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Lora Beth Johnson is a bestselling author of young adult fantasy fiction novels that is best known for her debut fiction work “Goddess in the Machine.”

The author grew up as an only child and hence she used to spend a lot of time alone. She would often tell herself a lot of stories and then read way past her bedtime and beneath the covers.
Since she was a young adult she spent most of her time collecting careers, degrees, and stamps on her passport traveling all over the world.

At some point, she realized that she was more passionate about the creation of fictional worlds rather than anything else. She began writing and was surprised when her debut work became a bestseller and she has never looked back since.
Beth Johnson now makes her home in Davidson, North Carolina where she lives with Colocataire the Yorki-poo who is her little roommate. Aside from her website newsletter, Lora also loves communicating with her readers and fans on Twitter.

Lora grew up with a love for stories right from when she was still very young. She loved going to theaters movies and reading books but for a long time, she never imagined that she would one day become a fiction author.
She had just lost her job and was looking for the next one and needed something to feel productive and hence began writing a story. Once she started writing, it became something of an addition and she just could not stop.
Lora Beth Johnson decided to write teenage and young adult fantasy since the tropes and themes of literature are things she likes exploring.

She had the idea for her first novel “Goddess in the Machine” while she was engaged in a project that she struggled to retain interest in.

This was a generic secret dimension princess narrative and hence she took what she loved about the idea and repackaged it into something that she could find some excitement in.

Lora began exploring the common tropes to be found in folktales such as the sleeping princess. She then remixed these with science fiction elements that she drew from places such as “Beth Revi’s Across the Universe” and “Star Wars.”
It was not long before she developed the idea of a girl who wakes up from stasis and into a post-apocalyptic society to fulfill a prophecy.

Like many authors, Lora Beth Johnsons’s work towards becoming a bestselling author was long and winded. While it was a long-winded road, she was then very focused on achieving her goals.

Once she made the decision to become a professional author, she did a lot of research about publishing. Over about half a decade, she penned several manuscripts and half-finished manuscripts most of which she dumped before she made any queries.
Between penning the first draft and publishing “Goddess in the Machine,” it would take her another five years. While it was quite a long time it served to show her that publishing is not a sprint but a marathon.

“Goddess in the Machine” is Lora Beth Johnson’s debut novel that tells the story of Andrea. She wakes up drowning in a dirty and hot cave and learns that it is the year 3102. Everyone insists on calling her Goddess which she finds very strange.
When she had gone into a cryonic sleep so that she would travel safely across the universe, she did not expect that she would wake up several millenia later, as she had been told it would take a century.

The worst thing is that all the colonists including her friends and family are all deceased. They had died hundreds of years in the past and now all of their descendants consider Andrea a goddess.

She plays along even though she does not know anything special but thinks this gives her time to figure out how she can get back to Earth. However, the exiled prince of Eerensed is an exiled prince with some very meticulous plans.
A few years earlier, a coffin that had in it the sleeping Goddess had gone missing and he was determined to find it. He is now hoping that the newly arrived Goddess will help him take his rightful inheritance on the throne.
Andra and Zhade have to take on a vivacious monarch and survive in a city coming apart at the seams.

The mystery of her fate may remain just that if Zhade continues to keep things from her and she may find herself stuck a thousand years from her Earthly home.

Lora Beth Johnson’s novel “Devil in the Device” is the much anticipated and thrilling conclusion to the “Goddess Machine” duology.
At the start of the novel, Zhade’s power is going to his head as he has been getting accustomed to wearing Maret’s face, even though the influence he gets from it has some of its advantages.

However, the magic of Eerensed soon begins turning dangerous and Zhade will have to learn about ruling if he is to save his people. However, Tsurina has some elaborate and deadly plans for Eerensd and he is not going to make Zhade’s work easy.
In the meantime, Andra has gone into hiding and most of Eerensed believes she is dead. She will need to stay well hidden if she is to survive long enough to construct the spaceship that will save everyone on the dying planet.
But then she starts hearing voices encouraging her to destroy everything and is forced to start questioning her subconscious. What she unearths results in the questioning of her destiny was to save the world after all.
Confronting the dangerous forces in their minds, can Zhade and Andra truly have any had in deciding their own fates?

They will have to find a way to collaborate before a deadly swarm of rogue technology combines with two power-hungry leaders to destroy the civilization for good.
It comes with some great futuristic world-building full of color as the author comes up with some very inventive world-building and science fiction.

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