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Publication Order of Long War Books

The Long War series is yet another fascinating historical fiction book series written by one of the well known novelists from Canada named Christian Cameron. There is a total of 6 books in this series, which were released between the years 2010 and 2016. Author Cameron has done the narration of the books of this fascinating series in first person. The series is set during the time of the Persian Wars in which author Cameron has given the description of a few major that have taken place at that time. Christian Cameron has introduced the lead character of this series in the role of Arimnestos of Platea. The life of Arimnestos revolves throughout the conflicts between the Persians and the Greeks. At first, he starts as just a farm boy, who later gets sold into slavery. In the later of the series, Arimnestos is depicted as going on to become a hero. The series continues with the depiction of the struggles of his life after achieving many things. Author Cameron started writing this historical fiction novel series in the year 2010. He wrote and published the first book titled Killer of Men in the same year. Following the much required positive response to this novel, author Cameron continued to write a few more books in this series. As of today, he is still working on doing the plot development and characterizations of new stories, which he is going to include in the series’ future books and publish them soon.

The fascinating series begins with showing Arimnestos as a farm boy living in Plaetea. He is still trying to explore the various events of his life as they come and making an effort to understand why they are happening. Arimnestos lives along with his father and brother, who are the only people left in his family. An outbreak of war between the people of Plaetea and the neighboring Thebes forces Arimnestos to stand in the battle line along with his father and brother, and support the Platea people in the war. His side goes on to emerge as victorious, but he gets knocked out in between. And when he gains consciousness, Arimnestos finds himself betrayed by one of the far relatives of his family, who sold him to someone as a slave. Due to this, Arimnestos was forced to begin a new struggle in his already difficult life. As the series continues, Arimnestos goes on to fight the epic Marathon Battle in 490 BC. This battle is believed to be one of the greatest turning points in history in which the Greeks were able to win over the Persians. Following this victory, a classical civilization of the Greeks managed to emerge. In the middle of this battle between two different cultures is Arimnestos, who has already been made a slave and is torn apart in a major way. During the battle, he leads a decisive infantry contingent. Later in the series, Arimnestos manages to return to his farm. There, he comes to know about the death of his wife Euphoria in childbirth. He feels that all his laurels have turned to dust in no time. In spite of such a great sorrow, the gods do not seem to have finished with him. Thinking that there is nothing left that he should live for, Arimnestos throws in yet another war. After getting knocked out again, he wakes up and sees himself chained.

One among the initial books published in the Long War series by author Cameron is titled as ‘Salamis’. This book was released for the first time by the publishers of Orion in the year 2015. Author Cameron has continued to depict Arimnestos in the lead role as the story continues to revolve around him. The starting sequence shows that Arimnestos, who hails from Platea, has already gone through a lot of adventures in his life so far. He has seen all the different phases of life starting from being a farm boy to being forcefully made a slave of a rich man in Ephesus and then going on to participate in the battle of Marathon against the Persian Empire and winning in a glorious manner. However, in spite of facing all these struggles in life, it appears that the Persians and the gods have not been done with Arimnestos yet. Being an experienced captain at the sea, he is often referred to as a pirate by the enemies. Arimnestos still has an important role to play in the final confrontation of the epic Long War between the Persians and the Greeks, which is known as the Salamis Battle. It is learned that a number of debts are going to be repaid in blood in this battle. Also, the old grudges are going to be settled, treacheries exposed and fame won. In this huge battle, the Greeks realize that they must keep aside their differences and unite as one to fight against the mighty Xerxes. They learn that Xerxes has assembled a huge fleet for fighting in the battle. He enters into the battle with the sole purpose of destroying the hopes of freedom of the Greeks and making each one of them his slave. But, the Greeks are not going to let that happen easily. With the brave effort of Arimnestos and all the other leaders, they put up a great fight against the Persians that became a historical event.

Another initially published book in the Long War series is titled as ‘Rage of Ares’. The book was released by Orion in the year 2016. Its opening sequence describes that Arimnestos from Plataea played a heroic role in the Marathon Battle, in which the Greeks were able to overcome the Persian attack. Arimnestos also helped the Greeks fight in the Salamis battle, which was also fought against the Persian army. However, the victorious only helped the Greeks to buy some time as the Persians become successful in gathering a new army. They return with more force so as to strike the Greeks with the last killing blow. As the Greeks were totally outnumbered by the new Persian army and were divided among themselves due to their own differences, there was only strategy that seemed possible for them, which was to attack the enemies. Carrying on with this pre-planned strategy, Arimnestos took up the spear for one last time in the blazing heat of 479 BC and gears up to fight in the Battle Plataea. Thinking that this might be his final battle, Arimnestos remembers all the struggles of his life and thinks how he overcame each and every difficulty that life threw at him. With this, he gains strength to fight the next battle.

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