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Publication Order of Lizzy & Diesel Books

By: Janet Evanovich, Phoef Sutton
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Lizzy and Diesel is a series of urban fantasy novels written by Janet Evanovich. The books follow the exploits of a pastry chef who’s fighting to save the world from the power of the seven deadly stones.

+The Story

No one knows what to call the Lizzy & Diesel series. The books have been compared to the Stephanie Plum books. That comparison makes sense seeing as Diesel, the hero of the Lizzy & Diesel, first appeared in the Plum books as a supporting character before being spun out into his own series.

The Lizzy & Diesel books do not definitively fit into any specific genre. Most reviewers were content to classify them as paranormal romance but Janet Evanovich, the author, disregarded that description.

She argued that while there are elements of magic in the Lizzy & Diesel series, they are so minute that they could not possibly drive the books to meet the criteria demanded by the Paranormal romance or even the urban fantasy genre.

But while there are elements of drama and action, neither of those genres can accurately capture the Diesel series. For that reason, Evanovich’s fans do not bother to categorize the Diesel series.

It is generally agreed that the books are simple, lighthearted and fluffy. They are not meant to be taken seriously. The series follows the adventures of Elizabeth Tucker and Diesel.

Lizzy was a relatively ordinary girl. She left New York for Boston’s North Shore and she succeeded in starting over. Not only was she fortunate enough to inherit an old house from her aunt but she also landed a job as a pastry chef at a bakery.

Lizzy knew that life was full of surprises but she could never have predicted what would happen to her when she met Gerwulf Grimoire. Gerwulf is a bounty hunter and he has set his sights on a grand prize.

A long time ago, treasure hunters from all over the world began to pursue seven stones within which was contained the power of the seven deadly sins. The one that located and united the stones would have the power to unleash hell on earth.

So all the great men from human history set about scouring the earth determined to lay claim to this power. From Napoleon to Genghis Khan, they all tried and failed.

And now it is Gerwulf’s turn. The mysterious figure will not stop until he claims the stones, and Gerwulf is confident in his ability to succeed because he is in possession of a unique set of powers.

Lizzy is drawn into the hunt for the stones when she meets Gerwulf and the handsome stranger marks her. It isn’t long after that Diesel comes into the picture. Diesel is one of the unmentionables.

Unmentionables are people with special abilities that border the supernatural. In Diesel’s case, he can unlock anything he encounters, no matter the lock or the door. Diesel works for a government agency that regulates the activities of Unmentionables.

The agency deployed Diesel to Salem because it knew Gerwulf was on the hunt for the stones. They charged Diesel with the task of stopping Gerwulf and securing the stones before they could fall into enemy hands.

It is from Diesel that Lizzy learns the truth. Like Diesel, Lizzy is one of the unmentionables. She has the power to find things that would otherwise elude other people.

It is because of this power that Gerwulf is drawn to Lizzy. He needs her gift to find the stones. He also hints at the fact that he might desire her for other purposes. It takes some convincing for Lizzy to come to terms with Diesel’s story, at which point the pair embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

The Lizzy & Diesel series essentially follows Lizzy and Diesel around as they traverse the country, uncovering new clues to the stones and doing what they can to overcome the machinations of Gerwulf.

The romantic aspect of the books is most commonly seen in Lizzy’s relationship with Diesel. Like his cousin Gerwulf, Diesel is quite the handsome charming fellow. And it doesn’t take Lizzy and Diesel long to realize that they have feelings for one another.

However, neither Lizzy nor Diesel can afford to relieve the sexual tension brewing between them because doing so will cost one or both of them their special powers; and in the race to beat Gerwulf to the stones, neither Lizzy nor Diesel can afford to lose their powers.

The supporting cast includes Gloria, Lizzy’s workmate and a woman who believes she has special powers. There’s also Clare Dazzle, Lizzy’s boss, and a monkey that knows sign language.

+The Author
Janet Evanovich is an American author born in 1943 who writes mystery and romance novels. The first person in her family to go to college, Janet started writing novels in her thirties when she gave birth and decided to stay home to care for her children.

+Wicked Appetite
Gerwulf Grimoire seeks power. And he hopes to get it by finding special stones within which is contained the power of the seven deadly sins. Elizabeth Tucker has been charged with the task of stopping him.

Elizabeth was an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. Then she met Gerwulf who decided that he would not rest until he claimed her for himself. He intended to use her special ability to find the stones.

Luckily for Lizzy, Diesel swooped in just in time to save her, letting her know about the hunt for the stones and asking her to help him stop his cousin.

+Wicked Business
When an English professor dies, Lizzy and Diesel make it their business to investigate his murder. They believe they know how to locate a relic called the Luxuria Stone that some believe contains the power of lust.

But Diesel’s cousin Gerwulf is hot on their trail, determined to claim the stone and Lizzy for impure purposes.

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5 Responses to “Lizzy & Diesel”

  1. Beth: 9 months ago

    I can’t believe anyone would call the Wicked series a rip-off of the Plum books! So many of us are (and have been) waiting for book 4 in the series! The Wicked Series is funny, sexy, suspenseful, well written, hard to put down and a little relatable when it comes to Lizzy and definitely desirable when it comes to Diesel. I (we) have been waiting so long for book 4. I can’t believe Janet Evanovich has just given up on this awesome series. Not all books have to be classified into some kind of genre for crying out loud. What is supposed to matter is how the readers enjoy them and we do! I can only plead with Janet to continue to help us delve into the Wicked world and find the rest of the stones and maybe a little more romance (wink wink). I beg of you to not leave thousands (possibly millions) of us hanging! The Publishing House should be ashamed of themselves for waiting and taking so long to get #4 going. We the readers are waiting and starting to get impatient!

    • Forest Jourden: 7 months ago

      I fully agree and wonder why she stopped.

      • Linda: 3 months ago

        I completely agree with the void created in abandonment of this series. I hope there will be reconsideration of this choice. I find the Lizzie and Diesel series more compelling than the Plum series (and I have read all 29 books). I love the taste of magic in the Lizzie & Diesel books.

  2. Linda gray: 2 years ago

    Have the first three lizzie and diesel novels would like to know if there are more and if so what are the names and can I get them?

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      Only those 3, currently.


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