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Publication Order of This Beats Perfect Books

as Rebecca Denton
This Beats Perfect (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Secret Beat (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Punk Factor (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Summer Job (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Setup (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sweetest Revenge (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lizzy Dent is a bestselling romance fiction author that is best known for her 20223 published novel “The Summer Job.”
The author spent much of her early twenties working in the hospitality industry in Scotland. She would then move on and end up working as a content creator for various companies such as ITV, MTV, the BBC, Channel 4, and Cartoon Network.
During that period she lived a very glamorous life traveling all over the world to obtain content. While she worked in nonfiction for several years, she always knew that the only thing she wanted to do was write fiction if only she has the confidence.

Dent published “This Beats Perfect,” the debut novel of the “This Beats Perfect” series in 2017 and has been writing ever since.
After publishing a trilogy, she pivoted to write a novel that portrayed the reality of women she knew in “The Summer Job” which was published in 2021.

Unlike many authors, Lizzy Dent was never much of a reader until he started penning and publishing novels. With her background in TV, what she really liked was a good TV series.

However, once she started writing and publishing, she developed a love for reading and now listens and reads 2-5 books every month taking some time off of her TV watching.

While her life working in TV provides s lot of inspiration, she has said that it was her time working in hospitality that she finds so memorable. She had a lot of fun and learned a lot of life skills while working in the industry.
She had grown up poor and did not have much experience eating in posh restaurants with wine at the table. As such, it was from working in hospitality that she gained some life skills that have made her into the person and writer that she is today.
Living in Scotland, she also spent a lot of time walking the sprightly white and black gorgeous cocker spaniel Teal that belonged to her aunt. She went fishing out on Loch Ness, drank whisky and fly fished the latter of which she still does to this day.

Lizzy currently makes her home between New Zealand, Austria, and London, where she lives with her young family. As a full-time author, she spends much of her time writing followed by leisurely weekends.

On Saturdays, she usually has her brunch at around 11 am then takes a stroll at the local farmers market. During the mid-afternoon, she has a pint at a pub and sometimes will have dinner out during the evening.
On Sundays, she usually has her coffee while reading the paper and keeping up with family via Skype. If the weather is a little too warm she usually takes Georgia and Billie her two daughters to go swim somewhere or have an afternoon picnic at the park.

“The Summer Job” by Lizzy Dent may best be described as sweetbitter meets beach read that is ultimately a heartwarming and laugh-out-loud debut.

The lead in the novel is Elizabeth Finch nicknamed Birdy, who has felt adrift for a very long time. She has been floating from one dead-end job to another but never felt any fire in the jobs she takes.
Heather her best friend is the heir of some money and several bottles of ancient wines since her father died. She decided to commit her life to becoming the most popular sommelier and her hard work has been paying off.
But then she decided to put off a summer assignment so that she can spend some time with her boyfriend. Needing something to hold on to, Birdy takes up her friend’s job at Loch Dorn for the summer.
She never imagined she would find everything she ever desired at her new workplace but she is afraid she will lose it all if her true identity comes to light.

It is at Loch Dorn that she learns some critical lessons about love, family, and friends and heads down the path to forming a new identity.

Lizzy Dent’s novel “The Set Up” is the story of Mara a single and lonely woman whose life is at a standstill. She works as a bookkeeper at a small coastal town and has no one as Charlie her best friend is now married with a kid and cannot make time for her.

She goes on a trip to Budapest and visits a clairvoyant who tells her that she soon meet her great romantic love. However, she will need to fix a few things in her life but she never gets the chance to hear these things as the clairvoyant goes into labor.

Just then Josep a handsome artist who plays classical music arrives and he seems to fit what she has always been looking for in a lifelong partner.
Since she needs time to fix herself she pretends to be the clairvoyant and tells him that he will meet the love of his life at a specific place and time three months later.
But upon returning home, she meets the kind, funny, and sexy as hell Ash who also fits what she has always been looking for.
She now finds herself torn between the two men and at a loss for what to do.

“The Sweetest Revenge” is a fun romantic comedy that tells the story of a TV developer named Amy Duffy.

It is a heartfelt and hilarious story of one no-good ex named Chris, a handsome neighbor and the lead who makes a surprising but well-deserved comeback.
After her boyfriend dropped a bombshell on her, she had gone on a drunken revenge spree destroying his Audi and effectively destroying her TV producer career.
She had then fled to London looking for a new start. In London, she finds a job making trailers at a struggling TV Channel though she knows she is better than this.
Two years later, she meets a handsome downstairs neighbor that is also dealing with his own shame after embarrassing himself on a reality TV show.

When there is a competition at work which might be just the break she needs, she enlists the service of her neighbor who is one of the best producers in the country.
The two work together and things bring them close. But then her ex-boyfriend is hired as her new boss which means her present and her past are about to have an epic collision.

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