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Publication Order of Looking Glass Trilogy Books

By: Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda Quick, Jayne Castle

Looking Glass by Jayne Ann Krentz is a series of paranormal romance novels about paranormal happenings, the investigation into them and the romance that inevitably accompanies the investigators. The author Jayne Ann Krentz was Born in 1948 in California and went on to make her name in a variety of romance genres. , She has written more than 120 novels under several pseudonyms that include Amanda Quick, Amanda Glass, Stephanie James, Jayne Castle, Jayne Bentley, and Jayne Taylor. Most of her contemporary romantic suspense novels are written under the pseudonyms, Jayne Ann Krentz. She uses Jayne Castle her maiden name for her paranormal/futuristic romantic suspense works and Amanda Quick for her historical romantic suspense novels. Krentz currently has more than 35 million novels in print. As an author, one of her biggest accomplishment was the creation of the futuristic subgenre with the publishing of Amaryllis in 1996, deemed the first true paranormal futuristic romantic suspense work. She has won the Koppelman Award for Feminist Studies and has made a name for herself as a fierce advocate of the romance genre.

Too Deep the first novel of the Looking Glass series was first published in 2011. The novel is set in Scargill Cove, a secluded town of northern California. Fallon Jones, renowned paranormal investigator, and confirmed recluse just moved into the city confirmed to be a convergence and hot spot for strong currents of energy. He meets Isabella Valdez a woman on the run from dangerous men who becomes his assistant and organizes his pathologically chaotic office. Kindred spirits they team up to unravel a cutthroat conspiracy with roots in Isabella’s family tree and the Jones family business. Quicksilver the second novel in the series was published in 2011. The lead is Owen Sweetwater a mysterious, dark, strong and protective man with very particular skills. He is a hunter who can predict a killer’s next move and their motivation. He has now been hired to find a killer who kills glass readers and has just made Virginia Dean his next target. Canyons of Night is the third novel of the Looking Glass Trilogy series also published in 2011. It features Charlotte Enright, the proprietor of the Looking Glass a local antique shop and the new police chief Slade Attridge, who had grown up together in the island. After fifteen years, they are back to the island, with its unexplainable and strange happenings, and an irresistible desire that keeps growing between them.

In the first novel in the series “In Too Deep”, we are introduced to Fallon Jones, an exceptional paranormal investigator, and known recluse. He runs J & J an agency whose biggest client is the mysterious Arcane Society. Mr. Jones is a member of the family that historically run the Arcane Society, though he is better known for his paranormal knack of unearthing patterns in what would seem like total chaos. While it is quite the gift, everyone in his family that had it eventually went mad and that may just be the fate awaiting Fallon. Fallon has always been a recluse even as he kept himself busy pursuing criminals in the underground paranormal society that threatened what he held dear. His seclusion is what is keeping the madness at bay while allowing him to rein in his paranormal gift. He approaches everything with remarkable stoicism and logical reasoning, which has protected his gift and mind but has ensured that he remains lonely. But everything changes when Isabella Valdez moves to Scargill Cove and asks him for a job. Her warm, quiet energy engulfs everyone and everything around her bringing in a sense of security and peace to his office where before there had only been cold cynicism and chaos. She becomes his kindred spirit bringing her positive energy to balance out his negative. The duo is soon embroiled in a bitter life and death struggle that uncovers a sinister plot to wrest control of the Arcane Society from the Jones’ family. Even as they deal with the danger of the conspiracy they also have to face up to their deep emotional and physical passion for each other.

Quicksilver the second novel in the Looking Glass series opens to Virginia, who wakes up in bed holding a knife and a dead body beside her. She has no recollection of how she got into the room or what happened. To her rescue is Owen Sweetwater, a psychic hunter and assassin for hire and researcher that exposes charlatans that pretend to be psychic. Owen is a complicated character that works for the J & J Agency, where he is tasked with finding the missing glass readers when he is not moonlighting as an assassin. Combining his intimidating and fierce presence with Virginia’s calm, determined and strong demeanor, they form an uneasy alliance. Owen is convinced that Lord Hollister who is the man found dead at the beginning of the story has been killed by Lady Hollister. He believes that she intended to kill Virginia or frame her for the murder. Either way, Virginia’s life is in danger and Sweetwater will do anything to protect her. In the course of their investigation, they come across strange clockwork automatons that can cause unconsciousness, hallucination, and murder at will. Built using strong expensive metal, they look like toys though they use psychic energy and prove almost impossible to destroy. This raises the stakes as the danger is heightened and it starts raining strange accidents, assassins, rivals, and suspects even as the hint of romance is heightened.

Canyons of Night the third novel of the Looking Glass series is set in Rainshadow Island, where Enright Charlotte a 15-year-old is harassed by three young tourists. The nerdy girl with glasses and awkward mannerisms manages to hold off the bullies until Slade Attridge a 19-year-old young man arrives to scare them away. Slade is the ultimate loner on whom Charlotte has a major crush. He agrees to show her around the Rainshadow Preserve to get her mind off her ordeal and she is all too willing. Slade is leaving the island to go join the Psi Investigation team of the FBI and Charlotte tells him that she won’t let him treat her like a kid sister when they next meet. Fifteen years later, Charlotte is back on Rainshadow and so is Slade. Slade got fed up with his job with the Federal Bureau and has taken a job as police chief on the island while he sets up his own security firm. Meanwhile, Charlotte is running Looking Glass Antiques, a para-antiques store that she had inherited from an eccentric aunt. It is not long before Charlotte’s gets the scare of her life when a body that turns up in her store is identified as that of her stalker. Slade immediately launches a paranormal investigation upon sensing that the man did not die of natural causes. While trying to get to the bottom of the mystery they find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other. But they still have not reconciled themselves to their psychic abilities even as they have to deal with nosy neighbors who just will not mind their own business.

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