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Publication Order of Lone Star Brides Books

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“Lone Star Brides” is a series of bestselling novels by Tracie Peterson, an award-winning novelist with more than 100 romance, inspirational and historical romance fiction to her name. She gave her life to Jesus at the tender age of six and has said that she has always felt that was called to minister. She fulfills this calling with her romance novels that have inspirational threads. Tracy signed her first book contract in 1992 and by 1993 she had published “A Place To Belong with Heartsong Presents,” a division of Barbour Publishings. She stayed with the publishing house for two years and while there was voted Favorite Author of the Year three times in a row. In 1995, she shifted to Bethany House Publishers from where she has published most of her most popular series. Peterson has also co-written her novels with many other authors that include Kimberley Woodhouse, Judith Pella, James Scott Bell, Judith Miller and her daughter Jennifer.

Throughout her writing career, Peterson has been speaking at writer conferences as she loves imparting the skills she has acquired over the years to upcoming writers. Her husband Jim who is an expert in history often comes along to provide insight into aspects of researching storylines. At one time she was in charge of Heartsong Presents book line at Barbour Publishing’s and during this time oversaw the publishing of more than 50 novels. She also loves teaching at women conferences across the US sharing insights on Christian living and her testimony on her relationship with Jesus. Tracie has won a lot of awards over the years including an American Christian Fiction Writers Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011 and a Career Achievement Award for Inspirational Fiction from the Romantic Times. Her novels have won a number of awards including best religious fiction at the USA Best Book Awards in 2011. Tracie currently lives in Montana and when she is not writing, she loves to spend time with her grandchildren.

“Lone Star Brides” is a series of romance novels set in the 1890s that tells the stories of three women that are looking to find love. Even though the novels have different characters and stories, they are best read together and not as standalones. The characters are introduced over the course of the series and hence each story starts off from where the previous one left off. In “Sensible Arrangement,” the first novel of the series, Marty Olson decides to leave her Texas ranch and the pain she has suffered. She has answered an ad for a Lone Star bride and is headed to Denver to meet and possibly get married to a stranger. “A Moment in Time” tells of Alice Chesterfield, a woman that believes fleeing to Texas is the answer to her prayers. She is running away from an unknown man that has attacked and left her scarred and she believes hiding in a secluded ranch could keep her safe. “A Matter of Heart” is Jessica’s story as she deals with the heartbreak of a man she loved marrying another. She is a very rich woman but wealth cannot protect one from getting their heart broken. But then two men vie for her attention and threaten to thaw the heart that had gone cold. The trilogy is a heart-stirring package that combines some of the best stories of love, romance, and life.

“A Sensible Arrangement” the first novel of the Lone Star Brides series by Tracie Peterson is about Marty Dandridge Olson. She is a widowed woman looking to get out of Texas as soon as she can. Meanwhile, Jake Wythe a widower just got work as a bank manager in Denver only to discover that the board prefers that their manager be a family man. He has Texan roots and hence he pays a local paper to put up an ad for a Lone Star Bride. The recently widowed Marty answers the call and they think they are a match for each other as they both want a marriage of convenience without all the love and romance. Marty is soon involved in high society life in Denver as Jake is working to keep the bank afloat in a tough economy. But then accounting discrepancies are detected followed by a discovery that some money has gone missing putting Jake is in hot water. All he ever wanted was to make some money and finally go back to Texas and retire on a ranch. What he does not know is that Marty is the owner of a ranch that she never told him about. She hates Texas for everything it represents in her life but as their love begins to bloom and they grow close, Marty knows it is time to tell Jake the truth. But can she reconcile with her past for the sake of love?

The second novel of the Lone Star Bride’s series “A Moment in Time” is the story of a woman being pursued. She is Alice Chesterfield and she has just survived a vicious attack that left her father dead and she scarred for life. She cannot forget the memories from the attack and the fear it had brought into her life. She thinks moving away to Texas is the answer to her problems. She learns that Robert Barnett is looking for a wife from Texas and thinks he is the perfect man for her. He does not worry that there are too many obstacles in their path to love and romance and does not even care that she is too scarred. But then there’s bad news on the horizon that might destroy everything between them before it has even started. Some devastating information about Chesterfield’s family comes out and Barnette might just be having a change of mind. Devastated and disillusioned she needs to learn to put her trust in God to find peace and believe in the future that she knows she deserves.

“A Matter of Heart” is the third novel of the series about Austin Todd and Jessica Atherton. The two were introduced in the second novel when Jessica was heartbroken by Robert Barnett who told her he was no longer interested in getting married to her. Jessica has been a spoiled wealthy and beautiful woman but over the course of the novel comes to realize that she needs to change particularly if she is to keep Austin in her life. Austin is a former Secret Service agent that worked with the US Treasury Department helping fight counterfeit currency. Atherton undergoes a spiritual awakening and helps Austin who is going through a hard time after losing his wife, son, brother and both his parents. He is feeling guilty for their deaths and it is up to Jessica to make up for her previous bad behavior to help Austin get over one of the most difficult times in his life.

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