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True to the Highlander (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Highlander's Bargain (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Highlander's Folly (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Highlander's Vow (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Loch Moigh” series is a set of novels by Barbara Longley, a romance novelist from Minnesota. The bestselling and award winning author moved around a lot as a child, which meant she never had the opportunity to make friends. From very early on, she got into reading and storytelling to entertain herself. She continued with her peripatetic ways in adulthood as she lived all over the United States. She has lived on both coasts of the US, taught on an Indian reservation, and resided for a few months on an Appalachian commune. Once she had her own children, she decided to finally settle down and made her home in Minnesota from where she now writes her novels. Barbara is a master’s degree holder and for many years she practiced as a special education teacher. She has said that she enjoys the exploration of everything paranormal, mythical and newsworthy. She will usually channel whatever she gets from her exploration into her works. She is active in the writing community and is a member of the Midwest Fiction Writers and the Romance Writers of America.

As a teenager, Barbara Longley got her Human Relations/Education bachelors degree from the University of Minnesota before she got her Masters in Special Education from the same institution. She then went on to teach in an integration district but decided to pursue a career in writing when it was dissolved. Over the years, her novels have won many awards and she made the list of the Romance Writers of America Bestselling Authors Honor Roll. She has made a name for herself writing memorable heroines and heroes that grow from strength to strength and save the day. She currently lives with her family and Sophie their silly mutt in Minnesota, the state with ten thousand lakes and miserable winters. When she is not writing her novels she can be found exploring all things mythical and meta-physical.

The “Loch Moigh” paranormal romance series was born from Barbara Longley’s love for Celtic fantasy. The novels allowed her to let her imagination wander and make up the stuff that she liked to read. The debut novel of the series “True to the Highlander” was born when she read a story about characters upon whom a great injustice had been visited. The lead characters had been living in Nairn, Scotland in a haunted castle. Several characters from the debut clamored for their own happily ever stories and she decided to make it into a series. In the second novel of the series, the lead is Robley a secondary character in the first novel with a thirst for adventure. His wanderlust results in a desire to go back into the past. Madam Giselle the faerie is ready to help him and does so. But then his adventures launch him into the arms of Erin, a midwife and top student from the future. In the third novel of the series, Alethia goes back in time and finds herself the employee of a Renaissance fair. She is now in the 15th century where she had been dumped and rescued by Malcolm who is a Laird’s heir in the Highlands of Scotland.

“True to the Highlander” the first of the “Loch Moigh” series of novels is set in 1423 where the Scottish king James has been taken by the English. Scottish gentlemen have conspired to ransom James without telling the brutal regent ruling the land. But not everyone is interested in James coming back to rule the Highlands. While the bloodthirsty rivalries simmer, Malcolm MacKintosh finds a lone and mysterious maiden while walking on the road to his estate and knows this is a bad omen. She is a very beautiful woman and when he tries to save her from a bloodthirsty thug in his army she brings him to his knees. How could she lay siege to his heart when they had hardly spent any time together? The woman is Alethia Goodsky who had met all manner of people while she was employed at the Renaissance Festival in New York. But she had never met someone like the fortune teller who takes her back in time to the 15th century on a life saving mission. She now has to rely on her smarts to unravel a bizarre mystery while living in a very violent time. Malcolm has vowed to protect her but she may soon be the one protecting him given her talents. Their enemies are closing in and she may have to choose between remaining loyal to her Highlander lover and finding a way to get back home.

Barbara Longley’s “The Highlander’s Bargain” is a thrilling work that delivers the romance, adventure and action that was introduced in the first novel of the series. Before Robley the blue eyed, blond haired clansman of the MacKintosh can settle down, he wants to have some adventure. As such, when Madame Giselle the faerie asks that he goes on a mission to get back property stolen from her, he cannot help say yes. He needs to go back in time through the centuries to accomplish the mission but he believes it will be a great adventure. Meanwhile, future midwife and Nurse Erin Durie is alone and broke thanks to psychic gifts that make relationships too painful and intense to bear and abandonment by a roommate that had suddenly left town. But then into her arms drop a kilted man who wants him to guide her on how to live in the 21st century. Almost immediately she is attracted to the man. But then treachery fouled by magic opens a time portal and her man is now under threat of death. She needs to decide when or where her healing powers can be put to use. Will she be able to live without Robley if he is taken away from her?

“The Highlander’s Folly” the second novel of the “Loch Moigh” series is a full of intoxicating passion and exciting battles. Hunter MacKintosh is a man fiercely dedicated to his family. Thanks to his fae talents, he can guess the moves of his opponents which means that he can beat any man in battle. When Madame Giselle the faerie sends him on a mission to the future, he finds himself in the middle of a staged battle. He does well for himself and manages to rescue a knight only to lean that she was a woman and far from the typical damsel in distress. Meghan McGladrey had learned sword fighting and martial arts from her father who was a proficient Highlander that traveled in time. She has the typical skills you would expect from a male knight. When the two of them find themselves in the fifteenth century, Meghan has a deep longing to return to the times she was used to. Hunter had been pledged to another woman but it is not long before he is realizing that he is falling for the brave and beautiful warrior with whom she fought a common enemy.

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