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Publication Order of Loon Lake Mystery Books

The Loon Lake Fishing Mysteries is a series of thriller and cozy mystery novels written by the famous American author Victoria Houston. There is a total of 15 novels in the series published between the years 200 and 2015. Author Victoria is still working on the series and is about to add a few more novels to this ongoing series in the coming days. The novels of the series feature a character named Lew Ferris as the lead character. She is a police chief by profession and also works as a fly fisherman. Throughout the series, Lew Ferris tries to solve murder cases with the help of one of her friends, who is a retired dentist. All the novels of the series are set in Loon Lake, Wisconsin, United States, which is a fictional town described by the author as a heavily populated town. The main protagonist, Lewellyn Ferris is described as one of the toughest cops in the city as well as a good skilled fly fisher. When not working on any cases, she likes to spend her time peacefully catching fishes from the lakes. Retired dentist Paul Osborne is one of the friends of Lew Ferris, who also helps her in solving the intriguing murder cases. As fishing is the one of the ways in which the people of Loon Lake try to keep them busy, doctor Osborne also likes to be indulged in it after his retirement. However, during one such instance of fishing, he catches something very unexpected, which lands him in the center of a murder mystery.

Osborne hopes that the Chief of Police Lew Ferris will save him from getting wrongly accused and catch the real murderer, as he thinks that she is an honest and dedicated person. After a few twists and turns, Lew Ferris becomes successful in nabbing the actual killer and saves doctor Osborne from getting published for the crime that he had not committed. Since then, he has become the biggest fan and admirer of Lew Ferris and also began assisting her in solving the other cases that came her way. The first novel of the Loon Lake Fishing Mysteries was published by the Berkley publishing house in the year 2000. The novel was titled ‘Dead Anger’ and introduced the main characters of the series, Lew Ferris and doctor Paul Osborne. Lew is depicted as the Chief of Police while Paul Osborne is shown as a retired dentist. Both of them live close-by in the fictional town of Loon Lake in Wisconsin. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel it is revealed that doctor Paul Osborne had fly fished last time when his wife was alive a few years ago. Since then, he had never tried to fly fish. However, now that he is retired from his profession, he decides to try his hand at fly fishing after a long time. Also, since his wife died, he was never told by any women about the things that he should do and ones that he should.

Paul Osborne was also never interrupted in his ways of doing things. But, in the company of the Chief of Police Lew Ferris, he tries to learn both the things again. Soon, the two of them find a body floating on the water in the moonlight. After examining the body thoroughly, Lew Ferris concludes that the man was killed brutally by someone. One unusual thing she noticed was that the dead body was well dressed when it was found floating in the lake. Knowing that Paul Osborne has years of experience from his life and that he can be very useful during the investigation, Lew Ferris decides to hire him as her deputy. Whenever cases of accidental deaths or those done accidentally on purpose appear in front of Lew Ferris, she tries to dig deep for finding out the truth. In order to do the detailed investigation of the dead body, she calls a man named Pail and his expert buddy named Ray for help. They try to help Lew Ferris get to the bottom of the murder mystery. After experiencing the struggles in finding the truth about the mystery, Paul Osborne had never believed that his life after retirement will become so dangerous.

The second novel of the Loon Lake Fishing Mysteries was published in the year 2000 by the Berkley publishing house. It was titled ‘Dead Creek’ and continued to show the interesting and intriguing lives of the main characters, the Chief of Police Lew Ferris and the retired dentist Paul Osborne. Just like in the first novel, the two of them try to solve the murder mysteries in this novel too. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is depicted that doctor Osborne has nothing else to do except doing fly fishing and helping Lew Ferris in her twisted murder cases. As far as the fly fishing is concerned, doctor Osborne considers Lew Ferris as having the world-class skills in fly fishing. He also thinks that her skills are getting wasted because of the criminal underworld of the town of Loon Lake, due to which she hardly gets any free time. Doctor Osborne always tries to find excuses so that he could spend time with Lew Ferris, as she is the only woman he knows and who also likes fly fishing as much as he does. To do so, he begins to assist her in the murder cases so that she could solve them in less time and spend the remaining with him. Hence, doctor Osborne tries to keep the backwoods bandits and the bloodthirsty killers away from her. He even does not hesitate to take certain calculated and quiet risks for her. In the middle of all this, a killer is trying to keep one of his truths hidden from the rest of the world and to do so, he keeps killing all those who come in his way. Lew Ferris and Paul Osborne are required to act quickly before they find themselves floating alongside the fishes that they catch in the lakes. The killer is well aware of the level of thinking of Paul Osborne and Lew Ferris and he seems to be a step ahead of them always. But, the two of them also do not intend to watch him grow in his criminal activities as they seem to be determined and dedicated to catch him before he takes the life of other victims.

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