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Publication Order of Longhorn Canyon Books

Cowboy Bold (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cowboy Honor (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cowboy Brave (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cowboy Rebel (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas with a Cowboy (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cowboy Courage (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cowboy Strong (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Longhorn Canyon is a series of romance novels by Carolyn Brown, a bestselling romance author. The mother of three grown children still retains her looks and loves to think she is a twenty five year old movie gorgeous star. Brown’s biggest fan is her husband and best friend who together with her children have given her more story ideas than she could ever hope to write in a lifetime. He has even been willing to help with the laundry and eat fast food while she finished one more chapter. She has always been a huge reader ever since she was five and figured that book pages were filled with words. As soon as she realized that she could use her chubby fingers to put words into a tablet, she was on her way. Brown became passionate about writing and would read everything from Faulkner to the back of a cheerios box. In addition to her love for reading she loves the ocean , spending time with her family and cooking. She can often be found on the beaches in Florida as the waves trigger her creative juices.

Carolyn Brown gets many of her ideas from her three children, fifteen grandkids and two great grandchildren. She became a grandmother very young and her life often becomes a zoo when they all decide to visit. One Sunday afternoon is usually enough to get her enough ideas that she can write about for several years. She gets her ideas at any time of day though. The thing that has made her such a prolific author uis that whenever some idea gets into her mind she will not let it go until she has converted it into a story. She often likes to think that cher characters peek over her shoulder when she is writing to ensure that she tells their stories right. Brown is represented by Rin Niumata who found her the best editors who believe in her.

The Longhorn Canyon series of novels by Carolyn Brown are romance stories set in the Longhorn Canyon. The stories feature alpha sexy ranchmen who fall in love with beautiful sassy women that come into their lives out of the blue. In Cowboy Bold the first of the series Cade Maguire and his brother need a live in counsellor to take charge of their counselling retreat at their ranch when Retta Palmer offers herself. She just lost everything she had taking care of her sick father and since she won’t be working another day job for at least six weeks she takes the position. What could go wrong? In Cowboy Honor Claire is stranded at the Longhorn Ranch during a snowstorm and meets Levi. There is now way she is going to resist the cowboy with a heart of gold that is also as sexy as hell. She needs to get her niece back home but she cannot extricate herself from the loving embrace of Levi’s arms. In Cowboy Brave the third of the series, Justin thinks something is missing from his life as he watched all his brothers get a match. As such, he is determined to get the perfect match in Emily Baker who is living for a week at the Longhorn Canyon Ranch taking care of five seniors.

Cowboy Bold the first novel of the Longhorn Canyon series by Carolyn Brown is the story of a die hard rancher, a city girl and several mischievous children. Every summer, Cade Maguire opens his ranch in Longhorn Canyon to underprivileged children from the city. But while he has always found it easier to get volunteer counselors he is having no luck this year. But then Retta Palmer, a woman flat broke after losing everything due to having to pay for her father who is hospitalized, walks through the door. She was thrilled to get something to do. However, she has to work with the sexy blue eyed cowboy who runs the ranch which is a place she never once dreamed of working at. She had been left at the altar not so many months before and she is not sure she wants to go through that again. The sparks between her and the new boss are undeniable which is what makes her wary of staying. But there are two elderly people playing matchmaker and a couple of adorable kids she just cannot resist. Maybe Cade is just what she needs to put the past behind her and heal.

Cowboy Honor the second novel of the Longhorn Canyon series is the story of a slow simmering romance that comes with a bonus novella. Patience had never been Claire’s strong suit and when her SUV veered off the road and her cell stopped working in the middle of a blizzard she could not be any angrier. She needs to get her four year old niece back to Oklahoma as soon as possible but she is lucky when some Texas cowboy comes to her aid. Levi Jackson has always loved the strays and hence seeing Claire stuck by the roadside shivering in the blizzard triggered the savior schema in him. He offered them a place to shelter from the weather while their car gets fixed. He thinks that this is how he will get to know the woman in distress better while taking care of them. What started awkward and temporary soon becomes something very cozy. Levi is hoping to convince Claire that maybe he needs a more permanent place in her heart.

Cowboy Brave the third novel of the series is the story of city girl Emily Baker who gets a taste of cowboy charm. She had been born and brought up on a ranch but she had worked hard to get away from it all. But she works at a nursing home for seniors and they want a ranch retreat forcing her to live for a week at the Longhorn Canyon Ranch. She is met by a sexy cowboy at the gate and suddenly starts to think that maybe spending time at the ranch will not be so bad.Justin Maguire is flustered when the beautiful Emily shows up at the ranch. She is all confidence and curves even after she gets down to helping at the farm. She seems determined to keep him at arm’s length but five matchmaking seniors are determined to match them up. Will he manage to convince her to take a chance on him.

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