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About Lola Wright

Lola Wright is an American romance author who has enthralled her readers with her skillful writing. Her characters are crafted with great care and depth, often making them feel incredibly real. Her protagonists are never one-dimensional; they grow and evolve throughout the story, making them incredibly interesting to follow. Her stories are also incredibly entertaining, with twists and turns that keep the reader guessing.

Her gift for creating compelling stories is what has made her such a beloved author. From the very outset of her stories, she is able to draw the reader in and keep them engaged with an engaging and interesting narrative. Her stories also often have unexpected plot twists that keep the reader on their toes. In addition, her characters are so well crafted that readers can easily connect with them, even in her longer stories.

She is a beloved author and her works have been enjoyed by many. Her skillful writing and her ability to craft characters and stories that readers can connect with have made her one of the most popular romance authors in the United States. Her books have captivated readers worldwide, making her work timeless. She has been able to create stories that are both entertaining and thought-provoking, and her gift for crafting compelling stories is what has made her such a beloved author.

Lola’s writing is a combination of both character and imaginative storytelling. Through her characters, she is able to convey her message and let the reader see things from a different perspective. Her stories often explore complex issues and the different ways in which her characters approach them. This allows the reader to gain a better understanding of the issue being discussed and often leaves them with a newfound appreciation for the topic.

She also uses her imagination to create stories that are both entertaining and thought-provoking. Her stories often have unexpected plot twists that keep readers on their toes and make them think about the story in a different way. Additionally, her characters are often layered, allowing the reader to gain a deeper understanding of them and their motives. These characters are often so well crafted that readers can easily connect with them and the stories they are involved in.

Her stories are both entertaining and meaningful, and she is able to combine character with imaginative storytelling to say what she needs to say. Her stories make readers think and challenge them to look at things from different perspectives. All while entertaining the reader with her engaging and interesting narrative, she is able to explore complex topics and say something meaningful.

Early and Personal Life

It was no surprise that Lola Wright would go on to write romance novels as she had been a voracious reader from a young age. Growing up in Michigan, she had access to many libraries and bookstores, which she used to her advantage. As she got older, her parents encouraged her to write stories of her own.

Inspired by the books she’d read and life experiences, Lola would go on to publish her own novels. Since then, she’s grown as an author, writing countless more books that have become popular in the romance genre. She’s also constantly kept in touch with her many fans, giving readers a chance to learn more about her and her work.

Lola spends her time in front of her computer, dreaming up stories and characters that she hopes will capture the attention of her readers. She also loves to spend time outdoors, either riding one of her horses or playing with her rescue animals. Lola still enjoys reading for pleasure and likes to explore the great outdoors, where she can watch the local wildlife.

Writing Career

Lola Wright is a talented romance writer known for her work with the Devil’s Angels MC series. She has written seven books in the series, with the first being released in 2019. Gunner, Axel, and Pooh were the initial trilogy, followed by Vex, Cash, Pigeon, and Chubs. Each of her novels has captivated readers with its gripping storylines and memorable characters.

Wright’s success with the series has earned her lots of recognition worldwide. It is clear that Wright’s writing career is far from over, and readers everywhere are eager to see what she will create next.


Lola Wright’s romance novel ‘Pooh’ was self-published on October 21, 2019. It is the third book in the ‘The Devil’s Angels MC’ series, a set of stand-alone stories all featuring the same motorcycle club. Wright has published two other books in the series before this one, and they’d all be aimed at a mature adult audience.

Pippa was a victim of domestic violence and decided to open New Horizons, a home for others in similar situations. She had the support of her foster mother, giving her the strength to help others. Pooh, a member of the Devil’s Angels MC, was restless and wanted something more in life.

He then meets Pippa, and knows she’s the one for him. Despite her mistrust of men, he’s determined to show her that he’s different and they can have a relationship.


Vex was published on May 25, 2020. It was self-published and is the fourth book in The Devil’s Angels MC series. Once again, each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone, and they all feature the same motorcycle club. Readers can expect an engrossing, thrilling ride as they delve into the world of these bikers.

Vex, a member of the Devil’s Angels MC, lived a life free of attachments and entanglements, always moving on after a night with any woman. That all changed when he encountered Taja, a woman immune to his charm and an unattainable one. Despite warnings to stay away from her, Vex was determined to have a night with her.

Taja had no time for dating or men, especially an MC member, as she was consumed with trying to raise her sister and hold a roof over their heads. Despite her body’s craving, Taja kept her head on straight and ignored Vex. However, fate had other plans and consequences were sure to follow.

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