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Looking Glass Trilogy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Looking Glass Trilogy Books

By: Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda Quick, Jayne Castle

The Looking Glass Trilogy is a series of paranormal romance novels written by Jayne Ann Krentz. The books take readers to a world where the paranormal lives in secret alongside the ordinary. Emphasis is placed on those characters that see and investigate the paranormal.

+The Story
The Looking Glass Series is technically a standalone collection of books. But the series is also part of a larger collection of novels: the Arcane Society Series.

And while it is possible to read the Looking Glass Trilogy on its own as a significant number of readers tend to do, prior knowledge of the Arcane Society Series is bound to improve your experience.

This is because the Looking Glass books are designed to expound upon the concepts that were first introduced and explored in their mother series. The Arcane Society was a sect that a paranoid alchemist called Sylvester Jones created in the 1600s.

Jones had talents that no other person possessed, paranormal abilities that allowed him to pursue groundbreaking experiments in a secret fortress of a laboratory that eventually played host to his remains.

Jones was best known for creating a formula that could greatly enhance psychic abilities. Once his laboratory/tomb was discovered years late, steps were taken by the Arcane Society to keep his formula out of dangerous hands.

The existence of the formula proved to be a curse for the Society, haunting them throughout the ages and giving them the difficult task of keeping it under lock and key.

When the Arcane Society isn’t fighting to keep its secrets hidden, they can be found experimenting with psychic phenomena. The members of the Arcane Society are often perceived as aristocratic in their nature and they do not always appeal to ordinary psychics.

The Arcane Society series is associated with the Harmony and Rainshadow series, not to mention the Dreamlight Trilogy.

The fact that so many of the books and trilogies in the Arcane Society universe are published under different pen names might create confusion for some people. Though, once one actually reads any of the individual novels, the associations with the Arcane Society and Harmony Worlds become clear.

The Looking Glass Trilogy, for all its connections to the Arcane Society series, can be read on its own. In fact, all the books within the series are standalones and can be read independently of their predecessor or sequel.

‘In Too Deep’, the first novel in the Looking Glass series and the tenth in the Arcane Society collection, centers on Fallon Jones. Jones runs J&J, a detective agency that is technically an offshoot of the Arcane Society.

Fallon spends his days investigating paranormal phenomena of the dangerous variety. His life takes an interesting turn when he encounters Isabella, a young woman with a dangerous past who brings a little order into his business.

‘In Too Deep’ sets the stage for a lot of the tropes that the rest of the Looking Glass series eventually employs.

The installments all take place in different time periods and settings. The first novel is the most contemporary. Its sequel is firmly situated in the historical fiction genre while the final installment in the trilogy is set in the future.

At the center of each novel is a couple. The woman typically plays the role of damsel in distress. She’s a psychic with abilities so subtle people do not always believe that she can do the things she claims.

She is also strong, competent and physically capable. But by the time the hero meets her, she has trouble trailing her and she needs his help to find salvation. The hero isn’t any better off at this point.

He might be strong, talented in the use of his paranormal gifts and more than capable of overcoming physical and psychic danger but for one reason or another, his life is in disarray.

The hero enters the heroine’s life with the intention of saving her. It never occurs to him that she might have what it takes to also save him, not until the spark of love and desire draws the two of them together and the hero finally realizes that his life has been missing something important all along.

The author has been commended for creating the perfect balance between the romance and the paranormal action in her books. She has also been criticized for producing poor, short, crudely written sex scenes.

+The Author
Jayne Ann Krentz is an American Author with several dozen bestsellers under her belt. A writer of romance, suspense, contemporary and historical fiction, Jayne has a degree in History and a Masters in Library Science from the University of California (Santa Cruz) and San Jose State University respectively.

She has written novels under pen names like Jayne Castle and Amanda Quick.

+In Too Deep
Fallon Jones has a special gift that has been passed down through his family. It allows him to find patterns in chaos. The ability also tends to drive its wielders mad. Fallon has succeeded in keeping the madness at bay by living the life of a paranormal investigator operating in isolation.

When Isabella Valdez joins Fallon as his assistant, she impresses him by bringing order to his chaotic office. She also shows no signs of balking at the insanity of his paranormal work.

As the two grow closer, Isabella realizes that she can trust Fallon with her secret; a secret that could get them both killed.

Virginia Dean woke up next to a dead body. The knife that did the murdering was in her hand but she had no memory of how she got there, who the dead man was or what had happened to her the evening before.

With the mirrors around her drowning her senses in dark energy, all seemed lost. Virginia had no way out of her predicament. But then Owen Sweetwater came to the rescue, a man with a gift for hunting monsters of a psychic nature.

Most people dismiss Virginia’s gifts as illusions but Owen knows that she is the real deal. He also knows that she is no murderer. And with her gifts in tow, he believes that he can successfully resolve her mystery.

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