moved across the world. She spent a lot of time trying different things to see whether there was anything that fit and worked with her well. She found that she had a passion for many of them, including music, calligraphy, photography, and letterpress, among others.

Throughout the years, reading and writing stayed a constant love for her. She says that it was actually the one thing she never spoke much about, keeping her passion for writing very private. She would also start stories and sometimes not finish them. She would never talk about what she was writing about with anyone, or a few people in a rare while, keeping what she wrote from her closest friends and family.

She got married and became a mother, but things changed a lot in the course of this process happening. She struggled with her identity as herself while coming into her own as a mother and a wife in her own life. So, she decided to write and finish a novel in 2019, picking her own path and creating it for herself. This allowed her to choose her identity and let her passion for writing come first.

Liza recounts that 2020 was a difficult year that was even harder. There was the pandemic, but also her own realization of other things that had not been worked through. She struggled to find her own acceptance and says that only recently had she been falling in love with who she really is outside of every internal belief she had held onto and every standard and expectation of society. She says that she had to ‘crash and burn’ in order to find out who she was really meant to be.

These days, Liza identifies as a creative, a mother, a friend, a lover of many things, and an author. She says that she loves every moment of embracing herself in all of these fields. She is just at the beginning of her story and is ready to embrace whatever her new adventure has for her.

I Take It Back is the first novel in the Fight for You series by Liza James. If you have been searching for a good romance to enjoy, check this book out!

Emma is the main character in this story. She had an accident when she was fifteen years old. After that, she refused to let people get close enough to her. The last thing she wanted was to come close to risking losing someone that she loved again. Now she’s in college, but she spent the past year missing out on all of the important college experiences that everyone else was happening.

That meant that she missed out on everything from partying to boys and definitely missing out on hook ups. However, she has a best friend in her pal Savannah. Savannah has promised that she is going to make sure that this year is much different for both of them. Emma can finally get out there and try to have some fun and catch all of the things that she’s been missing.

She’s been missing out on a lot, but Savannah is going to change things up with her. Emma’s tired of holding out and having no new experiences, so it’s a nice chance to experience something new. One night she is out when she meets two different guys that are apparently into her. But they are after her for very different reasons.

One of them is Cade, who is swoon worthy and hot. Cade is a pre-med college student and an underground fighter. He also happens to be majorly into Emma. Can she figure out whether Cade is worth breaking down the walls that she has built? With another guy in the running, will she lose the other if she lets the other one in?

Emma’s gone from having zero options to having way more than she is used to. Will she be able to win over the guy that she wants? Can she figure out which one of them is right for her? All will be revealed in time! Check out what happens by getting yourself a copy of I Take It Back.

Stay with Me is the second novel in the Fight for You series by Liza James. If you loved all of the romance of the first novel, pick up a copy of the second installment and find out what happens next!

Emma is recovering after going through a scary and life changing experience with Tyler. After that, she discovers that she is doing so much more than just recovering. She’s alarmed to find out that her mind is somewhat blank, with pieces missing from her memory of what happened that night.

She’s trying to recall what happened, but everything just seems to be hidden in the dark. Meanwhile, there’s Cade. The second that he found Emma with Tyler, his life stalled out. He felt nothing but rage. This was the only woman that he’s ever loved in his life, and he did everything that he could to save her.

However, can love be enough in this situation? Cade is being blackmailed and now he’s in a situation that he would never want to be in. Maybe if he picked another girl things would change. Cade wants to do all that he can to keep her safe, but will picking someone over her really do that? Or will he just find out that he’s lost the only thing he’s ever wanted? Read this book to find out!

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