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with Aileen Erin
Cipher (By: Aileen Erin) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quanta (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quanta Reset (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quanta Rewind (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

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M10: Unlikely Beginnings (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lola Dodge is an American author of fiction novels. She first became a published author with the publication of her novel M10: Unlikely Beginnings in 2014. She has also contributed to the Shadow Ravens series with another fellow author.

When she is not writing or reading, she loves to bake and travel and sometimes even procrastinate. She went to school at Stonehill College and received her Bachelor’s degree in English. She went on to Seton Hill University and graduated with her Master’s degree in the subject of creative writing (specifically, writing popular fiction). Since then, she’s been continually moving and on the road.

When that isn’t happening, she enjoys spending time indoors and away from the sun so that the light can’t get to her. Lola also enjoys watching Korean dramas and binge watching them and drinking cherry soda. She also enjoys Hello Kitty as well as eating curry and chocolate.

The Spellwork Syndicate is the first original series by Lola Dodge. It kicked off in 2018 with the publication of Deadly Sweet. This debut novel in the series was followed by Sugar Spells. The main character in this fictional series of novels is Anise Wise. As you can see from her name, she actually really loves baking– when she isn’t reading her spell books or making potions. This witch gets up to ton of fun adventures and is the perfect book for young adults and adults alike!

Deadly Sweet is the first book in Lola Dodge’s highly entertaining series, The Spellwork Syndicate! You’ll have a ton when you meet Anise Wise. She is a witch that loves to do all things witch life, which include reading from her spell books and learning her powers as well as focusing on making some bubbling potions.

She is a very powerful witch, and she is able to bake using her magical talents. This enchantment magic is rare, but no campus seems to have a desire for this mix. No one seems to want a hybrid of magic and baking to be happening and she gets rejected from every single pastry school that she applies to, one after the other.

Anise really wants to make a future for herself. With no real options left, Anise decides to get in touch with Great Aunt Agatha. Anise isn’t supposed to know about this long-lost relative, but she gets in touch with her because she owns the only bakery in America that uses magic. Aunt Agatha needs a new apprentice to help her out, and she is thrilled to take the position on.

Anise takes a trip to New Mexico without stopping to think for a single second about what ended up happening to the person that held the position the last time. But she finds more trouble than she bargained for when she runs into accidents that end up being attacks on her life.

Anise doesn’t feel safe and even though the Spellwork Syndicate looks over local witches in this area, Anise knows that her safety level is not very high right now. It’s barely at a five out of ten. She has a bodyguard that has been assigned to protect her, but she has no idea who is out to get her and that makes everything harder. Anise doesn’t even know why she became a target in the first place– all she wants to do is to bake with magic. Is that so much to ask?

Since she isn’t officially out of danger, Anise is starting to wonder if she is going to have to find out who is doing this on her own. No one else seems to be getting any results– or answers. Anise might have to take this one on her own if she wants to see it through.

Who knew that baking could be so dangerous? And who is trying to bake her just like a cake, as fast as they can? Certainly not the gingerbread man. When it comes to baking, this situation might just be life-threatening. Anise has to find the person or people responsible and stop them before it’s too late. What will happen? Pick up Deadly Sweet, the exciting mystery and magic novel from expert writer Lola Dodge to find out!

Sugar Spells is the second novel in Lola Dodge’s Spellwork Syndicate series! Anise Wise finally had enough of her run-ins with danger. She just cannot wait to get back into the kitchen and just get back to the only thing that seems normal to her. But ever since she nearly died, life is anything but sugary sweet to her.

Now that she’s been through a crazy time in her life, her magical powers are out of balance. Even though Anise is already powerful, she is starting to find that her magic is, in fact, continuing to grow. When the town starts talking about how this young witch can bake up spells that cause death, people start to get intrigued. The wrong kind of people.

Now unsavory people will stop at nothing to try and tap into her power– even if it’s just rumors or not actually true, they’re willing to find out for themselves. They want to use her and her powers to benefit their own plans to benefit and gain, and the greed is getting a bit out of hand.

The baker decides to stop researching baking recipes that involve magic– at least until this all settles down. Anise thinks that everything is going well– but then she finds out that there are more terms in the contract of her bodyguard than she imagined possible.

Now this witch may have to risk it all if she is going to rescue Wynn– who has saved her life in turn countless times. Anise would never leave her bodyguard in a bad situation. But when it comes to doing what is right, it may mean risking it all– her life and her job as a baker. Is she willing to sacrifice it all to save her bodyguard, and will it work? Pick up Sugar Spells by Lola Dodge to find out!

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