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Publication Order of Long Earth Books

By: Terry Pratchett, Stephen Baxter
The Long Earth (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Long War (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Long Mars (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Long Utopia (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Long Cosmos (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The author of the series has been known for his love for science, evolution and fiction. This creativity gave birth to an endless interesting series about a parallel earth that was believed to have no life. The introduction of the books from the first to the recent ones always spur up curiosity since what you expect is always not what you get after reading.

The first book talked about two parallel earths that provided different sets of comfort and livelihood and this is a paradox that a reader ought to scrutinize when reading the book. The book talks of a perfect world that when presented to us we would be able to free ourselves form the prison of resource constraints. As you know the our world today with the ever growing population and decrease in land which in economic terms is describes as inelastic behavior forces human beings to do certain acts which might satisfy them and harm others. As the author cites in his book that some of the wars in this world are caused by the limited supply of land. This forces clans, communities of villages to raid the other villages for more occupational space.

The books bring out the scenario of a limitless supply of resources and asks the major question to the reader. What would you do if there was unlimited supply of land, water, gold and silver?

The books also introduce the various characters to support the story and the main two characters of concern are Joshua Valiente and Lobsang. Joshua is introduced as a Tibetan motorcycle repairman who was reincarnated as a member of the artificial intelligence group. This is the first instance of paradox since it is believed the change to begin the new journey to explore the two parallel worlds needed an identity and the artificial intelligence was the perfect cover. The journey was to be an interesting since various discoveries were made through the journey. Their interactions with the other minor characters and the life forms of the other worlds. Discoveries are also a major part of the story since settlements are discovered of people who learns of their skills early and were able to organize themselves into clans and political systems and have order in the society. Though they looked less human but rather elves they has very distinctive features and characteristics of how human beings behave and handle themselves.

The book kind of brings out clearly the spread of culture throughout the human race but for the second world it was a bit different since it spread faster and more efficiently due to the high intelligence and technology. This aspect of the story in a way puts other beings as more intelligent than the human race though the human race is the most intelligent and takes most of the risks to enable us live in comfort

The other book in the series that continues to tell of the journey of Joshua to the new world, the challenges he would face as the intelligence representative is The Long Mars. The earlier books presented a skeptical human race that refuted the claims of there existing a parallel world with various life forms in it. As the novel transitions to another there is a sense of enlightment on the new characters presented. The future of the human race is seen to be in jeopardy so there seems to be a resistance brewing up to make the non-existent elves and other creatures not of this world extinct. The original inventor of the ‘stepper’ wants to take his daughter to explore the long mars. Before the journey there was a rescue mission for the people since there had been explosions that rendered people serious injuries. Joshua and other abled people offered to help evacuate and give first aid to the victims. It was believed that the parallel worlds were experiencing opposite problems and thus many human being wanted to travel to the long lands and occupy it. The long lands as presented were lands where there was abundance of resources and unlimited access to knowledge and one had the ability to gather knowledge fast enough to be able to reach a point of extreme wisdom. Various people embarked on a journey to discover the long mars, even the military led by Commander Maggie Kauffman who wanted to know if there was really a parallel world and if there was if there was a possibility of occupying it and it being an environment able to support life.

The fictional worlds presented are a symbol of the opposite sides of human life that always exist. The parallel worlds as depicted in this book shows us that the universe is composed of many unexplained realities and with the human curiosity always lead to explorations and scientific experiments to be able to explain these mysteries.

Though the story is told of from the future where everything is advanced and organized and information is easily available, the human race is depicted as to be people living in an uncomfortable setting, an environment where the resources are scarce and limited. Our organization into working political and social systems is depicted as skewed and barbaric. The scenario whereby war breaks out due to limited supply of land is evidence enough that evil reigns in our world. The other world, the long earth however is a very calm and magical place to be in. it is a hypothetical world that has been created to satisfy the ever present human needs. The author brings out the perfectionism in a world full of abundance, technology, information, organization and order. This is a world of many endless opportunities and he warns sarcastically to the souls that with to travel to this world to be “careful what they wish for”

The worlds are also presented as alternate versions of each other and this enables scrutiny and insight into the differences that may be in two look alike worlds. Science in itself has promoted a lot of good discoveries that have enabled people to gather information and thus be able to evolve

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