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Publication Order of Looting the 13th Floor Books

Looting the 13th Floor (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Looting the 13th Floor 2 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Looting the 13th Floor 3 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Looting the 13th Floor 4 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Looting the 13th Floor 5 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Looting the 13th Floor 6 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Looting the 13th Floor 7 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Looting the 13th Floor 8 (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Looting the 13th Floor” series is a set of works by Eric Vall one of the best Haremlit, survival, and adventure fiction authors.

Some of his most popular works include “The Succubus Lord,” “Metal Mage,” “Dungeon Master,” and the “Without Law” series of novels among others.

The author published “Looting the 13th Floor,” the debut novel of the “Looting the 13th Floor” series of novels in 2022. The series of novels now have at least five titles and the author has said that there will be more series to come.

In addition to great ratings and reviews from his fans and readers, he has also been praised by well-known critics. Eric Vall has been praised for his great storylines that usually come with great plots and humorous storylines.

Most of his fiction usually involves some badass, strong and handsome heroes who are paired with some beautiful but sassy heroine.

The “Looting the 13th Floor” series of novels which is HaremLit has turned out to be one of his most popular series yet with fans clamoring for the release of even more titles.

He sometimes interacts with his fans on social media platforms and has been known to sometimes take ideas provided by them in the writing of his future works.

Eric Vall’s “The Looting the 13 Floor” series of novels tell the HaremLit story of a college student that finds a portal to another world and proceeds to have a lot of adventure.

The work is set in a surrealist world and the lead hops back and forth between the fantasy world and the real world.

Liam the lead is introduced as a bored IT professional who finds a strange portal on the thirteenth floor of his building and uses it to enter a new world.

In the new world, he finds himself with some kind of supernatural powers. He makes use of his powers to rescue a bunch of girls that he adds to his harem.

However, unlike the typical superhero, Liam is not all good as he also goes on a looting spree and steals all manner of money and gold from criminals in the new world which he brings back into the real world.

Together with his harem, he proceeds to have a lot of fun as he goes back and forth between the real and fantasy world looking for money, gold, and adventure.

The first novel of the “Looting the 13th Floor” series of novels is the introduction to what is a super fun work with fast-paced action and likable characters full of pirates and monster girls.

It introduces a young IT professional named Liam who works a dead-end soul-sucking job full of terrible people and creeps. Thankfully for Liam, he is taken from the real world to an alternate magical world and gets a reprieve.

He had been just walking around in his twelve-story office block when he found a mysterious thirteenth floor.

In the new world, he finds a ton of beautiful girls that need to be rescued from some creeps who have been treating them as trophies. Liam gets to action and slaughters the creeps ending up with a lot of gold and money.

But to keep his access to the alternate reality world open, Liam will have to keep his job. Another problem is that in the new world, his new girlfriend has a tendency to get into trouble as they are so curious and seek to explore the world.

The novel has been compared to Logan Jacobs’s “Backyard Dungeon,” as they have some eery similarities. Both works involve regular guys coming into a world full of treasure and maidens, which are then brought back into the real world.

“Looting the 13th Floor 2” the second novel of the Eric Vall-written “Looting the 13th Floor” series is another interesting addition to the series.

Liam was just another bored IT professional and never imagined that living as an outlaw in an alternate reality world could make him so much money.

Working with his harem of monster girls, he is raking in all manner of riches and everything he has ever dreamed about is now within reach.

This includes everything from ritzy cars, penthouses, and any weapon he needs for his next heist in the supernatural world.

Things have going on well but he is now looking forward to the biggest job he has ever undertaken. But to pull off the robbery he will be introduced to a whole new perspective with regard to the magical world of the 13th floor.

Thankfully, he has his formidable gang with him and together they continue to steal all manner of jewels, gold, and other precious items from the oppressive High Society of the new world.

He also adds two monster girls to his harem and adds a lot of romance and spice into his life. His life soon becomes all about great escapes and fun on both sides of his world.

But the only dark spot is that he needs to keep his job to keep his access to the thirteenth floor open.

The third novel of the series is “Looting the 13th Floor” in which things continue to happen for Liam. His latest heist was very successful and he can now afford all manner of swanky and nice things on offer in LA alongside his beautiful monster girls.

However, the magical world that he loves to visit is buzzing and there are rumors of trouble. According to the grapevine, hundreds of monsters from the High Society have come together and intend to action hundreds of beautiful monsters girls.

Among these girls is a rare monster girl that no one has ever seen in decades. There is no way Liam is going to let that happen and he gets to work putting in place a plan to stop the creeps.

They will need to overthrow the corrupt government system in the virtual reality world and empower the spirit folk so that they are no longer vulnerable to them.

Coming with profanity, light sex, and all manner of fun it is a great work that sets up nicely for the next novel of the series.

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