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Wanting You Always (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Needing You Always (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Lizzie Morton is a bestselling author of romantic suspense, new adult, and contemporary romance fiction.

Before she became a renowned author, she was a Back Pain Specialist and Personal Trainer in addition to being a Leeds City College-trained Chef.

According to the author, she initially wrote her debut novel on a note app on her phone before she expanded it into a full manuscript on her computer. Morton penned “Always You,” her debut novel in her spare time as she looked after her first kid.

Since she published that novel she has become a full-time author. “Always You” has since become an international bestselling title. The “Always Trilogy” has now been spun off into the “Always” series of novels with several related standalone titles.

Morton currently makes her home in the United Kingdom where she lives with her husband and three children. When she is not penning her novels she can usually be found binging on Batman, reading, and dancing to music on Spotify alongside her husband and three children.

“Always You” by Lizzie Morton asserts the truism that one never forgets their first love. The lead in this work is Abby whose first love is Jake, the type of man about whom love songs are written. But the man that had taught her how to love was the one that would break her heart into millions of pieces and leave her to pick up the pieces.

In the present, she is in Brooklyn and doing her best to avoid him, even though this is virtually impossible as fate seems determined to entangle their lives. Her crazy family and her wild friends agree that she is better of steering clear of him but when they are together, every piece of advice is thrown out the window.
Her mind is plagued with “what ifs,” making for gut-wrenching and heart-stopping moments. She is often left asking if what she believed was the end of their journey was truly just the beginning. Her heart wants what it wants and it has always wanted Jake.
Nonetheless, she has had to acknowledge that sometimes it can be hard to get happily ever after, and in her case, it might just be impossible.

It is a well-written, fun, and emotional story with some intriguing characters.

Lizzie Morton’s novel “Always Us” takes its readers two years after Abby West made the move to South Africa where she has been offered employment. She is enjoying her time working in freelance photography covering exciting music tours and travel.

Soon enough, her ex-boyfriend Jake Ross who plays for the SCARAB band wants to finally fight for her and wants her to cover his European tour. When she learns that Jake plans to come back into her life, she does her best to keep her distance while Jake redoubles his efforts.
But then there is Dan White the lead singer of “Six Seconds to Barcelona,” who wants to help her get her mind off Jake. What follows is a summer of hotel rooms, bus rides, and bad decisions that will result in drama, heartaches, and excitement of being in a close-knit group.
The novel is told from the perspective of both Abby and Jake with several flashbacks from the first novel in the series. It is a well-written story that pulls its readers into the drama of Abby and Jake alongside their friends as they go on a tour of Europe.
You can go in expecting actions, words, and sparks to fly as things get complicated for Abby and Jake who still have to spend a whole summer together.

In “Always” by Lizzie Morton, Abby’s life is about to change and she is not so sure if it is for better or worse. The one person she needs and wants does not want her back and she is left wondering if she may have to walk a very lonely path all alone. But then she gets a reprieve from the last person she could have expected.

However, she can only hide for so long, and the truth ultimately comes out in a very explosive way. She always believed that fate would bring her and Jake back together but what if they were never meant to be together?
At its core, this is a story of second chances at finding one’s soul mate. It is about offering forgiveness, taking risks, and forging new beginnings with an open heart and mind.

Lizzie Morton pulls out all stops to make readers come to acknowledge that sometimes timing is all you need to have a great relationship.

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