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Publication Order of Lords of Discord Books

Claiming Marcus (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Saving Rafe (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Waking Bel (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Embracing Winter (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Healing Aiden (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Visiting the Variks (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

“Lords of Discord” series is a set of paranormal romance novels by Jocelynn Drake, a bestselling gay and lesbian, romance, fantasy and science fiction author. The New York Times bestselling author loves a good story whether she is writing her own or reading it. Over the years, her predilection for working in different genres has made it possible for her to explore space, fall in love time and again, talk to dragons, hang with vampires, and dodge bullets alongside dangerous assassins. The Kentucky native has lived all across the United States but now lives with her husband in the Colorado Rockies. When she is not writing her novels, she can be found curled up with a novel, playing video games, walking Ace her dog and cuddling Demona her cat. She is also a love of fast cars, Bruce Wayne, explosions, Ezio Auditore, tattoos, and traveling. Apart from the “Lords of Discord” series she is also the author of the “Asylum Tales” and the “Dark Days” series, an urban fantasy series. She has also authored several series of novels alongside Rinda Elliot that include the “Pineapple Grove,” “Ward Security” and “Unbreakable Bonds” series.

Jocelynn Drake’s “Lords of Discord” paranormal romance series is chock full of hot sex and romance while also telling the story of the challenges and struggles of the Varik family. It is a family that always remains true to itself even when the politics of the vampire community become too chaotic. In “Claiming Marcus” the first novel of the series, we are introduced to Ethan, a man who lost his family to intruders when he was ten. He has lived with nightmares ever since and is always thinking of vengeance. But now he has met people that might know what had happened on that fateful night and he thinks he has a chance at revenge. But among these people is Marcus Varik, a handsome and sexy man he just cannot stop thinking of. In “Saving Rafe,” the second novel of the series, we are introduced to Rafe, a club owner and mischievous troublemaker that loves partying and pleasure. But then he meets the shy and secretive Philippe Arsenault, the leader of a clan needing his help. But you can never judge a book by its cover when the sparks start to fly and things go behind closed doors. In “Waking Bel” the third novel of the series, the Varik clan has to deal with a lot more trouble just as Bel has gotten into a romantic relationship with two werewolves. The two have been expelled from their pack for engaging in same sex activity and now find a refuge with the Variks.

“Claiming Marcus” the first novel of the “Lords of Discord” series introduces the vampires with hearts of gold. The novel opens in 1843 where Marcus Verik, the first born of four siblings is living with his family. He is in the living room with Rafe and Bel the fraternal twins that are so similar in appearance one could mistake them for identical twins. However, they have very different personalities. Then there is Winter his younger sister who recently turned twenty three. While it is a vampire story, they are not vampires yet but will be soon enough. A vampire named Adrian who loves their mother very much just turned her as she was about to die. She had been a little insane and becoming a vampire just made her even more so. To be safe from her and be able to control her when she goes on the rampage they all decide to be turned into vampires. However, the real story is that of Ethan whose parents and siblings were killed by vampires when he was ten. He has always longed for revenge and now thinks the Veriks may know something about it. The Veriks had promised to help him get his revenge. But all thoughts of revenge usually fly out the window in the presence of the mind numbingly dark, tall and sexy Marcus Verik.

“Saving Rafe” the second novel of the “Lords of Discord” series is the story of Rafe, a risk taker, trouble maker and sexy club owner. He has devoted himself to the pursuit of mischief and pleasure and is always making wicked promises. Only his brothers ever depend on him to do anything as he never does a good thing for anybody outside the Verik clan. But when he is specifically approached by the chief of the Arsenault clan to help find a killer he has no choice but to oblige him. Of course he says that he is doing it for the Veriks since he believes that they need to make allies of the Arsenault’s, having made too many enemies in the recent past. But that is not the whole truth as Rafe is finding himself drawn to the enigmatic Philippe Arsenault. Whenever he leaves, he always finds himself craving his presence, another caress from his fingers and another taste of his lips. But when everything is done, what will become of Rafe and Philippe. Rafe is never going to stop being a Verik and Philippe will always remain an Arsenault.

“Waking Bel” the third novel of the series is the story of Beltran Varik, a man of science. He believes that all the answers we need can be found in science except for one. Bel had fallen in love with two werewolves and there is no way that science could explain the mind blowing sexiness, warmth and beauty of River and Wyatt. The two are shifters that have been banished from their wolf pack and now have sought the protection of vampires. Being in Bel’s care might not be that safe as he could just kill them to ensure their safety. But over time, his feelings for the two werewolves becoming something he never expected. Unfortunately, Bel could be asked to choose between his family and the wolves as a fight fosters between the local packs while the Variks are facing a new threat from the Ministry.

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