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Publication Order of Lonely Lords Books

The Lonely Lords series is a series of Regency era novels written by one of the successful authors from America named Grace Burrowes. It comprises of a total of 12 books published between the years 2013 and 2014. All the twelve books of the series tell the story of twelve different men throughout the series. Each novel depicts the life of a man around whom the entire plot of the novels revolves. The first novel of the Lonely Lords series was published under the title ‘Darius : Lord of Pleasures’. It was released by the Sourcebooks Casablanca publishing house in the year 2013. The plot of this novel deals with the happenings in the life of the central character named Darius Lindsey. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that Darius Lindsey sees no other option left with him other than sell himself – his soul and body. The reason behind this devastating decision is that all his life he has seen himself and his family members surrounded by grief.

Darius has a brother who is widowed and shattered because of a lot of grief in his life. Even his sister faces a lot of trouble because of getting involved in a shameful scandal. After days of a number of disgraceful and miserable events in his life, Darius Lindsey comes across a little joy in his life in the form of Lady Vivia Longstreet. He finds her to be extremely lovely and beguiling. Lady Vivian Longstreet possesses an understanding and tender gesture which wraps around his soul with an elegant grace that he thinks he will never deserve. The presence of Lady Vivian Longstreet makes Darius Lindsey forget all his sorrows and see life in a new light of hope. The novel proved to be a remarkable and gripping story of the devotion, desperation, and the redemption of Darius Lindsey written in a unique way by author Grace Burrowes. The success of this novel allowed author Grace Burrowes to reach new heights of success in her writing career. It also helped him to add new stars to her award winning career and also helped her to become the USA Today and the New York Times bestselling author.

The lush Regency world and the gorgeous writing with which author Grace has written the novel made the readers to be intrigued till the final page of the book. The novel went on to become so much successful that many literary magazines and reviewers gave a lot of positive reviews for the novel as well as to the writing skills of author Grace Burrowes. She was also praised by the critics as well the fellow writers, who encouraged her a lot to write many more interesting novels in the series. The motivation that Grace Burrowes received from the success of the first novel of the series helped her to complete 11 more novels in the series within a period of 2 years. All the novels of the series became similarly successful and allowed author Grace to write the other successful novel series in her writing career. The Yankee Romance Reviews described author Grace Burrowes as having a tremendous comfort in her writing skills that is absolutely suitable to the romance readers. The way she has depicted the memorable heroes and the intelligent and sensual love stories, it shows that she very well knows what the romance readers like to read about. Due to this, Grace Burrowes was also praised by the RT Books Reviews.

The second novel of the Lonely Lords series written by author Grace Burrowes was published in the year 2013 by the Sourcebooks Casablanca publishing house. It was titled ‘Nicholas : Lord of Secrets’ and depicts the life of the primary character named Nicholas Haddonfield. The plot of this novel revolves around the secrets in the life of Nicholas Haddonfield and shows that he has many things to hide. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that Nicholas is the Viscount Reston and has a wild youth. But, after the wild days of his youth seem to get over, he promises his sick father that he will finally get married and take a bride. Nicolas knows that by doing so it will become very much forceful for him to make the choices that seemed previously impossible for him, and eventually make him face the old and painful wounds. His bride to be, Leah Lindsey, seems to be quite glad at getting married to the viscount as she wishes to get refuge from the desperate situation of her own. She considers her marriage with the gallant Nicholas Haddonfield as a marriage of convenience. However, after the marriage, convenience does not seem to be enough for her as she finds it difficult to understand why Nicholas maintains a distance from her.

Leah Lindsey desperately tries to find out what he is hiding from her and whether he will ever allow her to find a place in his heart. In the end, the novel proved to be a passionate and an extraordinary tale of courage getting tested and overcoming the fears. Author Grace Burrowes believes that once the readers will enter the wonderful Regency world of the novel, they will never want to get out of it very soon. Due to the exciting story depicted by the author in the novel, it went on to become a huge hit just like the previous novel of the series. The readers from all over the world appreciated the novel very much and praised author Grace Burrowes for coming up with such a beautiful book. This allowed author Grace Burrowes to sell a number of printed copies of the novel world wide. The success of the novel also helped her to receive a lot of encouragement and motivation due to which she was able to complete the other novels of the series. This novel was followed by the interesting and intriguing stories of 10 more men in the rest part of the series. All of them also went on to become very much successful similar to the initial novels of the series. On the whole, the Lonely Lords series became quite a successful novel series and helped author Grace Burrowes to establish herself as one of the established authors of the lush Regency novels.

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