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“The London Prep” series is a set of novels by Jillian Dodd, an Amazon Top Ten and USA Today bestselling author of young adult, romance, and literary fiction. She is known for writing binge-able and fun romance novels with characters that have made many readers all across the world fall in love with her writing. Dodd was born and brought up in the countryside and since she was a child she loved reading which she used as a form of escape. She loved reading as a hobby as she could act out her fantasies of going on adventures, traveling the world and being a spy without leaving the couch. As a child, she was a huge fan of the “Nancy Drew” novels and also loved spy novels and thrillers by the likes of David Baldacci, Brad Thor and James Rollins. She also loves young adult novels and romance novels and this is what would eventually lead to her career as an author.

Growing up, all Julian Dodd wanted to become when she grew up was a spy. She would usually write cousins to her cousin in code and she would reply in the same mode just in case someone else was listening. She would often act out her stories or daydream about them and still does so when she writes her novels. When Dodd went to college, she majored in Clothing, Textiles and Design as she loved to doodle, draw, paint and anything messy that required some artistic acumen. She had previously worked in retail and was a buyer of anything from pans, pots and clothes. As her husband’s career progressed and he made more money, she was finally able to quit her job and take care of her family. Some of her daydreams would form the foundation for several scenes in “That Boy” her debut novel that she published in 2012. When she is not writing her novels, she can be found watching football if she has the time. Since her son is a semi professional kart racer, she often travels with him to go to go-karting races. When she is at home, she can usually be found working or writing out on the covered porch.
“The London Prep” series follow the adventures of high school student Mallory James who goes to London from New York City on a student exchange program. These are fast paced novels full of swoon worthy romance and juicy drama. In the first novel of the series, we are introduced to the bad boy, self destructive and witty Harry that is the best friend of Noah who is a son of the foster family Mallory lives with. He is the opposite of Noah who is a kind and sweet boy but with a cookie crumble exterior that requires extra attention and love to thrive. Mallory has a great connection with Noah but what she wants is Harry. The second novel is set in the second week of the exchange program where Mallory has started dating Harry. He had swept her off her feet despite them having had a huge fight in the first novel of the series. But now Mallory has to break the news that she is dating Harry. The third novel is set in the third week of the exchange and Mallory is yet to get any clarity in her relationships with Noah and Harry. When Harry gets some devastating news, he shuts Mallory out even as Noah starts blowing hot and cold.

In “The Exchange” the first novel of the “London Prep School” series, Mallory James is livid when she is informed that she was to spend three weeks in London. The junior student is going on an exchange program and is understandably furious as she loves her friend, her school and New York and did not want to go anywhere. But her parents insist and assert that gaining worldly knowledge and experiencing a new culture would be good for her. When she finally leaves, she decides that she should maybe make the most of it. Upon arriving in London, she had met the blue eyed and charming Harry at a pub and was instantly swept of her feet. She is starting to think that the exchange would not be so bad after all. But then she met the intense dark and tall Noah that spends too much time on his grooming. He hates her but he is the son to her hosts and has to try to get along with him. Her first day in school is full of drama as she is taken under the wing of Mohammed who says that he is her guide to the hormonal and hostile battlefield of her exchange school.

In the second novel of the series, things are getting complicated for Mallory at Kensington School. She had been so sure that the relationship she had with Harry was over but he had called her one night, apologized and even formally asked her to become his girlfriend. With such a display of romance, she was definitely back with him. He started calling her sweet names, bringing over flowers and they are now planning to go out on what is to be their first official date. Their relationship is growing and she is falling for him in unimaginable ways. In the meantime she still has to live in the same house and share a bathroom with Noah. They have had a few tension filled moments and he had once walked into her room and declared that she wanted him and he would have her. It was a ballsy move and now that she is dating Harry his best friend things are even more complicated. Tensions are high in the triangle and they could only get worse as she has to deal with Mohammad who wants help planning a party, her new friendship with Naomi and Harry shutting her out.

The London Prep novel “The Kiss” sees Mallory spending the last week of her exchange program at Kensington School. Harry is interested in taking their relationship further but he has not been himself lately due to problems at home. He had received some shocking news that could derail his entire life. In the meantime Noah’s actions and words have become even more reckless. Between heated moments, sweet conversations and longing glances, Mallory does not know where they stand. Mohammad her best friend had told her that he needs to make some critical decisions in his life and hence is unavailable. As the clock ticks down to the moment she has to leave, there are only two things certain in her mind.

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