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“London Celebrities” is a series of novels by romantic fiction author Lucy Parker. She is an author who began writing poetry and short stories as a little girl and by the time she was in her teens she was writing fanfiction. However, Parker always desired to write a full-length novel and become a published author. It took a lot of nerve to push herself to write and publish her novel once it was finished as she did not have the confidence that it was any good. It was not until she got into the “So You Can Think You Can Write” competition that her motivation returned. Unlike her contemporaries, she decided to go the self-publishing route right from the start. She had an idea for a romance novel set in fashionable London, a fake relationship story that would become “Act Like It,” a novel that was published by Carina Press. Her debut novel became a critically acclaimed success with glowing reviews from the likes of Smart Bitch Sarah and Desert Island Keeper.

As a teen, Lucy Parker was in love with theater and when she went to college, she took a course in classical drama before she went on to work as an art critic. Since she has several relatives on her father’s side from England, she consumed a lot of British pop culture growing up. She was introduced to romantic fiction when she attended a theatrical rendition of “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. From then on, she was hooked into the genre and started thinking of becoming a professional author. Parker has also had the help of a professional performer that was her best friend. She is responsible for providing the backstage gossip that has helped to make some of the dramatic parts of her novel more believable. She did not start out intending to write a theatre series but writing the “London Celebrities” series allowed her to combine her two biggest loves – London and theatre.

With Lucy Parker’s love for the theatre, it is not surprising that the “London Celebrities” series is set in West End London. She tells stories of intriguing backstage romances and surprising connections between actors and critics. She got the inspiration for “Act like It,” her debut novel when she watched a celebrity couple that had broken up pretend to be so much in love while acting on TV. She was thinking that it must be very awkward having to pretend to love your ex every day. Parker then went ahead to make the circumstances in her story as horrific and truly awkward as she could. In the “London Celebrities” series, she comes up with realistic protagonists that have friends, goals, problems, and backstories that are not in any way related to their relationships. Every novel in the series comes with a variation of the hate to love trope even though they do not have similar plot lines or characters. The couples in the novels have different circumstances and they hate each other for different reasons. Some of them barely know each other while others have fully formed backstories. Parker is an expert at using the hate to love trope in her novels to prove that it can be used to great effect in a variety of circumstances.

The debut novel of the “London Celebrities” series “Act Like It” is a novel set in London West End that features the enigmatic Richard and theatre superstar Lainie Graham. Richard Troy is a talented and sexy thirty-five-year-old thespian that can be arrogant and grumpy, which has made him an unlikable character on the acting circuit. Given his bad public image, people have started absconding his shows which is cause for concern for his management that now need to take action to salvage his career. The management comes up with a brilliant plan to get Richard some good publicity. They ask Lainie Graham a colleague of Richard and a sweetheart with the masses to salvage his image by pretending to be in a relationship with the pompous man. Needless to say, she not too pleased about the arrangement but she has something to gain given that Richard is a bigger superstar and their connection could help propel her career to greater heights. The only problem is that the two do not like each other and even have a little hate going on between them. But once they start spending time together, they are soon friends and they may realize they have something more than friendship between them.

“Pretty Face” the second novel of the “London Celebrities” series is the thrilling story of Luc Savage and Lil Lamprey. Lily is a twenty-six-year-old actress that has made waves with some mediocre TV programs and now wants more. Meanwhile, Luc Savage is a forty-year-old director that is the best at what he does. He is also an ice-cold prick with a haughty attitude. She wants to prove that she is more than a sultry voice and a pretty face and hence when the opportunity presents itself to be in Luc’s production, she takes it. He had one of the leading ladies earmarked for the role disappear and now he needs someone professional and competent as a stand-in. He thinks Lily sounds like a helium addict but when he watches her audition video, he sees that she has some great talent but needs some voice lessons. When Lily finally meets him, she thinks he is a prick as advertised but finds him good-looking. His legendary arrogance comes through and while she positively dislikes him, she cannot explain the sexual attraction she feels. She has never been with a man like him and wants to keep away from him, particularly when she is told that Luc loves his craft more than anything in the world. Luc too has never dated anyone at work or one so young and he does not like the attraction he feels for Lily. As they spend more time together, the animosity between them soon melts away to be replaced by something dangerous but real and very sweet.

“Making Up” the third novel of the “London Celebrities” series is an intriguing romance story. The leads of the story are Leo Magasiva who was once upon a time a renowned wizard and Trix Lane that had also been a renowned circus artist. She had lost her confidence and her spark and found it almost impossible to get them back. As such, when the biggest festival in town is canceled, she gets the chance to reimagine herself and she could not be more elated at her elevation. But then her joy is cut short when Leo the new hire with an impressive beard and beautiful voice ignores her. They once upon a time had a thing and she knew that he was a good kisser. Since he was hired, Trix had felt a strong attraction to him though she finds him despicable. Leo finds her beautiful, lovely, and different even though she spends much of her time trying to annoy him. It has been years since they were together but now, he wants to spend every waking hour with her. Trix is not one for commitment and Leo has to decide if it is worth it turning down a job away from London for the sake of someone that may never commit to him. It seems that their relationship is doomed but could they make it work?

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